21 Hilarious Birthday Party Games for Adults That Will Keep the Laughter Rolling

Are you hosting a party soon and looking for hilarious Birthday party games for adults that your guests will love? Welcome to the ultimate guide for throwing an unforgettable adult birthday party! Birthdays are not just for kids; they are the perfect opportunity for adults to let loose and have fun. Moreover, birthdays are the perfect opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 21 hilarious games for adults that are sure to keep them entertained. Whether you’re looking for icebreakers, competitive challenges, or fun activities, we’ve got you covered with the best adult games. Get ready to bond and celebrate in style with these entertaining adult birthday games that will make your adult birthday party the talk of the town!

Moreover, with the perfect party decorations, some great birthday party games for adults and sumptuous food, you can host a memorable Birthday party. Make your birthday party memorable and exciting for your guests with this full-proof entertainment experience. Check out the birthday party activities for adults.

21 Hilarious & Funny Birthday Games for Adults 

These birthday party games for adults will make your party super entertaining for sure. So, scroll below and explore the top game ideas for adults birthday party.

1) Beer Pong 

Requirements: Tennis balls, Beer & beer cups. 

Beer Pong is a game which adults can play with beer, cups, and tennis balls. Guests can play this game in a team of two or one on one. This is one of the most funny birthday games for adults to try.

  • Each team is given 10-16 cups
  • The opponent has to aim the ball into the opponent’s cup. The person from the opponent team has to drink the beer.
  • So, whichever team loses all the cups first loses the game.

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2) Never Have I ever – A Perfect Indoor Party Games For Adults

Ahh! This is one of the another funny birthday games for adults. Never Have I Ever is a popular party game that involves revealing interesting experiences that players may or may not have done. Here’s how to play this game.

  • Sit in a circle or around a table where everyone can easily hear each other.
  • One player starts by saying, “Never have I ever…” followed by a statement about something they have never done. For example, ” Never have I ever gone scuba diving
  • Any player who has done the action mentioned in the statement must take a sip of their drink or put down a finger (if playing without drinks).
  • The game continues and the objective is to reveal interesting or surprising facts about oneself. Moreover, you can discover common experiences among the group. Also, if you’re looking for the perfect indoor party games for adults, then “Never Have I Ever” is the one for sure!

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3) Shake Your Booty  – One of the Perfect Birthday Games for Adults

Required: Empty Tissue Paper Box, ping pong balls, and a string 

Shake your booty as fast as you can to win this box game. It’s one of the hilarious and best birthday party games for adults. This is also one of the most hilarious and funny birthday games for adults to bring more excitement to your birthday with the booty shakes.

  • Gather 3-4 players.
  • Fill the tissue paper box with ping pong balls.
  • Have each player put the box around their waist with the help of a string.
    On the count of three, each player should shake their booty as hard as they can. Moreover, they have to throw the balls out as early as possible.
  • The first player to empty the box wins!

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4) Spray Off the Balloon 

A woman playing spray the balloon game

Requirements: Spray Bottles & Balloons 

Spray off the balloon one of the most fun birthday games for adults which is going to involve a lot of effort and laughter for sure.

  • Multiple players can take part in this game. However, the number of people who can participate together depends on the space.
  • Each player is given a spray bottle, and they have to spray the balloon towards the trash. Moreover, the player has to do it without hitting the balloon to the ground.
  • So, whoever aims the balloon into the trash without hitting it on the ground is the winner.

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5) Spoon The Pong 

Requirements: Spoons, Tennis Balls, and a String

Spooning the pong ball will incorporate fun and a lot of amazing memories. Your guests will absolutely love this game.

  • Multiple players can take part in this game.
  • The person has to balance the pong on the spoon till the end.
  • Whosoever can balance the ball on the spoon till the very end is the winner of the game.

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6) Flip the Cup 

Requirements: Beer Cups, A Table and Beer Of course

Drink a beer and flip a cup to win the game.

  • Place six cups on each side of the table in a line.
  • Pour beer or other beverages into each cup.
  • Players are split into two teams of six.
  • Each team’s starting player takes a position at the end of the row of cups.
  • The players begin to sip their beers at the count of three. 
  • They must turn their cup over after finishing their beer.
  • So, the group that flips all of its cups first wins!

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7) Indoor Birthday Games for Adults – Candle shots

Requirements: Tea light candles, a table, Beer or vodka shots, and glasses.

Shots with Candles is also one of the entertaining adult birthday party games. So, blow the candles in one shot or else take a shot.

  • This challenge is done one by one by each player.
  • Fill the cup with vodka or beer and set tea light candles against the cups.
  • So, each player has to blow out the candles in one shot
  • And, whichever candle is left out burning, the person is obliged to drink the shots.
  • So, it’s all about the fun and entertainment of blowing candles with vigor and energy to avoid the shots! Moreover, candle shots are one of the top adult games that are way too fun.

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8) Grab A Favorite Drink – Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults

Requirements: A Table, Toilet paper roll, and alcoholic drinks.

So, if you looking for one othe coolest indoor birthday party games for adults, then grab your drink is the one for sure. We are sure that your gang will love this game for sure. Just keep on rolling the paper without tearing it. It’s one of the best birthday games for adults you can ever play.

  • Unroll the toilet paper on the table to the other side of the table.
  • Keep drinks on the end of the toilet paper.
  • The players standing on the opposite side of the table need to roll the toilet paper back.
  • They need to pull the drink towards them without tearing the paper or spilling off the drink.

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9) Charades – Oldest Indoor Birthday Party Games For Adults

Requirements: Just a bunch of fun people. 

It’s one of the classic birthday party games for adults to play for a fun evening together. Also, if you’re planning a cozy birthday party at home, then it’s the best indoor adult birthday party games.

  • Form two teams.
  • Each team selects an individual to act as the “actor.”
  • From a hat, the actor picks the movie name. 
  • Without speaking, the actor must act.
  • The team’s other members have to guess the name of the movie. 
  • At the end of the game, the team with the most accurate guesses wins.

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10) Adult Birthday Party Games – Two Truths & a Lie

Requirements: A bunch of close friends 

Uncover the Juiciest secrets of your friends with the ultimate ‘two truths & a Lie’ game! This is one of the most coolest adult birthday party games you can try out to play with you friends.

  • Firstly, Invite each participant to share two truths and a lie about themselves.
  • So, the group’s other players then attempt to determine which claim is a lie.
  • Lastly, the contestant who correctly predicts the most lies wins the game. 
  • After everyone has had a turn, the game continues.

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11) Adult Birthday Games – Whisper Challenge

Requirements: A Headphone & People

Firstly, if you’re in search of a truly entertaining birthday party game for adults, this game is an absolute fun. Rest assured, it guarantees enjoyment for all attendees, including those who may be more reserved or shy. This is one of the most hilarious adult birthday games you can try to play with your squad!

  • Two teams play this game.
  • One team provides the opposing team with a word to speak to their other player. 
  • Moreover, the person who needs to guess the words wears a headphone while their teammate speaks the word to them. 
  • If the person guessing fails to decipher the lip-synced word, they are out of the game. 

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12) Adult Birthday Games – Slip It In  

A bowl full of chits for a birthday party

Requirements: A paper, pen, and bowl 

If you are searching for indoor games for birthday party for adults, then Sip It In is what you’re looking for! You can play this game with your guests and make them enjoy one of the most underrated top adult games.

  • Just write dirty or funny words on a piece of paper. 
  • Secondly, whenever your guests enter, give them the paper.
  • Tell them to SLIP the word in their conversations to make it super funny.

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13) Adult Birthday Party Games – It’s All About “Not To Laugh” 

Not to laugh is one of the most fun indoor birthday party game. Try out all the weird sounds, talks, or faces to make your opponent laugh and lose the game.

Requirements: Just a Fun group

  • If you’re looking for one of the best adult party games ever, check out this perfect game.
  • A person has to control their laughter in the weirdest talks and situations. 
  • Play this game in a team of two. 
  • The other team can tell a funny adult joke, a situation, or can do a funny dance.
  • The person from the other team has to control their laugh no matter what. 
  • Again, whosoever loses control and bursts into laughter first loses the game. 

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14) Birthday Party Activities for AdultsAct or Take a Shot 

Best dares for truth and dare game

Required: Paper & Pen 

The name says it all! Furthermore, if you’re looking for a challenging tasks for the adult birthday party games, you can try out this one! We are telling this is one of the most daring birthday games for adults.

  • Just create a list of dare and write things that will make them come out of their comfort zone. 
  • One by one, every person has to choose a chit and perform the dare given in it. 
  • The person who couldn’t perform has to take a vodka shot. 

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15) Adult Birthday Party Games – Balloon Couple Game 

Requirements: A good music system and heart-shaped balloons.

If you’re looking for one of the best romantic birthday party games for adults, you can play this one. Add fun music and romance, and we are sure this will be a fun adult party game.

  • Let each couple hold a balloon between them and dance.
  •  Finally, whosoever lost the balloon while dancing is out of the game. 

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16) Celebrity Head 

How to play celebrity Head?

Requirements: Cards with some Celebrity Name or Photos

It is one of the games that you haven’t heard about before, but it’s one of the best adult games.

  • Prepare small pieces of paper or index cards and write down the names of various celebrities, fictional characters, or well-known personalities. Fold the papers or cards and place them in a container.
  • Decide who will start the game and have that person pick a piece of paper from the container without looking at it.
  • The player attaches the paper to their forehead or on top of their head without looking at the name written on it. This way, everyone except the player can see the name.
  • The player who has the paper attached to their forehead or head starts by asking “yes” or “no” questions to the other players in order to guess the identity of the celebrity or character.
  • The other players can only respond with “yes” or “no” to the questions asked.
  • The player continues asking questions until they receive a “no” response. Then, the turn passes to the next player in a clockwise direction.
  • Each player takes turns asking questions and guessing the identity until someone correctly guesses their assigned celebrity or character.

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17) Artistic Pictionary – Fun Adult Birthday Party Games

Requirements: Blindfold and a piece of paper to draw an image.

Looking for one of the most funny birthday games for adults? This is one hell of games for birthday party for adults which you can play with your friends. This game will surely bring your loads of laughter.

  • This game can be played among 2 players each.
  • The player from the other team has to give them the name for the image which they have to draw.
  • The person in the same team has to guess what they’re drawing.

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18) Freeze Dance

It’s just one of the fun games where everyone has to take alcoholic shots and dance like anything. However, they have to stop when the music stops as well. So, everyone has to show off their moves. This is also one of the most funny games for birthday party for adults.

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19) Beer Pong

Requirements: Beer, Beer Glass, and pong balls

This beer pong is one of the fun adult birthday party games. Moreover, this game will never get old for sure.

  • Fill the cups with beer and arrange them on the table.
  • The players have to aim and put the ball in the cup.
  • Whoever puts the ball in the cup has to drink the beer.
  • It can be played in two teams and whoever finishes all the beer cups becomes the winner

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20) Fun Birthday Games for Adults – Spin the Bottle

Requirements: Just an old beer bottle

Just spin the bottle for hilarious fun. Engage in drinks, laughter, and one of the fun games for birthday party for adults with a bottle. You will love this game for sure! Moreover, get everyone spill out their secrets right away! It’s surely one of the fun adult birthday party games.

  • One person spins the bottle.
  • However, when it stops and points towards someone, that person has to answer a question or perform a dare.

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21) What’s in the box? – Funny Birthday Games For Adults

Requirements: An old box & some fun random items

If you’re looking for some extraordinary birthday games for adults, then this is one of the most fun games for birthday party for adults. Feel it and tell what’s in there?

  • Take a box and put a random item in it. It can be anything hilarious and confusing.
  • The person has to put their hand in the box and guess what’s that.
  • Make sure to blindfold the person.

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Why should kids get all the fun at birthday parties? So, that’s why we have listed the best birthday party games for adults. With your closest friends, you can have a lot of fun with these 20+ games. We are confident that these best adult games will give every one of you a memory for a lifetime. Games and birthday celebrations are a perfect escape from the daily monotonous life. Moreover, check out these fun adult birthday party games and host a fun party!


How do you make a good party game?

Good party games involve dance, music, drawing, guessing, and acting. These elements create a lot of fun and laughter, which are essential for a successful and great party. Explore the fun games for adult birthday party above.

How do you make a unique birthday party?

A party decor, relishing food, great music, and some thoughtful games can make help you host a unique birthday party. The most important thing is to choose games that will appeal to your guests. Moreover, it also helps them interact with each other. With a little planning, you can throw a party that everyone will remember. However, explore above and uncover the best game ideas for adults birthday party.

How do you throw a fun birthday party?

Follow these easy steps to throw a fun birthday party
Choose a budget-friendly theme
Set a budget
Decorate – You can try DIY decorations or check out CherishX as well
Plan food & drinks
Plan about the games
Have fun! How do you throw a fun birthday party?

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