Should ‘I Do’ a quarantine wedding?

It’s been nearly 6 months that we’ve been quarantined in our houses. Courtesy? coronavirus. The dynamics of living have transformed completely. Be it working or partying, everything mostly happens within the safe zone of our houses. To some, it’s a boon but it surely is the biggest loss to those who had their weddings planned in 2020.

A wedding is one of the most important moments in one’s life. It’s nothing but obvious that one has dreams about the big day. The lockdown ruined all those plans and its uncertainty has made the future married couples miserable. With every new lockdown, their hearts weighed heavier by the pain of delay. More than anything, weddings are about that special moment when two people officially label themselves as partners for life or husband and wife!

So, what’s to be done now? Should they wait as impatiently as they have been for the day to come or move closer to the D-day by themselves? Once a wise man said that don’t wait for things to come to you, rather be a go-getter and grab them yourself. So, I think the best answer to every such couple’s misery is the perfect quarantine wedding. After all, how much can one take being tagged in sad Instagram posts? Its time you finally post your adorable wedding pictures and feel that happiness you’ve been waiting for.

One might question if a lockdown wedding is a good idea or not. So, let me tell you why it might actually be the most perfect and beautiful thing ever.

The intimacy of the event.

zoom call wedding

As per the new guidelines issued by the state and central governments, no gathering can consist of more than 50 people for any event. This implies that you can wave goodbye to the guest you don’t even know or remember knowing. 50 people mean that all the people around are going to be the closest of your kin and those, to whom you actually matter, who would actually get emotional seeing you in your wedding outfit.

Less to spend, more to enjoy

quarantining weddings

The cutting down of the guest list means that you are saving yourself those extravagant expenditures on catering and venue. Since you save a huge chunk on that, you might actually end up affording things that one compromise on in a normal scenario, like the wedding attire. Sabyasachi can finally fit your pocket. Also, you can have a web call for those who can’t come to your wedding!

The décor of dreams

pre wedding decorations

Having a quarantine wedding at your residence or something similar might seem like a give up on those decorations you’ve been planning for years. On the contrary, you can actually have the perfect set up for every function (keeping in mind the number of functions Indian weddings have). Now you might think about how. The answer to your how is CherishX. Here you would find all kinds of decors, be it pre-wedding celebration decors, or a set up for bachelorette. CherishX also offers DIY décor kits to make your experience more personalized.

A relaxed, emotional and extremely special wedding

lockdown wedding

The wedding isn’t going to be that long endless event. So, you would be fuelled with energy and excitement to spend time with your closest ones. The day is going to be solely about you and your partner and not about pleasing your guests. Every emotion is going to be raw because there won’t be anyone to conceal them from. Your day would be as perfect as you thought it to be because, in the end, it’s your day and exactly your way.

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