Stunning Balloon Wall Backdrops to have in your next Birthday Party

Balloon walls are the new trend these days. They make for perfect selfies and don’t cost a fortune either. We have launched some exciting Balloon Wall Backdrops that will make for some memorable pictures on your next birthday.

Premium Purple and Silver Backdrop

What could be a better way to celebrate your birthday than a beautiful wall piece made of colorful and shiny balloons? This Classy Purple and Silver Balloon Wall Backdrop come with a rectangle stand, 280 balloons of different colors, 2 4D silver foil balloons, and a Happy Birthday Neon Signage. Get this for just ₹5799.

Pastel Balloon Wall Birthday Décor

Pastel colors are so peaceful and pleasing to our eyes. So, how about a huge wall made of pastel color balloons? Make your birthday extra special with this Pastel Balloon Wall Birthday Decor. In addition to the wall, this décor also includes a Happy Birthday neon signage and LED digit marquees.

Cocomelon Theme Pastel Birthday Décor

Surprise your little one and his/ her friends with this Adorable Cocomelon Theme Pastel Birthday Décor. Cocomelon is a popular cartoon character that is adored by kids. This Cocomelon theme decor is made of bright colorful balloons, 2 Cocomelon theme balloons, and a Cocomelon foil balloon. It also includes a Cocomelon Theme Happy Birthday Bunting. Get this for just ₹3299.

Rainbow Theme Birthday Décor

This decor is made of vibrant color balloons stacked over each other in layers. The layered design of the décor gives it a rainbow-like appeal which is made brighter with a Happy Birthday Neon Signage. In total, this wall uses 420 balloons stacked on a metal frame. Get this Rainbow Theme Birthday Décor for just ₹5799.

Candyland Pet Birthday Décor

Pets are family! Likewise, pets also deserve a surprise on their birthday. Get this colorful Candyland Pet Birthday Décor for your sweet tooth pet for just ₹3299.

Dreamy Pastel Birthday Balloon Wall

No birthday is complete without some fun pictures! These pictures create extravagant memories captured for life. And, good pictures mean good lighting, environment, and a gorgeous backdrop. This Dreamy Pastel Birthday Decor will make your guests envy your classy theme and all this for just ₹2799.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this small collection of some of my favorite birthday backdrops. We have more Balloon Wall Decorations to suit any occasion like an anniversary, a festival, or even a date.


How do you build a balloon wall?

You’ll need a metal rectangle stand and at least 300 balloons to make a balloon wall. To stick the balloons to the stand, you can use ribbons, tapes, and gum.

How much do people charge for a balloon wall?

We have some stunning balloon walls starting for as low as ₹2799. If you’d like to add a neon light and some extra props, that will come at a small additional cost.

How many balloons would I need for a balloon wall?

You will need at least 300 balloons to make a balloon wall. Some balloon walls also use upwards of 450 balloons.

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