How do you make a low-budget birthday celebration?

Of course, birthdays are a once-in-a-year event that is supposed to look grand. But who said a low-budget birthday celebration couldn’t be grand? When planning a birthday party, we all want to go overboard and make a perfect gesture for someone close to us. But budget becomes a matter of concern, and drilling a hole into the pocket isn’t worth enough, especially when you can arrange a minimal yet amazing-looking birthday party.

There are too many trendy ideas available for making a birthday special. But it isn’t just the decoration part which needs attention. It is also the food, the arrangements to invite people, making things comfortable for your guests (especially if you are organizing the party at home), and making it a fun night. 

So this time, we thought of helping you beyond the birthday room decoration. This would be a perfect list to plan your low-budget birthday celebration, which wouldn’t be so low in appearance.

Ultimate ideas to plan a low-budget birthday celebration

People have a preference when they are planning a birthday party. They would want to make it look majestic but always wouldn’t want to break the bank. Hence, the best alternative comes by identifying how to plan for a low-budget birthday celebration with the best ideas to explore. 

Finalize the budget for the party

Understanding the maximum you can spend on the party you organize is essential, and it is one of the most realistic parts of planning any event. So, if you are aiming for 10,000 INR for your expenditure, try to design the party planning accordingly. You can leave room for increasing the budget a little more than your aim. But ultimately, it shouldn’t stretch so much that you need to rethink the decision of having a party. 

low budget birthday celebration

Make a low-key guest list for a low-budget birthday party

A lot of guests mean a happening birthday party, and we all love those. But do you need that many guests at your party? If it amounts to someone close for whom you are planning the celebration, shouldn’t more close friends and family be part of it?

While making a list of guests for a low-budget birthday celebration, think about the more closely-knit group who would care to join you on a particular day and make it worthwhile. Cut down on acquaintances or colleagues with whom you have a relationship that isn’t very personal or informal.

low-key guest list

Find an appropriate and simple theme

Theme birthday parties are voguish and look fantastic, but they can cost you more dime than you expected. Everyone dreams of having a theme party (even adults). But that shouldn’t have to be a masquerade, classy and elite celebration that is too fancy for your pocket. So why not choose something elegant yet minimal for your budget? 

As we said, not all things which are low budget have to look cheap. Theme parties like a classic white and black or golden and black party with balloons paired and tied all around seem the most minimal decoration yet fancy. The DIY birthday supplies offer more options to try and make the birthday room decoration more mesmerizing.

finding a simple theme

Set your Decoration expectation

Once you have opted for a theme, it is time to figure out how you would like to do the decoration. All the supplies are available readily in the market or on the web. But not everyone wants to take the trouble of decorating themselves and find a better alternative. So here are the options you can try for your low-budget birthday celebration:

  • DIY

Streamers, origami, paper lanterns, or wall flowers made out of paper— everyone’s experimenting with the artist inside them. It is a good choice if you feel spending on party supplies and decoration material would be worth it. If you are artsy enough to get going to the birthday celebration with the perfect ambiance, then DIY is your best bet.

DIY Decoration
  • Professional Service

When you hire a professional party decorator, the decor turns out to be extremely good and better than you imagined. Opting for a party decoration service helps you with a better perception and ideas that would turn out better than yours, and experts are planning party decorations much longer than you. 

They would help find the best balloon combination and embellish the room/venue. Not every party decoration service is high-end; some provide affordable or low-budget birthday ideas and decorations. You just have to be mindful while finding one. 

professional decoration service
  • Readymade supplies online

After considering DIY and professional decoration service, another option is looking for readymade supplies. For people who want to do the decoration independently but don’t have that artistic ability, readymade supplies come to their rescue. There are online portals where the brand offers supplies like garland tape for balloon arch, foil balloons, streamers, balloon blowing machines, etc., to make it easier for people to have all their low-budget birthday ideas to life. 

Readymade decoration supplies

A less expensive Venue

Birthday decoration doesn’t always require a grand venue. Search for the ones which fall into your low-budget category. Modern household projects build community centers in society which they offer to their residents free of cost or for a small sum. Either way, it would be a more affordable option. However, if your house is big enough to make the decoration look classy, the venue wouldn’t even matter. It is the best and most effective place for having a good party. 

less expensive venue

An easy digital invitation

We live in a world of technology, and there is nothing better than digital invitations making our lives much more accessible. Be it a wedding or birthday invitation, there is more than one software, such as Canva, to create a nice-looking invitation and send it via Whatsapp or Facebook. It is the best way to save your money on printing cards unnecessarily. 

Digital invitation

Arranging music at home

DJs don’t make parties happen. It is the ambiance and people around you that make the celebration worth the while. So tuning to pleasant music and having a birthday dance party doesn’t have to be very high-end. You can choose a BlueTooth speaker at home, which is loud enough for people to groove to the rhythm. And there you have your low-budget birthday idea. If you have the instruments for DJing, then that is also an excellent choice to go ahead. 

Arranging music at home

Setting appetizers and not a full meal

The best way to make your event less costly and low-key is to plan it at a time when you do not have to arrange a full-fledged meal. Of course, a good party means good food, and being a host, you cannot disappoint your guests. Since food is the central part of appreciation at a party, instead of arranging an extensive meal plan, something like a barbeque evening or an appetizer party. It would be easier to do and fall into the low-budget birthday ideas

Setting a small appetizer for course


Planning a low-budget birthday celebration isn’t rocket science, and you should have your priority set to understand where you can spend more and less. But with decorations, you can do better with even less. At CherishX, we offer decoration services that are not only affordable but customized based on preference. Our experts always work towards making a birthday decoration memorable at our client’s ease. 

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