How to Arrange a Perfect First Birthday Party at home >> 15 Must-See Ideas

First is a milestone! It’s special also because it’s the first-ever. Celebrate your toddler’s first birthday party in style with these 15 must-see decoration ideas.

Pastel Balloon Wall 1st Birthday Decor

Every infant’s first birthday is a significant event for the parents. It is a milestone that is reached after a lot of struggle and strife and must be celebrated with pomp and extravagance. This Pastel Balloon Wall 1st Birthday Decor gives a backdrop so you can take pictures to remember your kid’s 1st birthday forever.

Cocomelon Ring Birthday Décor

Take your toddler on a mighty adventure with this adorable Cocomelon Ring Birthday Décor. I am sure it has enough space to accommodate your kid’s friends too.

Wild Jungle Safari Theme Décor

Take your toddler for a Jungle Safari at Home with this Wild Jungle Safari Theme Décor for Kids First Birthday Party.

Star and Moon Theme Birthday Décor

As a kid, I always looked up to the sky.  Like every other kid, I too wanted to become an astronaut. The empty vastness of the sky fascinated me and I’m sure it fascinates your toddler as well. This Star and Moon Theme First Birthday Décor brings the sky down at your toddler’s feet. The moon, the stars, the clouds, everything.

Minion Theme Birthday Décor

Minions love bananas and every kid loves the minions. Surprise your toddler with their favorite cartoon characters on his first birthday with this Minion Theme Birthday Décor.

Forest Theme Birthday Décor

Kids are curious creatures. They’d run into the most dangerous things without a second thought. While the real wild may not be as safe, the wild animals in this Forest Theme Birthday Décor are perfectly safe and toddler-friendly.

Superhero Kid Décor

Wham bam shazam and pow! Your toddler may not yet be able to walk properly, but, hell, he can save the world. Put him in the Avengers already with this Superhero Kid Décor.

Football Birthday Décor

Toddlers love playing with balls, just like cats. Meow! This Football Theme First Birthday Decoration has plenty of football cutouts and colorful balloons for your toddlers and their sporty gang to play with.

Epic Harry Potter Décor for Kids

Ah, magic! What kind of kid (and even adults) wouldn’t want to be a wizard for a day? Bring Hogwarts home with this Epic Harry Potter Décor for Kids.

Glowing Galaxy Theme Décor

The sky and beyond fascinated me as a kid. Like every other kid, I too wanted to become an astronaut. I am sure your kid wants to explore space too. Send your toddler on a critical space mission with this Glowing Galaxy Theme Décor.

Flying Air Balloon Décor

Your toddler may not be walking yet, but, hell, he/she wants to fly. Give your toddler wings with this Hot Air Parachute Theme Kids First Birthday Party Décor.

Frozen Theme Décor

Bring the magical world of Elsa and Miller to life for your baby girl with this Frozen Theme Kids Birthday Décor.

Premium Customizable Jungle Décor

While the real jungle might be wild and dangerous, this Premium Customizable Jungle Décor is what your toddler wants it to be. She likes to roar like Lion or is he more like an active monkey? Get your toddler the Jungle he/she deserves.

Blue Hot Air Theme Personalized Birthday Décor

Doesn’t this look magical? I bet you’d be more excited for the birthday than your kid if you get this Blue Hot Air Theme Personalized Birthday Décor.

Shimmer Silver Sequin Unicorn Décor

1 is a milestone! Celebrate it with some magic… some flying horses. Get this Shimmer Silver Sequin Unicorn Décor for your kid’s first birthday party.

Shimmer Silver Sequin Barbie Décor

She’s a barbie! She loves pink and you love her even more in pink. Get your little girl a Shimmer Sequin Barbie Décor that sparkles and shimmers just the way she does.

Before you go

I have spoiled you with choices already but here are a few hundred more First Birthday Decorations at Home Ideas for your toddler and you. Getting these decorations is as easy as 3, 2, 1, and order placed! Order yours now.


What can I do for my kid’s 1st birthday?

Get some adorable décor, order a jungle-theme cake, and have some games to play, and music to bash on!

How do you organize a first birthday party?

Book a small banquet or organize your kid’s first birthday party at home. Make sure to get some cool first birthday décor and a big kid theme cake.

Is it important to celebrate your kid’s 1st birthday?

1 is a milestone! It comes only once and it’s absolutely important to celebrate your kid’s 1st birthday unless you want to save some for regrets later in life.

Can baby eat cake on the first birthday?

Yes, a one-year-old can safely eat and digest cakes. Babies are encouraged to start eating solid foods start at around 6 months of age. By the time they turn a year old, they should be perfectly comfortable munchin’ on some cake.

What time should a first birthday start?

6 P.M. is the best time to start a kid’s first birthday party. All guests would likely have turned in by 7 P.M. After some snacks and dinner, you should be able to wrap before midnight 12 A.M.

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