Celebrate Your Bff’s Birthday with these 15+ VIRAL Birthday Songs in Hindi – 2023

Discover our ultimate collection of chart-topping & best birthday songs in Hindi to get you moving. Moreover, Birthdays are a time for celebration, and what can be a better way to set the mood than with a carefully curated playlist? So, whether you’re hosting a party or planning a surprise party, these songs will bring an irresistible urge to dance. From timeless classics to the latest hits, we’ve handpicked over 20 best birthday songs in Hindi that will create an unforgettable soundtrack for your special occasion.

What’s a party without Bollywood Birthday song Hindi? It’s an essential element that sets the stage for a memorable celebration. The right songs have the power to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere where everyone can let loose in the fun. On the other hand, we do recognize that selecting the ideal songs for a birthday celebration can be a little difficult.

Above all, we’ve put together a list of the top happy birthday songs that will keep the celebration going. With a gathering of friends, dazzling birthday decorations, and the right playlist, you have all the ingredients for an exceptional birthday party. Get ready to create an unforgettable experience that combines the joy of music, the company of loved ones, and the perfect ambience to celebrate in style. We have meticulously curated a list of the absolute best happy birthday songs that will elevate your birthday celebration. So, prepare to immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical journey as we present you with the ultimate playlist to create an exceptional birthday party ambience. Let’s find the best list of birthday songs in Hindi.

Top 10 Birthday Songs In Hindi

Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Bollywood with our collection of the best birthday songs in Hindi. From foot-tapping beats to soulful melodies, these songs will add an extra dose of joy and celebration to your special day. Let the music take you on a delightful journey of birthday cheer and create unforgettable memories. Check below and find the best Hindi Birthday songs.

Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye ‘( Farz ) – The Most Famous Hindi Birthday Song

“Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye” is a timeless Hindi birthday song that captures the essence of love and affection. With its heartfelt lyrics, it beautifully expresses the wish to celebrate their special day again and again with joy and happiness. Let this song be a heartwarming reminder of the cherished moments and endless blessings birthdays bring. It’s one of the great Happy Birthday songs in Hindi to play for your best friend. This song comes in one of the top 10 birthday songs in Hindi.

Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal ( Ek Saal ) – An Heartfelt Hindi Birthday Song

“Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal is a beloved Hindi birthday song that encapsulates the heartfelt desire for a thousand years of life for the person being celebrated. It’s surely best birthday song for Instagram story in Hindi. Expressing the hope for a long and prosperous life filled with happiness. Moreover, it’s one of the sweetest Bollywood birthday songs you can play during a party. This song also comes in one of the best birthday song for Instagram story Hindi.

Aww Tera Happy Birthday ( ABCD 2 ) 

“Aww Tera Happy Birthday” is one of the peppy and energetic happy birthday songs in Hindi. This song exudes pure excitement and celebration. With its catchy beats and lyrics, this song is perfect for creating a lively and fun-filled ambience during birthday festivities. Also, it’s one of the cheerful songs for best friend birthday Instagram story.

Chothe tera birthday aaya ( Krantiveer )

“Chhote Tera Birthday Aaya” is one of the sweetest Hindi birthday songs that radiates youthful energy and enthusiasm. Moreover, with its playful lyrics and catchy tune, this song adds a vibrant and joyful touch to any birthday celebration. For your brother from another mother, this is going to be one of the great songs for best friend birthday Instagram story.

Happy Birthday ( Ishq Forever ) – Perfect Birthday Song For Instagram Story Hindi

“Happy Birthday” from the movie Ishq Forever is one of the best Bollywood Birthday songs in Hindi. It brims with love and good wishes. Moreover, with the melodic composition and heartfelt lyrics, this song beautifully expresses the joy and affection associated with birthdays. This song is also one of the most liked songs. This is one of the songs for friends birthday instagram story hindi.

Baby Mere Birthday pe Goli Chalegi 

Baby Mere Birthday Pe Goli Chalegi” is a spirited Hindi birthday song that adds a playful and mischievous twist to the celebration. Moreover, with its catchy beats and fun-filled lyrics, this song brings an energetic vibe to a birthday party. If you’re a young group of friends, it’s one of the cheery Bollywood Birthday songs to play.

Happy Birthday ( Disco Singh ) 

It is one of the best birthday songs in Hindi whose a groovy rhythm and catchy lyrics. It will create a lively and celebratory atmosphere. The infectious energy of this song set the stage for an unforgettable birthday party, filled with dance, laughter, and happiness. This song comes in one of the best Bollywood birthday songs for your friend’s birthday. Moreover, “Happy Birthday” by Diljit Dosanj has a next level vibe and it’s one of the apt songs for friends birthday instagram story hindi.

Bhai Ka Birthday ( Antim ) – Famous Hindi Birthday Song

“Bhai Ka Birthday” is one of the heartfelt Happy Birthday songs in Hindi that celebrates the bond between brothers. With its emotional lyrics and soulful melody, this song beautifully expresses love, admiration, and warm wishes for a beloved brother on his birthday. Let the touching words and melodious composition of this song create a special moment of appreciation. Moreover, as you celebrate your brother’s birthday, this song will make it a memorable and cherished occasion. For your another brother, this is one of the perfect songs for friends birthday instagram story hindi.

Happy Birthday To Pinky ( Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar ) 

It’s a cheerful Bollywood Birthday song in Hindi sung by Asha Bhosle Ji. Moreover, if it’s the Birthday of your dear Pinky, then it will be your perfect song to play. This song is perfect for bringing a smile to the face of the birthday girl. Don’t miss playing this song if you have a friend with the name Pinky.Ranked fourth among the top 10 birthday songs in Hindi, this song holds its place with captivating melodies and joyful lyrics. This is a best birthday song for Instagram story in Hindi.

Badhai Ho Badhai Janamdin Ki Tumko ( Mera Munna ) – Birthday Song In Hindi

Are you looking for a best birthday song for Instagram story in Hindi? Check out “Badhai Ho Badhai Janamdin Ki Tumko ” from the movie Mera Munna is a festive and celebratory Hindi birthday song. It showers joy and good wishes on the birthday person. So, with its uplifting beats, let the heartfelt greetings and exuberant rhythm of this song fill the air as you celebrate the special day. Spreading joy and making it a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Birthday Bash ( Dilliwaali Zaalim Gf ) 

It’s one of the happy birthday songs in Hindi which is sung by Honey Singh. In addition, it’s a high-energy Bollywood birthday song that is perfect for a lively and energetic celebration. Let the electrifying vibes of this song take over as you groove to the music. Moreover, make the birthday bash a memorable and thrilling experience for everyone. Honey Singh has always been people’s favorite and this songs has been a hit. Moreover, this song ranked 5th among the songs for friends birthday instagram story hindi.

Sare Laaye Tohfe Hazaar ( Meet Mere Man Ke ) 

Indulge in the celebratory spirit with the delightful melody of “Sare Laaye Tohfe Hazaar”. This song is from the movie “Meet Mere Man Ke.” This joyful and upbeat song captures the essence of gifting and spreading happiness on special occasions. With its catchy tunes and playful lyrics, this song will add a touch of excitement and cheer to any birthday celebration. This is one of the best songs for friends birthday instagram story hindi

Happy Birthday ( Goodbye ) 

When it comes to dedicating a birthday song to someone elderly in your family, there’s a heartwarming gem in Hindi from the movie “Goodbye.” This Bollywood song holds a special place and is bound to capture their heart. Its timeless charm is sure to make them fall in love with it all over again.

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Fun Bollywood Birthday Songs in Hindi To Groove 

The fun Bollywood Birthday songs will keep you and your friends grooving.

Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai ( Khoobsurat ) 

It’s one of the best birthday songs in Hindi that sets the perfect mood for a celebration. With its upbeat lyrics, this song will ignite the party spirit and get everyone on their feet. Let the infectious enthusiasm of this song kickstart your celebration and instil a vibrant atmosphere with laughter, dance, and joy.

Saturday Saturday ( Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania ) 

It is a popular Hindi party song that captures the essence of the weekend vibe. So, let loose, have fun, and celebrate your birthday while dancing to the peppy beats. Get ready to embrace the carefree spirit of this song and dance your heart out to this upbeat track!

Tareefan ( Veere Di Wedding ) 

“Tareefan” from the movie Veere Di Wedding is a sassy and empowering Hindi party song that exudes confidence and celebrates self-expression. This song is the perfect anthem for a night of empowerment, where you and your friends can let loose, strut your stuff, and have a blast.

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Gulaabo ( Shaandar ) 

Let the peppy beats of “Gulaabo” from the movie “Shaandaar” set the perfect mood for your birthday celebration. It is one of the energetic and catchy Bollywood Hindi songs that will make everyone groove to its vibrant rhythm, adding joy and excitement to your special day. Get ready to dance and sing along with this popular Bollywood track that will make your birthday bash unforgettable.

Chandigarh Mein ( Good Newzz ) 

Get ready to groove to the beats of “Chandigarh Mein” from the movie “Good Newwz.” This high-energy and peppy track will make you hit the dance floor and bring the party to life. With its catchy tunes and lively lyrics, “Chandigarh Mein” will add a dose of fun and excitement to any celebration. So, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to unleash your desi moves with this popular Bollywood song.

Makhna ( Drive ) 

Experience the infectious rhythm of “Makhna” from the movie “Drive.” This upbeat and groovy track will make you want to hit the dance floor and sway to its captivating beats. With its catchy lyrics and energetic vibes, “Makhna” will set the perfect mood for any celebration. So, let loose and let the music take you on a joyous ride as you dance along to this popular Bollywood song.

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Hungama ( Queen ) 

Get ready to unleash your carefree spirit and dance like there’s no tomorrow with the energetic track “Hungama” from the movie “Queen.” This lively and spirited song captures the essence of letting go and embracing the joyous moments of life. With its catchy beats and spirited lyrics, “Hungama” will ignite the party spirit within you and make you groove to its infectious rhythm. So, put on your dancing shoes, gather your friends, and let the “Hungama” begin as you celebrate life to the fullest.

Morni Banke ( Badhaai Ho ) 

Get ready to sway to the vibrant beats of “Morni Banke” from the movie “Badhaai Ho.” This peppy and upbeat Punjabi track will make you want to hit the dance floor and show off your best moves. With its catchy tunes and energetic rhythm, “Morni Banke” will infuse your birthday celebration with a burst of joy and liveliness.

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Badtameez Dil” – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Get ready to let your wild side loose and dance like there’s no tomorrow with the electrifying track “Badtameez Dil” from the movie “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.” This high-energy and foot-tapping song will make you groove to its lively beats and catchy lyrics. With its blend of modern and traditional elements, “Badtameez Dil” creates an irresistible urge to hit the dance floor and showcase your best moves. So gather your friends, unleash your inner party animal, and dance like nobody’s watching as you celebrate your special day with this Bollywood chartbuster.

Lungi Dance ( Chennai Express ) 

Prepare to embrace the infectious energy of “Lungi Dance” from the movie “Chennai Express.” This foot-tapping and upbeat track pays tribute to the superstar Rajnikanth and his signature style. With its catchy beats and lively rhythm, “Lungi Dance” will have everyone swaying and grooving to its contagious tune. If you’re looking for a song that guarantees a fun-filled dance session, “Lungi Dance” is the perfect choice to create a vibrant atmosphere at any birthday celebration.

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Aankh Marey” – Simmba

Get ready to ignite the dance floor with the energetic track “Aankh Marey” from the movie “Simmba.” This peppy and revamped version of a classic song will make you want to groove and showcase your killer moves. With its catchy beats and playful lyrics, “Aankh Marey” will keep the party spirit alive and have everyone on their feet. Whether you’re a Bollywood dance enthusiast or simply looking to have a blast at your birthday celebration, this song is the perfect choice to create a lively atmosphere. This song will never fail to get everyone in the party mood.

Kids’ Birthday Party Songs 

If you’re looking for Bollywood birthday songs to dedicate your kids to, then check out the list of songs below.

Bum Bum Bole ( Taare Zameen Par ) 

“Bum Bum Bole” from the movie Taare Zameen Par is a delightful and energetic birthday song that captures the essence of celebration and joy. With its catchy beats and playful lyrics, this song is a perfect addition to any birthday playlist. It’s a song that encourages everyone to let loose, dance, and enjoy the moment to the fullest. So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled and peppy birthday song that will get everyone on their feet, “Bum Bum Bole” is a fantastic choice. Let the infectious rhythm and uplifting spirit of this song bring a burst of happiness to the birthday celebration.

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Lakdi Ki Kaathi

“Lakdi Ki Kaathi” is a popular and playful birthday song from the movie Masoom. It is a charming and catchy tune that brings a smile to everyone’s face. With its simple yet catchy lyrics, this song has become a favourite among children and adults alike. The cheerful and lively melody of “Lakdi Ki Kaathi” makes it an ideal choice for birthday celebrations, adding a fun and festive vibe to the occasion. So, if you’re looking for a light-hearted and joyful birthday song that will make everyone sing along and groove to the music, “Lakdi Ki Kaathi” is a perfect pick. Let the lively rhythm and innocent charm of this song create a memorable birthday experience for everyone involved.

Nanhi Si Bitiya 

“Nanhi Si Bitiya” is a heartwarming and sentimental birthday song from the movie “Daughter”. It beautifully captures the love and affection between a parent and their precious little daughter. With its touching lyrics and soulful melody, this song evokes emotions of love, pride, and a sense of wonderment. It serves as a reminder of the precious moments shared with a daughter and the joy of celebrating her birthday. “Nanhi Si Bitiya” is a perfect choice for expressing heartfelt wishes and celebrating the bond between parents and their beloved daughter on her special day. Let the tender and heartfelt emotions of this song resonate as you celebrate the joy and blessings of having a cherished daughter in your life.

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Tai Tai Phiss 

Tai Tai Phiss is one of the greatest kids’ birthday songs in Hindi to play during a birthday party for kids to come together, dance, and enjoy to the fullest. We are sure that this song will make everyone rejoice with fun, laughter, and sheer delight.

Meri Duniya Tu Hi Re ( Hey Baby ) 

Who could ever forget this song? You can play this song at your child’s birthday party, or even a father-daughter duo can rock out to this popular song. This song illustrates how important the child is to the father. Also, with your young child, performing this song will create lifelong memories.

Masoom Si Gudiya Meri ( Vicky D Parekh ) 

You can play this song on the first birthday of your daughter during the cake-cutting ceremony. Moreover, you can even put this song on the video status for your little daughter. This song reflects the innocence of a baby girl.


These 20+ chart-topping and best happy birthday songs in Hindi are guaranteed to get you grooving. These songs encompass a wide range of genres and styles, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s taste. So, whether you’re planning a lively birthday party, simply looking to add some joy and energy to the celebration, or want to dedicate songs to your kids, these happy birthday songs are the perfect choice.

From the timeless classics that have stood the test of time to the latest foot-tapping hits, each song on this list has the power to uplift spirits and create a festive ambience. With infectious beats, catchy melodies, and lyrics that celebrate the spirit of birthdays, these songs will have everyone on their feet and dancing in no time. Lastly, go ahead and create your birthday playlist with these chart-topping hits.


How to make a Birthday video with a Birthday song?

1) Choose a Video Editing Software
2) Collect & Organize Media
3) Select a Birthday Song
4) Import Media & Song
5) Edit & Enhance the video
6) Sync the song with the video
7) Add Transitions & Effects
8) Include Birthday Wishes & Messages
9) Export & Share

How do you uniquely wish someone a Happy Birthday?

You have multiple options to make someone’s birthday special. You can send them heartfelt birthday wishes or create a personalized video using their pictures. Additionally, you can surprise them with birthday gifts and make them even more memorable by giving them a surprise call. So, the combination of thoughtful wishes, a personalized video, and a surprise gift will undoubtedly make their birthday unforgettable.

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