20 Superfun Birthday Party Games to play with your Family N Friends

If you’re looking for birthday games for family, then we have got the best list for you. Indulgin in family birthday games are all fun and joy. Isn’t it? A Birthday is the time of the year to get together and have fun. Call all your friends and family members and have the perfect birthday time with these birthday party games.

Most of these fun birthday games are easy to organize and don’t cost more than a dime. Some don’t even cost a dime. So, enjoy and have the perfect and fun birthday this year.

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Birthday Games for Family

Explore and find the most fun birthday games and coolest family birthday games to add more excitement to your family gatherings.

Dance Contest – Fun Birthday Games

Convert your birthday party into a surprise dance contest. Have two or three people serving as judges and a kid who’d pick the songs. Yes! The contests don’t get to choose the song they’d like to dance on. You can allow them to pick the genre of their choice, though. It’s one of the most fun birthday games.

Limbo – Fun Family Birthday Games

Limbo is one of those birthday party games that are well suited for outdoor or rooftop venues. Whoever crosses the bar at its lowest height and without touching the bar wins the game. A broomstick or any kind of stick or rod that is at least 3 feet long works well for the bar. Choose some lively music to go along with the game. It’s also one of the best birthday games for family.

Fortune Telling

Make random pairs and let them tell what the other person would be doing in five or ten years. Have some fun questions to ask the fortune teller like how many women will someone date, etc.

Act It Out – Birthday Games to Play With Friends

This is one of my favorite birthday party games. Here is how it goes. Make a few teams and give each team some paper slips. Ask the teams to write funny things on the paper slips for others to act out. For example, one can write “frog” on a paper slip and someone will have to act it out for their team to guess that it’s a frog. Obviously, you’d know by now that teams can’t disclose what they’d written outside their team members. It’s one of the perfect games to play with friends in birthday party.

Now, have the teams exchange the paper slips. One of the team members from each team will check the slips and act them out for his or her team members to guess.

The team members will have 2-3 attempts to correctly guess the thing.

Hot Seat Birthday Party Game With Friends & Family

Have the birthday boy or girl make a list of about 100 questions about themselves. We will throw these questions about the birthday star to the guests for them to answer. Each guest gets 10 questions and each correct answer results in a score. This game will tell you which guests know the birthday star the best.

Some of these questions can be:

  • What is my favorite color?
  • Who is my animal spirit?
  • What is my zodiac sign?

Birthday Roast Game With Friends

If the birthday person can take a bit of insult with humor, this is the perfect birthday party game. In this game, guests roast the birthday persons one by one recalling old memories, events, and fun times. It’s super fun and nostalgic. It’s one of the oms fun birthday games and when you play this with your friends, the fun will be doubled.

Treasure Hunt Game for a Birthday Party

This must be the one of the few birthday party games that both kids and adults will agree on. So, if you’re expecting guests of all ages, this is your birthday party game.

You’ll need some time before the party to prepare for this game. Have some treasures (prizes) hidden in your home/ party venue. When the game begins, you will drop clues to various treasures once in a while. Whoever finds the prize gets the prize. Also, it’s one of the perfect family birthday games to play.

Tug of War Birthday Party Game

This is another fun outside birthday party game. Make a team of two and make sure that both teams have strong and weak players. Now, have the two teams stand at either side of a line.

All players will hold a rope and the teams will have to pull the other team towards their end of the line.

Hide and Seek

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the rules. But, for the sake of it, here it is. In Hide & Seek, one person has been marked “thief”. The thief looks away while the other players find a place to hide. The thief then has to find one of the other players to claim innocence. The person caught becomes the thief and the game goes on in a loop. So, you can play Hide & Seek for as long as you want and with as many players as your guests.

Marco Polo Fun Birthday Games

Marco Polo is another endless, fun, party game. Traditionally, Marco Polo is played in ponds or swimming pools. However, it is just as fun on land. In this game, similar to hiding & Seek, one person is marked as “it”. It goes to one end of the field/pool and has his eyes shut with a piece of cloth. It shouts “Marco” and the other players shout “Polo”. It has to use its ears to locate and catch one of the other players. It’s also one of the great fun family birthday games.

Bluff Card Game for a Birthday Party

Bluff is one of my favorite card games. Once upon a time, I used to play Bluff every Friday night with my siblings. You can have as many players in Bluff as you wish, though you will need multiple decks of cards as the number of players increases. It’s one of the perfect party games for family get together.

The rules of Bluff are as follows:

  • The cards are shuffled and equally distributed among the players.
  • The player who begins the game throws out a card or multiple cards from his deck. The face of the card is turned downwards so other players don’t get to see it. Now, the person who throws the card will say a number or King/ Queen/ Jack/ Ace.
  • The other players can either skip their chance or throw a card(s) shouting the same number/ King/ Queen/ Jack/ Ace.
  • The fun part is that you don’t need to throw the card that you say. In fact, you don’t have to have that card at all. If you’re lying and someone catches you, you pick all the cards from the table and add them to your deck. If you’re not lying and someone claimed that you were, then the other person picks up all the cards from the table.
  • Whoever is left with no card the earliest wins the game.
  • The game continues until the last player standing, who loses the game.

You can all play together or in groups of 4-7 players.

Guess the Present

This is an easy and fun birthday party game. In this game, the birthday person has to guess all the presents before getting to open each of them. So, the game is more fun if there are so many presents.

The fun part is that anything wrapped with gift paper is a good enough present for the game. So, someone can put a potato in a box and wrap it beautifully. Now, imagine guessing the present to be something good and only to find a potato inside it xD.

A quick rule of the game: the birthday person knows which present is whose. I mean, you know which of your friends are nice or naughty. It will make guessing easier and more fun.

Three-legged Race

It’s something to play a kid’s game with your adult friends. Make pairs of guests and line them up in a short race. Each player will have one leg crossed with the other person in the pair, so they run with three legs, together. Imagine how many of the pairs will fall before making it to the end of the race.

Water Balloon Toss

This is the perfect summer game. You’ll need an outside venue and some time to make water balloons before the party.

To play this game, form two straight lines, with teammates facing each other. Then, have each player take a big step back from their teammate and toss the balloon to them. The opposite player must catch the balloon without popping it. If a balloon pops, that team is out.

Egg and Spoon Race

We used to have this fun game on our annual days in my kindergarten. In this game of race, each player is given a spoon with an egg in it. The player can’t touch the egg and must make it to the end of the race line before everyone else without breaking the egg.

Opposite Birthday Party Game

This is one of the easiest birthday party games to organize. Why? Because this game does not require any props or preparations, only the players.

To play the game, instruct the guests to do something with the catch that they have to do the opposite in order to stay in the game. For example, if you raise your right hand, the guests must raise their left hand and do so quickly. You’ll quickly start to see the number of players getting smaller and smaller until the last man standing.

All Birds Fly High

This is the classic kids’ game also known as “Kauwa Ud” in Hindi. In this game, all players sit a circle. The size of the group can be as large as the circle can accommodate everyone’s hand long enough to have a finger on the centerboard.

Then, one player is named the “announcer”. The announcer begins saying something like “Sparrows fly high” and all players, along with the announcer, lift their fingers off the board. Once in a while, to throw out players, the announcer will say like “donkeys fly high” and at this point, whoever lifts their finger is out, including the announcer.

Vice versa, if the announcer says “crows fly high” and someone fails to lift his/her finger is also out.

Game of Tag

The classic game of tag can be played with any number of players. Also, the larger the group size the more fun it is.

To begin the game, one has to be “it”. It is blindfolded and counts down from 10 while other players run away from it. After that, it has to chase and touch any player to tag him/her. A tag makes the tagged player “it” and the game continues endlessly.

The Floor is Lava Birthday Party Game

This is a fun surprise game. In this game, someone walks into the room and shouts “The floor is lava!” Everyone has 5 seconds to get off the ground in any way possible. You can jump on the bed, take your feet off the ground if you were sitting on a chair, or climb to your nearby table. At the end of the 5 seconds, if anyone has any contact with the ground, they lose.

Musical Chairs

You know the drill, right? Have one less chair than the number of players. Start the music and everyone dances around the chairs until they hear the music stop. As soon as the music stops, everyone rushes to grab a chair fast. The last person standing is out.

Now, you can remove one more chair and play the game on loop until the last man standing.

Hope you loves the birthday games for family!

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