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2023 witnesses a refreshing shift in the corporate landscape, as organizations strive to infuse events with a personal touch. When Kroll approached us to bring their “Kids Day at Work” theme to life, we unleashed our creativity and gave their office a great transformation with our Candyland theme party decoration. Our enchanting decorations transported everyone into a world of sweet delight, leaving a lasting impression on both kids and adults alike. So, let’s have a look at Kroll’s corporate decoration ideas.

Gone are the days of solely associating corporate events with stress and work-life imbalance. Instead, there is a shift towards creating a welcoming atmosphere for employees’ families, promoting a sense of togetherness. This revamped corporate party aims to engage and provide an enjoyable experience for both employees and their loved ones.

Welcome to this exciting article where we’ll take you on a journey to a kids’ gathering at the corporate office of Kroll. They approached us to plan delightful delightful corporate decoration ideas in their premises, focusing on creating a fun-filled experience for the kids. Get ready to explore the highlights of this event, as it might inspire you to host a similar corporate party. So, let’s dive right in and discover the magic of our Candyland theme party decoration.

Corporate Family Day Theme Ideas| Candyland Theme Decorations

If you want to discover the cutest corporate family day theme ideas, check out how Kroll celebrated it.

candyland theme party decoration setup for kids in corporate office

Watch our candyland room transformation! You will surely love the world of candies and colours through our Candyland theme party decoration! Our creative minds at CherishX have conjured up an enchanting world of vibrant pastel colours and sugary delights. Also, they arranged a mesmerizing backdrop adorned with a delightful array of balloons in shades of yellow, orange, purple, and pink. Get ready to be transported into a fantastical realm of sweetness and joy!

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Candyland Office Decoration With Theme Welcome Banner 

welcome banner in the office adorned with candyland theme decoration.

For corporate family day theme ideas, we planned to install a pretty welcome banner. So, step into a world where work turns into play, as we kick off the festivities with our Candyland-inspired welcome banner that proclaims “Kids Day At Work!” Isn’t it one of the most pretty candyland theme decoration ideas?

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Candyland Office Decorations

Candyland theme decorations with foil balloons

So, enter into a realm of Candyland theme party decoration! Just have a look at our candy-coated wonderment at corporate event decorations! Our commitment to creating an extraordinary experience knows no bounds. We’ve sprinkled the air with whimsical delight by incorporating enchanting foil balloons shaped like mouth-watering ice creams, playful joysticks, and delectable doughnuts. These elements are one of the best corporate family day theme ideas.

 candyland foil balloon bunch for the kids corporate entertainment party

But that’s just the beginning! We’ve taken the magic beyond a mere corner, weaving it near the workspace. We have placed bunches of candy-themed balloons, adorned with delightful foil balloon candies, adorning the desks of each employee. We must say that this breathtaking visual extravaganza transported the corporate office into a vibrant Candyland paradise. This sweet candyland theme party decoration left everyone in awe.

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Candyland Theme Ideas – Activity Name Play Cards

candyland theme decoration with activity banners.

For the corporate family day theme ideas, our team infused every corner of the workplace is brimming with excitement! Just have a look at our stunning printed display banners. They display the myriad of activities awaiting kids at this extraordinary corporate party. These cards simply meant to embark on an unforgettable adventure filled with laughter, surprises, and a sense of pure delight.

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Fun-Filled Corporate Entertainment At Candyland Themed Party- Kids Activities 

For candyland office decoration, we have included all these fun activities.

Oh So Fun Ball Pool

ball pool for kids

Imagine a world filled with giggles, laughter, and a sea of colourful play balls swirling all around. We know that no kids’ party is complete without the irresistible ball pool. Our dedicated team has created a super-cute and oh-so-fun ball pool. Moreover, the kids spirit were elated. The kids joyfully dive into the pool of balls and their faces light up with excitement. They playfully bounce, roll, and throw the balls, forging new friendships and creating cherished memories. Also, laughter echoes through the halls, and hearts were filled with pure joy.

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Chocolate Fountain for Candy Theme Party  

Our irresistible chocolate fountain captivates both young and old with its decadent allure. The kids surrender to their sweet-tooth desires, their eyes glistening with delight as they tried waffles dipped in chocolates. Their faces adorned with chocolatey bliss, ad they savoured every delectable chocolatey bite. But let’s not forget the adults, for they too irresistibly pulled towards the melted chocolate. A glow of satisfaction was everywhere in the room. In this enchanted realm, the love for melted chocolate transcends age, uniting young and adults in their shared love. It’s a moment of pure indulgence and bliss. For kids & overall corporate entertainment, adding a chocolate fountain was a blissful idea for sure.

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Caught In Live Sketch 

 live sketch drawing on a file.

For kids and corporate entertainment, nothing can match the beauty of live art as it captures the essence of a moment in a stunning live portrait. We couldn’t resist bringing this centre of attraction to our enchanting Candyland event, knowing that it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every child. Watch their eyes sparkle with anticipation as the talented artist begins to create their personalized masterpiece. With each stroke of the brush, their expressions changed in wonder, their hearts filled with awe and wonder. We must say that this was the only time when the kids were patient, as they eagerly awaited the unveiling of the final portrait. The kids were full of joy and elated when they saw the outcome.

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Magician Show Done Right 

Captivating magic show performance at Candyland theme party in office.

We would say that it’s one of the best team-building events and activities. Prepare to be spellbound as our team unlocked a world of wonder and astonishment for the little ones! It’s no secret that kids and magic shows are a match made in heaven, and we spared no effort in curating an experience that ignited their imaginations. It was one of the best ideas to install for corporate entertainment ideas. The young audience was captivated and immersed fully in the magic tricks.

With every trick revealed before their eyes, their faces lit up with pure delight. Moreover, their claps and shouts of joy filled the air with amazement. Also, the power of illusion and imagination brought immense laughter, gasps, and sheer amazement. Witnessing their engagement and the pure bliss on their faces was the ultimate reward, reminding us of the incredible capacity of children to be swept away by the enchantment of the extraordinary.

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Temporary Hand Tattoos 

Tattoo entertainment for the kids at the corporate party

Immerse yourself in a world of artistry and self-expression! Our CherishX team went above and beyond by inviting a talented hand tattoo artist to the event. The artist weaved stunning designs onto the small hands of our little guests. From delicate butterflies to blooming flowers and enchanting hearts, every child’s wish became a reality. The moment they laid eyes on their hand tattoos, their hearts were totally in bliss. It was a magical sight to behold as their smiles widened and their spirits lifted.

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Hand Casting Fun 

corporate entertainment fun with hand casting activity

Hand-casting is always a thrill, but for the little ones, it was a brand-new experience that exceeded all expectations. We hesitated, unsure if they would truly enjoy the process, but oh boy, did they prove us wrong! Their faces lit up with excitement as they carefully placed their hands into the casting material, eager to create their masterpiece. The joy was beyond anything as they proudly carried their packages home, already envisioning where they would proudly display their hand casts. Some kids loved creating hand casts together with their fathers and some with their mothers. It was a time of togetherness, as parents and children bonded over the magical art of hand casting.

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We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the captivating Candyland theme party decoration we brought to life at Kroll’s corporate office. The success of the event filled us with immense joy, as every detail came together seamlessly. What made it even more special was witnessing the sheer delight and excitement on the faces of the little buddies. The activities curated for them left them overjoyed and their happiness made it a big success for us. It was also a pleasure to see parents and children alike having a fantastic time, creating unforgettable memories within our beautifully adorned Candyland theme party decoration. If you are an employer who resonated with our blog and wishes to bring the same enchantment to your office, feel free to contact CherishX directly or reach out to us through our Instagram account – Cherishx.com_. Let’s work together to create a magical experience for your employees and their families.


Why Are Family Events Ideal for Corporate Offices? 

Strengthening Relationships: 

These parties are the perfect opportunity to provide the employees to introduce their families to their work environment. This helps a deeper connection and understanding among all the employees. 

Work-Life Balance: 

By introducing families to the corporate world, the employees feel valued and appreciated. Moreover, this makes them feel more connected with their work as well as to their families. Such events indirectly promote the work-life balance among all employees. 

Building a Positive Work Culture: 

Such family gatherings at the workplace promote a positive work culture and it also makes them feel that the organization cares about their well-being, happiness, and employee satisfaction. 

Enhancing Employee Engagement: 

When employees feel their families are included, they become more engaged and motivated at work. Family parties serve as a platform to celebrate achievements together, strengthening the sense of belonging.

Creating Lasting Memories:

 Employee family parties offer an opportunity for families to create cherished memories together. Sharing joyful experiences outside of work strengthens relationships and promotes a supportive work environment.

So, By fostering an environment where families are included, valued, and celebrated, corporate offices create a supportive and harmonious work environment that extends beyond the confines of the office walls.

How do you celebrate Family Day in the office?

The secrets to a successful family day in the office with these three essential elements:

1) Delightful Catering: Treat your employees and their families to a feast of delectable delights. From mouthwatering dishes to irresistible desserts, ensure that the catering leaves everyone satisfied and craving more.

2) Enchanting Decorations: Transform the office into a captivating wonderland that reflects the chosen event theme. Create an ambience that sparks joy and excitement, captivating both young and adults with its immersive beauty.

3) Engaging Activities: Curate a range of activities that bring families together in laughter and fun. From games and competitions to interactive workshops, provide opportunities for everyone to connect, bond, and create cherished memories.

With these three key things in place, you’re well on your way to hosting a remarkable family day in the office. Also, check out the full blog to know about the family day decoration ideas.

What is the objective of the corporate family day?

The objective of corporate family day is to maintain the work-life balance of the workplace and to build better interpersonal relationships.

What are the types of event decoration and what all it includes? 

Set a Theme: Determine a theme that aligns with the company’s event. For instance, just like Kroll had a kids’ event at their premises, we decided to embrace the enchanting Candyland theme party decoration, keeping the kids in mind.

Use Colors Strategically: Select a colour scheme that perfectly complements the vibrant atmosphere of the event. Just like we opt for a delightful array of pastel colours to create a visually captivating environment for kids. 

Incorporate Branding: If you’re planning to provide gifts or giveaways, consider incorporating your brand’s packaging or logo to add a personalized touch.

Enhance Lighting: Ensure that the office space is well-lit with a combination of natural light and carefully chosen artificial lighting that aligns with the theme and ambience you’re aiming to create.

Personalize Workstations: Encourage personalization by allowing employees to add decorative elements near their workstations. This enables them to infuse their individuality and create a space that feels uniquely theirs.

Arrange Activity Stations: Create designated activity stations to ensure everyone actively engages and enjoys the event. Provide a variety of interactive activities that foster collaboration and camaraderie among participants.

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