5 Reasons Why Houseplants Make The Best home and office Decor items

Photography Of Assorted Plants

Decorations are an essential part of every home and office. Without them, it feels lifeless. Therefore, when you decorate your space, you are putting life into it. After all, it’s just a bunch of concrete walls, right?

Then why not decorate your space with something that is lively too—like a Plant? There used to be a time when we could grow plants in our gardens, backyards or on terrace only.However, with the rapid change in times, these lush-green gardens also disappeared taking the greenery away with them.But, thanks to these Houseplants that can bring greenery inside our homes and offices too. 

So, here are 5 reasons why houseplants are the best when it comes to decorating any space-

  1.  They make everything beautiful

There’s nothing better than looking at beautiful green foliage.  In fact, there is something about that pop of bright green color which adds a lively evergreen beauty to even the dullest and most boring places. When placed aesthetically, these plants accentuate the beauty of your home or office.

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    2. A source of good health

When you decide to bring a houseplant into your home, you are not just making your home beautiful, you are also taking a step towards a healthy life. Because plants provide a wide range of health benefits, including mental and physical.

  • Improve breathing: You must’ve read about photosynthesis in your biology class. During this process, plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. In other words, increasing the level of oxygen in the air to help you breathe comfortably.
  • Prevent diseases: The moisture produced through transpiration helps in protecting against dry skin, dry cough, and sore throat. 
  • Filter the air: According to research conducted by NASA, yes NASA the space administration actually did a “clean air study.” It was to find ways to clean the air in space stations. As a result, it was found that plants not only increase oxygen in the air but also remove toxins like Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Benzene, Ammonia, and Xylene. Commonly found in our indoor spaces. 
  • Increase productivity: Numerous studies have shown that indoor plants reduce stress, improve concentration and boost your mood. And a relaxed mood means increased productivity. That’s why these plants are amazing for workplaces.

 3. Pocket-Friendly

Bought a new place but don’t have much to buy fancy decorations? Or maybe your office needs a bit of life but the budget is slimmer than a victoria’s secret model? Then don’t worry, because indoor plants are amazingly cheap. Plus, you can get a variety of plants of different shapes, sizes, and colors without spending too much to spruce up your place. 

4. They are low-maintenance 

Not only are these plants cheap but also super easy to care for and don’t require much. Except for water and occasional sunlight. Moreover, some plants don’t even need these two necessities. As they thrive in shade and can live without water for months(in case you forgot to water them). These plants will happily stay in a corner, improve your health without much work, unlike that vase you got in Indonesia which requires a new polish every month.

Woman Watering Plants

5. Bring life into your space

Why is it that whenever you get tired of your monotonous life, you either head to your local hill station or a scenic place that is surrounded by lush greenery? It’s because nature makes us feel alive. Similarly, houseplants bring life into your space with their evergreen positivity. 

gray and black typewriter pot with green leaf plants


House plants are an easy and cost-effective way to jazz up any living space. Whether it’s your home, office or school—they work everywhere.
Also, the planet is melting, and it needs help. So, why not start the green initiative at your home? 



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