#CXReal Celebrations: Step into the World of Tanya’s Floral Baby Shower Decorations & Rituals

Are you a Mother-to-be who is expecting a baby soon? If so, then check through these floral baby shower decorations and simple heartfelt celebrations.

A baby shower is an auspicious day adorned with blessings and happiness. Moreover, it marks the arrival of life still cocooned within its mother’s womb. The expectant parents, a loving family, and the closest friends are part of this loving baby shower decorations and celebrations.

Welcome to the wondrous realm of a baby shower. We lovingly call it, ‘Godh Bharai.’ It means a mother’s ‘lap is filled with abundance and joys.’ So, the family and friends come together to fill the lap of the expectant mother with gifts and blessings. Moreover, baby shower celebrations also include performing pujas, showering blessings, singing together, and indulging in delectable dishes.

In this blog, you will witness the floral baby shower decorations and celebrations by taking a peek into mother-to-be Tanya Singh Bhatnagar’s Godh Bharai. She recently celebrated her baby shower in the presence of her family and close friends.

 In-Laws Shower Blessings on the Mother and Child at the Baby Shower

Baby Shower Decoration & Celebration Idea

Check out the godh bharai decoration ideas at home at home below –

During Tanya’s Godh Bharai, she celebrated this auspicious occasion with pure traditions. She wore a beautiful yellow saree and looked resplendent in it. Her husband complimented her with a wine-coloured Kurta, and they both looked adorable together. 

Group Photograph of Godh Bharai Celebration with Dear Ones

In terms of jewellery, she has worn a choker necklace, choker-beaded maang tikka, and a set of pink- yellow bangles. All her accessories matches with her blouse’s design. We must say that she is looking magnificent in her simple baby shower attire.

Baby Shower Rituals | Godh Bharai Decoration Ideas At Home

As her hands blossomed with intricate Mehendi patterns, and her feet adorned with vibrant kumkum, a beautiful tapestry of tradition unfolded. The application of henna during the baby shower (Godh Bharai) symbolized the everlasting presence of good health and prosperity, embracing both mother and child. Likewise, the significance of applying kumkum invoked a magnetic aura of well-being and abundance, invoking blessings of health and wealth upon the entire family. She has captured these timeless rituals so beautifully. Also, if you have been planning a baby shower at home, then do check out this whole blog and video below to unveil godh bharai decoration ideas at home.

Check out the video and get insights such as simple baby shower rangoli, floral ideas, traditional baby shower makeovers, and much more.

Floral Baby Shower Decorations

Planning beautiful and simple baby shower decorations, Tanya had a clear vision about how she wanted this day to be celebrated. So, she envisioned a beautiful Godh Bharai backdrop – Sunshine Bliss baby shower decoration. This decoration comes up with yellow garlands, green garlands, paper lanterns, and LED lights. Isn’t this looking like one of the most enchanting godh bharai decoration ideas at home?

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floral baby shower decorations at home

These vibrant baby shower ideas and decorations breathed life into every corner. Furthermore, picturesque backdrops provide a perfect opportunity to capture timeless memories at the click of a camera shutter. The decorations became more than just embellishments; they became visual symphonies of happiness and joy. 

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Parents giving heartwarming gifts for expectant mother at Godh Bharai

Fondant Cake at Baby Shower

The expectant parents embraced the moment as they delicately cut into a fondant cake adorned with whimsical embellishments of stars and clouds. This delectable masterpiece served as a joyful symbol, a sweet herald of the impending arrival of their little one. 

Parents-to-be joyfully slicing into a beautifully decorated baby shower cake

Tanya’s parents bestowed gifts on her lap and also put a tilak on her forehead which is considered auspicious in Hindu culture. 

Joyful Gathering at the Baby Shower

Tanya shared a heartwarming video on Instagram with the caption “My kinda day, the best kinda day with familia #forever grateful for making it so special.” She immersed herself in the pure joy of the occasion, cherishing every moment as she received heartfelt blessings from her parents and delightful gifts from her friends. It was a celebration filled with warmth and happiness, where love and support surrounded her. The air was filled with laughter and excitement, creating a vibrant atmosphere that mirrored the anticipation of the new chapter unfolding in her life. She felt deeply grateful for the love and blessings showered upon her. You can check out the snippets from the video below.

Captivating moments captured at the baby shower, surrounded by loved ones against a stunning floral backdrop

As the festivities unfold, individuals adorn the floor with vibrant marigold flowers, crafting a mesmerizing mandala. Moreover, they also showcase their artistry by creating an intricate rangoli using rice and red hues. According to the Hindu rituals, rice also symbolizes abundance, fertility, and prosperity. We absolutely love crafting this floral baby shower decorations.

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This was a short sneak peek into the floral baby shower decorations. Moreover, Godh Bharai is a special time for the mother-to-be to receive love, support, and encouragement from her loved ones as she prepares for the arrival of her child. You can also take baby shower ideas from this blog. Also, if you’re looking for Godh Bharai decorations and backdrops, do check out CherishX.com. We will surely craft something special for you.


What is expected at a baby shower?

The guests shower the expected mother with loads of blessings and gifts. The parents-to-be also indulge in puja for the well-being of their baby as well as sing songs and make rangolis for welcoming the baby at home.

How to do a simple baby shower at home?

You should take care of these points while hosting simple baby shower decorations at home. Follow these steps: 

  1. Determine a budget 
  2. You can also check out the baby shower backdrops at CherishX or buy DIY kit for decorations.
  3. Call on your close friends and relatives to engage with you in this celebration. 
  4. Select a perfect attire for the day.
  5. Select activities

You’re all set to host a simple baby shower.

Which Colour is best for a baby shower?

There are two colours which suit the baby shower the most and one of the two colours is pink and the other is yellow if you want a traditional touch for your celebrations.

How to wear it for a baby shower?

You should wear a lightweight saree or a floral print dress for your baby shower.

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