Disney Frozen Decoration Ideas- Easy Guide for your home or outdoor venue

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Are you planning your kid’s birthday? If so, the check out the frozen decoration ideas. The increasing popularity and every girl’s favorite Disney movie character Frozen has created an exceptional space in people’s hearts. If your little princess is also a crazy fan of Frozen then give her the platform to step into the shoes of Anna & Elsa. Recreate the magic by throwing a Frozen theme birthday decoration for your child. So, check out the Elsa decoration ideas.

One of the most popular and preferred themes for your child’s birthday nowadays is Disney Frozen. When it comes to hosting the best birthday party for your little princess,  opt for this Frozen theme birthday party.  To begin, build the kingdom of snow, and set up different stalls related to Elsa and Anna. Besides, you can do plenty of things to give the perfect feel to the party. We are going to show you the best frozen decoration ideas for your little one’s birthday.

Not just decoration, include the right entertainment, and games. Costume, food, cutlery, and a lot more will serve as the cherry on the cake for your party.  Well, the frozen theme birthday decoration party will never fail you to win applause and compliments from your guests.

Still, confused about where to begin all these?  Here are some great party ideas that are sure to help you relieve your party-planning stress.

Frozen Birthday Decorations Ideas

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Experience the enchantment of Arendelle for your child’s birthday celebration with Frozen theme birthday decoration ideas! Let your little princess feel like the heroine. Who she adores a lot in a breathtaking Disney party theme. Celebrates Anna and Elsa’s dazzling journey of self-discovery.  Get themed balloons, tasty treats, wonderful decorations, and favors to create a fun-filled and magical look for your Frozen fiesta. 

Frozen Decoration Ideas With Balloons

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Every child’s craze for cartoons is well-known and cartoon movies are no different. One of them is Disney Frozen in which the queen has the power to change everything into ice and is admired by children. Thus, to make a memorable birthday celebration for your daughter, we have curated a Frozen Theme Decor. that includes blue and white decor giving your princess the feel of Elsa & Anna’s friends. This theme entails an arch of balloons in the color of light blue, metallic blue, pastel blue, white, silver, and blue chrome. It’s one of the best frozen decoration ideas.

Also, with this, you get paper cutouts of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, cutouts of reindeer and Elsa, and Olaf, blue fairy lights, the backdrop of a white net, snowflakes, and a cursive foil balloon. This decor will surely be loved by your daughter and she will cherish this for a long time. 

Disney Frozen Theme Birthday Decoration Idea With Canopy 

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

If you’re looking for one of the most exclusive frozen birthday decorations ideas, then this is the one for sure. Every girl who wishes to be a part of the famous Frozen theme can now fulfill her desire. Take your little girl on the fairytale journey of Elsa and Anna with a stunning Frozen Theme Kids Canopy. The elegant and charming 5ft canopy is draped with white net and white artificial flower strings. One side is covered with an arch of balloons ins shades of blue, pink, silver, and golden, and on the top, a foil balloon of Frozen princess face is attached. 

One happy birthday cursive bunting is also added to the canopy along with Frozen-theme foil balloons and purple heart-shaped balloons. Besides, a pillar of mixed balloons, a bedsheet, and pixel lights are added to enhance the beauty of the canopy. Some pink, blue and white balloons will be added to the canopy as floating here and there. 

Disney Frozen Theme Birthday Table Decoration

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

For a perfect Frozen-theme birthday decoration, make sure your center table looks as decorative as the rest of the party space by incorporating some remarkable ideas like covering the table with a plastic cloth of Frozen theme, if not able to find one, opt for a white, blue, fuchsia, or purple one. Isn’t it one of the great frozen theme decoration ideas?

For an enchanting decoration, you can hang an ice garland, tissue paper tassels, or a Frozen happy birthday banner in front of the table. Also, you can create a faux table runner using duck tape and approximately five strips and stagger them to make a wonderful pattern. Besides, you can use reindeer standees as centerpieces and place them on the table. To give the final touch to the theme, you can tie a balloon to each corner in the same color as the tablecloth. 

Frozen Theme Birthday Backdrop Ideas

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Adding a creative and beautiful backdrop matching the theme behind the center table is one of the best ideas. For that awesome backdrop, start by hanging streamers of different colors. The colors have our heart and it makes it one of the charming frozen decoration ideas.

For the right atmosphere and complete outlook of the Frozen theme, do not forget about the other characters like Kristoff, and Sven. Thus, incorporate dark purples and fuchsias as well to your decorations as well. 

To make the most of your space, opt to hang decorations on the doorways, walls, and ceilings. 

You can string up blue icicle lights around the edges of the room and hang paper snowflakes from the ceiling. 

To add more charm, scatter a few snowmen’s paper lanterns on the ceiling, and cover doorways with snowflake curtains featuring silver fringe. Also, paste a Frozen backdrop that features Anna, Elsa, and Olaf with a personalized Happy Birthday message for your kid. Another magnificent idea is to add a Kristoff or any character stand near the backdrop.

Elsa Theme Party Dress

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

After frozen birthday decorations ideas, just have a look at disney princess inspired dress! With a phenomenal costume, transport your party into the magical kingdom of Arendelle. With the Disney Frozen character costumes, your party and photos will come alive. When the birthday girl walks into the party dressed as one of the princes, the guests will go in awe after seeing their favorite character off-screen!

For the Frozen costume, you did not need to spend much time and money. Just pick any blue or purple long dress, with black boots, and tie her hair into a side braid. On the braid, you can add different clips if you wish so. Complete the look with stunning accessories! 

Frozen Theme Invitations


The major element of the party is an invitation so that your guests know that you are celebrating your child’s birthday with an icy adventure! Although the market is flooded with plenty of invites for purchase that you can customize as per your requirements, still it is a good idea to make your own invitations. 

On the inside of the card, you can include the party details like the time and venue of the party. For a personalized touch, add the name and photo of your child. To align with the theme, add some Frozen characters as well in a creative way. This current era demands a unique style, so you can opt for a small video invitation as well covering 2-3 slides. For this, check out some online platforms like Canva which are easy to use. 

Frozen-Theme Inspired Returns Gifts & Favors


Let the fun spread with Frozen-theme favors and return gifts! Party guests get giggles when they get some favor bags and discover surprise goodies. Also, the return gifts promote play and enjoyment during the party and serve as keepsakes after the goodbyes. Make sure to delve into frozen birthday decorations ideas to give a good look to the party favors.

Also, give your little guests Elsa headband crowns for the girls and reindeer antlers for the boys to wear during the party and take them back home as their favors.

Besides, you can include return Frozen wands, marshmallow treat bags filled with parts to make Olaf, and homemade slime. To add more stuff, including stationery items, Frozen theme cutlery is the best option. 

Activities / Games

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Organize some different activities so all your guests will stay entertained during the party.

As we have seen in the Disney Frozen movie, Kristoff’s job was to cut and haul ice blocks, so let the kids haul their own ice blocks! For this, gather some card boxes or shoeboxes and cover them with white and blue paper in order to look like ice blocks. Now challenge children to pile all the ice boxes at one end of the party space. The first child to cross the finish line without having any of the blocks fall off will be a winner. 

For the second game, you can modify the traditional game of Capture the Flag. You need to purchase two Sven stuffed animals and divide the children into two teams. Now, place the two Svens across from each team in a large room. Line the children up near the starting line and after that allow children to try to get Sven from behind the other team’s lines. The first team to get the Sven will win the game. You can add more rules to the games if you wish so.

Also, you can host a Pin the carrot game. For this, take out a print of Olaf’s picture and blindfold the kids and then ask them to pin the carrot on the nose of the Olaf. The fourth game can be arranging a picture of your favorite princess. Take out printouts of Anna and Elsa and then cut the picture into various pieces. Now, ask your little guests to puzzle up the picture! 

Also, for different activities, set up a DJ stage and let children and adults groove to the tunes of LET IT GO from the Frozen movie. 

Frozen Theme Inspired Food


As frozen birthday decorations ideas are important, but food is essential. So, have a look! Get ready to try your hands with Frozen-inspired foods. At a Frozen birthday party, serve the same kids’ party menu just be sure to include some treats matching the movie’s theme or your color scheme.

Without sweet treats any celebration is incomplete. Add cupcakes that are easy to make for a party.  Display your home-cooked cupcakes in a themed stand and add Frozen toppers to them. 

For meal options, consider shaping items to align with the movie – for example, meatloaf can be shaped like Olaf and scoops of mashed potatoes as well.  Pick up frozen pizza with a side of mixed frozen vegetables and bring the Frozen theme to the table in a unique way. Make snowball popcorn by dipping the popcorn into melted white chocolate. 

Other food tempting options can be blue punch with plenty of ice, blue and white M&M’S in a glass candy dish, fuchsia cake pops with sprinkles, skewers with blueberries, banana slices, and raspberries. Add blue raspberry jello and coconut snowball cookies. 

Main Character

live artist

Give your child a unique surprise by hiring live entertainers/artists to visit the party as Elsa, Anna, or both. Packages for live cartoon characters and options will vary depending on what you choose. These offer options like posing for photos during meet-and-greets, helping lead guests in singing Happy Birthday, and much more.

Remember, these live artists often need to be booked several months in advance. So, keep in mind your overall party budget before availing of their services. 

Sitting Arrangements & Frozen Theme Decoration of Chairs

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Transform your party venue into a mini Arendelle by decorating it with creative Disney Frozen theme birthday decorations. Include Frozen banners and crepe streamers or Frozen chain link garland to be hung across the room. Also, wrap chairs with streamers and tie bows on the back of the chair. It’s one of the beautiful frozen decoration ideas to check out!

Couple this with the attractive shiny foil swirl decorations and attach cutouts of Queen Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to the ceiling.

Frozen Theme Inspired Welcome Board

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

If your little princess is obsessed with Disney Frozen movies, then gift her this surprise Frozen theme birthday decoration party. And, to welcome your guests, make an Elsa Frozen Personalized Welcome Board for kids’ birthdays!  For the Birthday welcome board, make it yourself by cutting out the letters of your child’s name and painting it in shades of blue and white.  Stick a happy birthday banner with that. 

Frozen Theme Balloon Bouquets

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

After frozen birthday decorations ideas, have a look at our balloon bouquet. Elevate your  Frozen theme birthday decoration party look with a balloon bouquet, balloon arch, or balloon garland. The balloon decorations give your party setting a lift! Add in Disney Frozen Party Balloons to make a vibrant and icy accent and combine these with other balloons to create an eye-catching balloon bouquet.

Elsa Theme Party Cake Decoration

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

The cake takes center stage and everyone’s attention at any child’s birthday party. The one with a Frozen theme is no exception for that. Thus, to make your Frozen theme cake look more beautiful, have it decorated with snowflakes or even fondant figures of the Frozen characters.

Tableware – Cutlery and all

Disney Frozen theme birthday decoration

Not just with tasty treats and delicious cake, you can make your guest’s mouths water with tableware and a cutlery set. Opt for themed plates, napkins, spoons, forks, table mats, and cups to bring the magic of Aurendelle to your party. All these coordinated to your party colors will make your guests stunned and they will never be able to forget about your party. 

Why CherishX?

At CherishX, we understand that organizing a wonderful birthday party for your kids is a daunting task. As kids are demanding when it comes to their birthday celebration. So, do have a look at our frozen decoration ideas and book it for your child.

When planning your kid’s birthday theme party or any other event, let the team of experts help you in planning a perfect party venue, decorations, cake, food, etc. Make any occasion memorable with special and customized decoration ideas. 

We have years of experience in organizing rocking and out-of-ordinary decorations and have a brilliant team of professionals who provide impressive and bespoke solutions to make the party memorable for you and your guests. 
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