15 Affordable Balloon Decoration Ideas for Your Birthday

Balloons make any occasion special. We use them for decoration purposes on our birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and naming ceremonies, and even to decorate a grand wedding. They fit in on any occasion and come in every budget to suit your needs. In this blog, I present to you some of my favorite affordable balloon decoration ideas for your birthday that cost up to a maximum of ₹2000 only.

Balloon Surprise

This is one of the most flexible and affordable balloon decoration ideas on this list. It’s a generic balloon decoration and can be used for any event or occasion you are celebrating. This Balloon Surprise décor comprises of 200 balloons and you can choose their colors and decoration style.

Price: ₹1299

Inclusions: 200 balloons with ribbons

Birthday Special Balloon Decoration

This Birthday Special Balloon Decoration is made of 100 latex balloons (color of your choice), ribbons, and happy birthday letter foil balloons to add to the birthday vibe. It costs just ₹1299 and you can add hanging photo frames and fairy lights for a small additional cost.

Price: ₹1299

Inclusions: 100 latex balloons (color of your choice), Happy Birthday foil balloons

White & Peach Theme Birthday Décor

Here’s a gorgeous white and peach theme birthday balloon decoration to make your birthday extra special. This birthday décor uses a unique theme of white and peach with a champagne foil balloon to make your birthday a memorable one.

Price: ₹1999

Inclusions: Arch of 55 balloons of white, peach, and golden balloons; 2 bunches of balloons tied with ribbons, 1 Champagne bottle foil balloon, 1 Glass foil balloon, 1 Happy Birthday foil balloon, and 100 spare balloons to decorate the ceiling and the floor

Rosegold & Black Birthday Surprise

This Rosegold and Black Birthday Surprise Décor is for the classy ones. It uses a color theme that speaks of your sophisticated choices. This décor includes 120 balloons of rose gold, black and white colors, a Happy Birthday foil balloon, and a fairy light to add magic to your birthday party.

Price: ₹1699

Inclusions: 120 balloons, 1 pixel light, Happy Birthday foil balloons

Makeup Theme Birthday Décor

And you thought you couldn’t have any beautiful theme balloon decoration in your budget? Here’s a Gorgeous Makeup Theme Birthday Décor that has it all for just ₹1999. It includes a fairy light, a sparkling frill curtain, some pastel pink balloons, and a lipstick foil balloon… all for less than ₹2000.

Price: ₹1999

Inclusions: Arch of 60 balloons, 2 bunches of 5 balloons placed on either side, 20 free floating balloons, 1 lipstick foil balloon, 1 pink frill curtain, 1 LED light, and a Happy Birthday bunting

Happy Birthday Rosegold Surprise Décor

This minimalist Happy Birthday Rosegold Surprise Décor is for those who seek beauty in simplicity. This décor combines some rose gold and silver metallic balloons and foil balloons with a frill curtain to make a memorable birthday venue.

Price: ₹1799

Inclusions: 120 balloons of rose gold and silver metallic colors, some star-shaped foil balloons, a Happy Birthday foil balloon, and a rosegold frill curtain

Cocomelon Birthday Surprise Décor

Is your kid obsessed with cocomelon? The cute characters and fun rhymes do make for a popular kids’ show. So, here is a chance to surprise your little prince with a Cocomelon Theme Birthday Surprise Décor for just ₹1999.

Price: ₹1999

Inclusions: 120 balloons of bright colors, 5 Cocomelon theme foil balloons, 8 Cocomelon paper cutouts, 20 free floating balloons, 1 pixel light, and a Cocomelon theme happy birthday bunting

Blue & Silver Theme Balloon Decoration

This Blue & Silver Theme Birthday Décor is for the man in you. It uses cold colors that men like such as blue, black, and silver and comes with a mustache-shaped foil balloon to add a manly charm to the décor.

Price: ₹1899

Inclusions: 150 latex balloons of blue, silver, and black colors; some star-shaped foil balloons, a mustache foil balloon, a Happy Birthday letter foil balloon, and some fairy lights

Peppa Pig Birthday Decoration

Peppa Pig is a popular cartoon show these days. I bet your kid loves it too. Surprise your kid with this Peppa Pig Theme Décor this birthday and watch him get lost in his/her own world.

Price: ₹1699

Inclusions: 20 balloons of pink and blue colors to decorate the wall, 50 free floating balloons, a Happy Birthday cursive foil balloon, a Peppa Pig foil balloon, some fairy lights, and a pastel blue frill curtain

Car Boot Birthday Surprise

Convert your car trunk/ dikki into a beautiful surprise with our special Car Boot Birthday Surprise Decoration. This surprise décor is made of 25 balloons to fill the boot, 2-star foil balloons, some hanging photos, a Happy Birthday cutout, and 5 LED balloons to make for a portable light show. This is one of those affordable balloon decoration ideas that give you the feel of luxury on a budget.

Price: ₹1999

Inclusions: 25 balloons, 2-star foil balloons, 5 LED balloons, some photos, and a Happy Birthday cutout

Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday Decoration

Mickey Mouse is perhaps the most popular cartoon character in the past 25 years. We loved watching it as a kid and our kids love watching Mickey Mouse on TV today. This might be the only common TV show that both you and your kid enjoy together. So, here’s a Mickey Mouse Theme Birthday Decoration to surprise your little one. It is made of 100 colorful free-floating balloons, some balloons including a Mickey Mouse foil balloon and Happy Birthday letter foil balloons to decorate the wall and fairy light to add to the birthday charm.

Price: ₹1799

Inclusions: 100 free floating balloons, Happy Birthday letter foil balloons, 2-star foil balloons, 2 Mickey Mouse theme balloons, 1 Mickey Mouse foil balloon, and a fairy light

Red & Golden Birthday Décor

Surprise your better half with this Romantic Red and Golden Birthday Room Décor and watch him/ her blush over this.

Price: ₹1799

Inclusions: Golden Happy Birthday foil balloons, 2 Golden heart shape foil balloons, a fairy light, and 50 balloons placed on the ceiling and another 50 free floating balloons on the floor

Happy Birthday Car Boot Décor

Want to give an unexpected birthday surprise to your other half? How about pulling a perfect surprise outside his/her office? This romantic Happy Birthday Car Boot Décor is perfectly portable and one of the affordable balloon decoration ideas. It includes some red and golden balloons, an “HBD” letter foil balloon, two-digit balloons to indicate the birthday, some hanging photos, and fairy lights.

Price: ₹1900

Inclusions: 4 heart strings, “HBD” letter foil balloons, 2 digit foil balloons, 2 battery-operated lights, 6 photos, and 20 red and golden balloons to fill the trunk

Barbie Theme Kids Canopy

If you can afford a little over the ₹2000-mark, this might be the perfect surprise for your little princess’s birthday. This Barbie Theme Kids Canopy is made of a 5-ft Canopy draped with a 6-meter white net. The Canopy is decorated with an arch of 50 balloons on one side and a large lipstick foil balloon on the other. The entire theme oozes pink and suits your little princess.

Price: ₹2199

Inclusions: 5-ft Canopy, 6-meter white net, 50 balloons of pink varieties, some star and heart foil balloons, 1 large Lipstick foil balloon, 5 Barbie cutouts, 1 Happy Birthday bunting, and a fairy light

Boss Baby Birthday Surprise Décor

Boss Baby is a popular cartoon character. It was originally a film of the same name that followed a detective toddler. The character became too popular and was soon converted into a popular TV show. Kids of all ages love Boss Baby. So, here’s a Boss Baby Birthday Décor to surprise your little one on his birthday. This wall décor is made of a blue frill curtain, an arch of 500 balloons of blue, white, and black colors, “HBD” letter foil balloons, a Boss Baby foil balloon, some fairy lights, and a large digit balloon. Together, they make for a perfect selfie backdrop.

Price: ₹1899

Inclusions: Blue frill curtain, an arch of 50 balloons, 50 free floating balloons, 4 Boss Baby cutouts, 1 Boss Baby foil balloon, 1 silver digit balloon, “HBD” letter foil balloons, and some fairy lights

Before you go

These were only a few of my favorite affordable balloon decoration ideas for a surprise birthday. We have hundreds of more birthday balloon decorations on our website to spoil your choice. Do check them out!


How do you make birthday balloon decorations at home?

Get a packet of colorful balloons and some ribbons to tie them up your ceiling. Leave some free-floating balloons on the floor. To make your decoration stand out, you can also get a Happy Birthday cursive foil balloon, 2 digit balloons, some LED lights, and a shiny frill curtain to decorate your wall.

What balloons are best for birthday decorations?

Latex balloons continue to be the most popular balloon type for decorations. They last long and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

What can I use instead of balloons for decorations?

You can use flowers, paper lanterns, fairy lights, rose petals, and teapot candles to decorate for any occasion without balloons.

What color balloons go well together?

Contrasting colors generally go well together. For example, white, black, and golden balloons look nice together. Similarly, navy blue and pastel chrome balloons look good with each other. Some more color combinations are as follows:

  • Red and white
  • Red, yellow, green, and blue
  • Pink and white
  • Red, sage, and orange

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