7 Best Navratri Theme Decorations for your Home (with Pictures): Navratri 2022

Navratri decoration

The beginning of the autumn season witnesses a high spirit of festivity in India. The “nine nights” at the start of autumn mark the pristine period in the Lunar Calendar and during this time Goddess “Maa Durga” is worshiped immensely. 

Each day is dedicated to worship of one of the nine forms of Durga Shakti and during these pious days, the holy spirit remains in the entire aura.  With a kaleidoscopic pooja theme of red and yellow, celebrate Navratri 2022 with great fun. 

Everyone wants to decorate their homes and work-place during the Navratri celebration beautifully. Hence, trying something unique so that the guests can remember it for years is important.  

Although you can find numerous Navratri decorating ideas, we have picked the best ones for you. The below-mentioned Navratri themes are colorful and look really lively. The beautiful glass works, bright color curtains, handicrafts, tie & die fabrics, etc. all together make mesmerizing themes that look amazingly stunning for your guests. 

Are you looking for Navratri decoration theme ideas? Your search ends here. 

Best Navratri Theme Decorations

Navratri decoration

With the Navratri decor hype hitting the boundaries and the many decor choices available in the market, Navratra theme Decoration has become a trend. 

Navratri pooja decor is a perfect combination of time, attention, and effort. here, we have listed a few decor ideas for Navratri that make your house ready to welcome the goddess Durga. 

Festive Kalash and Flower Decor

Navratri decoration

The auspicious Navratri festival is incomplete without giving the warm welcome to the goddess Durga via Kalash. Thus, we offer you with most breathtaking festive Kalash and flower decor to provide true festival vibes to your celebration. 

To cheer your mood with this decoration, we provide colorful lanterns, coconut cutouts, diya cutouts, yellow garlands, and pixel lights. The top-notch quality of the products and decoration by experts will surely make your guests amazed. 

For a perfect aesthetic celebration, book our Navratri decoration in advance. Furthermore, you can avail customization package as well that can be made according to your needs. 

Just select your preferred Navratri decor, select your time and date log in to the account and make the payment. Now, let CherishX perform the rituals and turn your home into a stunning Navratri decor that you will love. 

Festive Umbrella and Flower Garlands Decor

Navratri decoration ideas

The most awaited time of the year is finally here, Navratri 2022. Being a festival of lights and dance, it is essential to plan and decorate your house gracefully. To make your Navratri celebration exquisite, we share you with a Festive Umbrella and flower garlands decor

With this decor, celebrate Navratri and decorate your home full of elegance. Bring light with this decor in order to bring positivity and celebrate triumph over evil and begin a fresh beginning. This breathtaking decor includes LED warm white lights in the form of curtains that can be hung on the wall. Also, orange and yellow garlands with green leaf strings can be decorated on the wall. 

To add more grace to the decor, unique and attractive Rajasthani umbrellas are placed on both sides of the decor. Add hand-decorated or market-based pots to the decor along with a round selfie photo frame with orange and yellow garlands. A battery-operated light will add charm and a more festive vibe to your decoration. 

Furthermore, you can customize this decoration as per your requirements by adding more lanterns and lighting. To book this elegant decor, select your preferred time and date and other customization if needed. 

Colorful Lantern Decor

Navratri decoration

Give your home a perfect festive makeover with colorful lantern decor offered by CherishX. This beautiful and vibrant theme brings all-new dreamy and illuminating charm to your abode. 

Transform your home with this extraordinary Navratri decoration and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones. These colorful paper lanterns can form a beautiful canopy. Further, you can embellish this decor with lovely fairy lights proving a gorgeous illuminating space. 

Get ready to earn lots of compliments for your lantern decor from your guests as this is the absolutely stunning decor and works best for every home. For booking, just visit the official website of CherishX and select your slot for this unique Navratri decor.  

Rajasthani Umbrella Decor

Navratri decoration

Make your Navratri decoration extra special by organizing a Rajasthani Umbrella decor for your home. This beautiful, unique umbrella decoration will surely lighten up your home and your guests’ mood. 

You will love these stunning Rajasthani embroidery and beautiful and colorful umbrellas with strings of LED lights. Your family and friends will surely have starry eyes after looking at this astonishing Rajasthani decor. Get this awesome decor easily by booking a slot with CherishX. 

You can opt for customization as well with this decor by adding white umbrellas, paper lanterns,  or anything further. Celebrate this festival of Navratri with ChrishX in a unique way. 

Festive Flower and Lantern Decoration

Navratri decoration

Enjoy this Navratri by opting for this festive flower and lantern decoration. This breathtaking and attractive decoration is offered in order to give your celebration a more enchanting experience. 

This attractive Navratri decoration includes Led warm white lights formed in a curtain that can be hung on the wall or as a backdrop for your decorations. To elaborate on this decor, you will get yellow and orange garlands, a ceiling decorated with paper lanterns, and a floral rangoli circle formed with orange and yellow garlands. 

Along with this, get a decorated pot with yellow and orange garlands with green leaf strings. Combined all these make your festival a memorable and a happier event. 

Furthermore, you can also customize this decor by adding more lighting and lanterns. Make your house attractive by booking one of your slots with CherishX. 

Mandala Backdrop Decoration

Navratri decoration

For new hope and beginning, get this mandala backdrop decoration for this Navratri celebration. The decor has a mandala backdrop that gives your home a traditional festival vibe. Its bright colors and unique design give a warm welcome to your family and friends. 

Our experts have curated this decor by including in it a 17×5 ft mandala backdrop covered with yellow garlands, Led warm white light, Rajasthani umbrellas, and a round selfie photo frame decorated with orange and yellow garlands. 

Along with this, get a battery-operated led light, a small circle on the floor with garlands, and a decorated pot covered with beautiful yellow garlands and green leaf strings. 

Book your slot today for this amazing mandala decoration for perfect festive decor. Add customization as per your need to enhance the beauty and make your house more attractive.

Classy LED Lights and Garlands Decor

Navratri decoration ideas

The festival of Navratri is celebrated with utmost joy and devotion, hence everyone wants to decorate their house gracefully. If you are looking for a classy decoration for this Navratri celebration, opt for a Classy LED Lights and Garlands Decor presented by CherishX.

This breathtaking Navratri decoration includes LED warm white lights arranged in a form of curtains that can be hung on walls. Orange and yellow garlands and green leaf strings with two jointers make the most attractive decors that your guests will fall in love with it. 

Furthermore, you can personalize this decor with more lighting and lantern decorations. To book this mesmerizing decor, visit the official website, choose your preferred slot and make the payment. 

Navratri Decoration Important Tips 

One of the crucial tips for Navratri decoration is to take care of festive cleaning.  Also after getting a desire Navratri backdrop in each of your rooms, it is vital to see that the space is cluttered free and particularly,  the Pooja Room. You are suggested to not overdo anything and keep your Navratri decoration simple and natural! 

Moreover, try to be in the matching outlift as your decoration to give a perfect amalgamation of the Navratri 2022 theme. 

Why CherishX?

We are a team of experienced individuals who are dedicated to offering the best-in-class services and products to our customers. 

Not just are our decoration ideas unique and attractive but we work hard to deliver those decoration ideas perfectly. To make a memorable event for you, we curate only the best for you. 

Our team ensures that your every demand is fulfilled completely so that you can enjoy your event without worrying about decoration. 

So, stop looking and book your Navratri decoration slots earliest. To book one of the aforementioned Navratri decors, get in touch with us via a call, Whatsapp, or email. 

Make this Navratri a grand celebration with CherishX and decorate your home in your way. 


  1. Can I opt for a Rajasthani theme Navratri decoration?

Yes, with CherishX you can book your Rajasthani Navratri theme decor that will entail unique and colorful umbrellas. 

  1. How many kinds of Navratri theme decoration does CherishX offer?

CherishX offers a total of seven kinds of Navrati theme decorations including festive umbrellas, colorful lanterns, Rajasthani umbrellas, festive flowers, mandala backdrop, classy LED, and festive Kalash. 

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