Top 13 Easiest Rangoli Designs For Diwali 2023 – Must Check Video Tutorials

Get ready to unleash your creativity this Diwali with the easiest rangoli designs for Diwali 2023! Diwali, the festival of lights and colors, presents a perfect opportunity to adorn your homes with stunning rangoli designs. To make your Diwali even more special, we have curated the top 13 easiest rangoli designs that are accessible to both beginners and experts. This blog is your ultimate guide, featuring video tutorials that will walk you through each design step-by-step. So, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, these designs will enable you to add an exquisite touch of elegance and vibrancy to your Diwali celebrations. Let’s dive into the world of rangoli and let your imagination run wild! Get ready to uncover the best rangoli ideas for Diwali! 

13 Best Rangoli Ideas For Diwali 

Are you looking to make your Diwali celebrations extra special this year? Look no further! We’ve handpicked the 13 best rangoli designs for diwali easy and small that are sure to impress your guests and add a touch of beauty and creativity to your home. Rangoli, a traditional Indian art form, involves creating intricate patterns using colorful powders, flowers, or other materials.

1. Diwali Laxmi Footprint Rangoli

Create a stunning laxmi maa footprint rangoli using a spoon. The yellow and red combination adds a festive touch to this design, which can be easily made outdoors or inside your hall. The delightful fusion of yellow and red bestows an unmistakable festive aura, making it a fitting adornment. It’s one of the most beautiful and easy rangoli designs for diwali 2023. 

2. The Most Vibrant & Easy Floral Rangoli

Looking for the best Rangoli ideas? Check out this one! Don’t get disheartened by the intricate appearance of this Diwali design. With the help of household kitchen items like spoons, plates, and forks, you can create a vibrant floral rangoli that will leave everyone in awe. Appearances can be deceptive, but this design’s intricate allure can be effortlessly made. Your creation is bound to leave onlookers spellbound.

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3. Beautiful & Easy Ganesha Rangoli

As Ganesh pooja is an integral part of Diwali celebrations, it’s auspicious to create a Ganesha rangoli. This technique is easy and one of the beautiful rangoli designs for Diwali 2023. This design may seem challenging, but with patience and the right technique, you can easily bring this vibrant and festive design to life. So, breathe life into this vibrant and festive design with easy Rangoli techniques. 

4. Easy Peacock Rangoli Design 2023 

Peacock rangolis, symbolizing beauty, creativity, and strength, are perennial favorites during Diwali. It’s one of the most creative rangoli ideas for Diwali. This tutorial offers a step-by-step guide to creating a captivating peacock rangoli using just a spoon. A dash of patience is all it takes to conjure this mesmerizing masterpiece. 

5. Diwali Double Square Rangoli

Short on time & looking for rangoli designs for Diwali easy and small? No worries! This double square rangoli can be quickly made using scales and a bottle with a nozzle to pour your colors.  Infuse the festive spirit by placing diyas within, and watch your rangoli come to life in a blaze of glory.

6. Simple Rangoli Patterns with Dots

If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance, this rangoli pattern with dots is perfect for you. With the help of a bottle cap, a spoon, and a paintbrush, you can create a beautiful floral rangoli using green, yellow, and white colors. So, if you want to make rangoli patterns with dots, go with this one! 

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7. Easy Swastik Rangoli

The swastik symbol holds great significance in Hindu culture and is considered sacred. You can easily create a swastik rangoli using just your fingers. Extend it in any direction you like and complement it with easy floral designs. Also, you can call this the most unique rangoli for 2023. 

8. Rangoli Designs for Diwali Border

Enhance the beauty of your rangoli by creating circles with three different colors. Add more circles of different colors to make it look even more appealing. This design will surely impress your guests. So, if you want to make rangoli designs for the diwali border at the entrance of your house, then check out this beauty. 

9. Small Rangoli Design

If you want to create quick and easy floral rangolis, this video tutorial will provide you with some handy tricks. You’ll be able to make beautiful flowers in just a few seconds. This is also one of the cutest rangoli designs for diwali 2023 

10. Vibrant Rangoli Design

For those who want to create a large and vibrant rangoli, this design is perfect. Using rangoli color bottles, you can create a peacock feather-style rangoli with yellow, green, and red colors. Get ready to make a statement with one of the colorful and best rangoli ideas. 

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11. Small Flower Best Rangoli Idea 

Using a bangle and other colors, you can create a beautiful flower called rangoli. Flowers symbolize positivity and radiance, making this design a perfect choice for Diwali.

12. Maa Laxmi Rangoli

Invoke the blessings of Maa Laxmi with this instructive tutorial. Begin with a chalk outline and then use rangoli nozzle bottles to infuse life into your design. The outcome will be a resplendent and invigorating rangoli, exuding sheer beauty. This is surely the best rangoli for 2023 

13. Half Circle Rangoli Design

Decorate this half circle rangoli design with flowers to make it even more unique. With its vibrant colors and enchanting appearance, this rangoli is sure to capture everyone’s attention.


These top 13 easiest rangoli designs for Diwali 2023 are perfect for both beginners and experienced rangoli enthusiasts. With the help of the accompanying video tutorials, you can easily create stunning rangolis that will add a touch of beauty and joy to your Diwali celebrations. Moreover, These rangoli designs are not only visually stunning but also carry deep symbolic meanings. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these ideas will inspire you to create mesmerizing rangolis that capture the essence of Diwali. So let’s explore the 13 best rangoli ideas and get ready to welcome the festival of lights with style and grace! So go ahead, pick your favorite design, and let your creativity shine! 

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Which type of rangoli is best for Diwali?

The best rangoli ideas are making Laxmi feet or Ganesha-themed rangoli. However, there are several types of rangoli designs that are popular for Diwali. Some of the best options include traditional designs like floral patterns, diya (lamp) designs, peacock rangolis, and geometric patterns. These designs not only symbolize auspiciousness but also add a festive and vibrant touch to your Diwali decorations.

What are Diwali rangoli designs?

Diwali rangoli designs are intricate patterns created on the floor using colored powders, flower petals, rice, or other materials during the auspicious festival of Diwali. These designs typically feature vibrant colors and beautiful patterns, serving as a form of decoration. Diwali rangolis often incorporate symbols like diyas, flowers, gods/goddesses, and geometric shapes, signifying abundance, prosperity, and positivity.

Which color is best for Diwali?

Diwali is a festival of colors, so there isn’t necessarily one “best” color for the occasion. However, vibrant colors such as red, yellow, orange, and green are commonly used in rangoli designs. These colors symbolize joy, prosperity, energy, and freshness. Additionally, using a combination of different colors can create a visually striking and festive look for your rangoli.

How to make Rangoli for Diwali?

To make a rangoli for Diwali, start by cleaning and preparing the area where you want to create the design. You can use colored powders, flower petals, rice, or even chalk to draw the outline of your rangoli. Then, fill in the design with different colors and create intricate patterns using your fingers, a spoon, or any other suitable tool. You can also add decorative elements like diyas and flowers to enhance the beauty of your rangoli. There are numerous video tutorials available online that provide step-by-step guidance on creating rangoli designs for Diwali 2023

What is a dotted rangoli called?

A dotted rangoli is called “Kolam” in Tamil Nadu. Kolam designs are created by connecting dots to form intricate patterns. These patterns can range from simple geometric shapes to more intricate and elaborate designs. Dotted rangolis are popular during festivals like Diwali and are often made using coloured powders. They require patience and precision in connecting the dots to create a beautiful and symmetrical design. You can also check out the tutorial above to make rangoli designs for Diwali easy with dots.


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