Crazy Baby Shark Theme Party Ideas you need to plan your Kid’s Birthday

baby shark theme birthday decoration

Does your child super crazy about sea animals and loves watching Baby Shark on TV, the Internet, or youtube? Then, this birthday gives your child a surprise party by coupling the Baby Shark theme birthday decoration and supplies. Let him/her experience the flow of water and be with his/her favorite cartoon. Get the perfect baby shark party backdrop, lifesize cutouts, and lots of more interactive games at the party.

Kids love sea creatures, hence Pinkfong’s “Baby Shark” latest cartoon song has become a viral sensation among kids. Trending all over, this can be the theme party that your kid will never forget. 

So, plan for this lovely and unique Baby Shark Theme for your child’s birthday and let your kid and guests sing “Baby Shark doo-doo-doo-doo” all evening. Make this craze all through your kid’s birthday celebration and create unforgettable memories. 

Need help organizing the theme party for your child? Don’t worry we here have complied all the decoration ideas for you


baby shark theme birthday decoration

Are you looking for a fun inspired birthday theme under the sea? Then, get this Baby Shark Birthday Theme decoration that is lively, colorful, and with lots of fun that will fill the space with an air of exhilaration. For that remarkable decoration, add sand bucket food containers, balloon garlands, and baby shark centerpieces. With excellent options tie up the theme and create an awesome ocean-inspired theme party for your child. 

Baby Shark Birthday Balloon Decor

baby shark theme birthday decoration

If your child’s birthday is approaching soon, you may be all confused about how to plan and what to plan. To assist you in planning one of the exclusive theme parties, we here bring the Baby Shark Birthday Balloon Decor. This theme consists of an arch and pillars of balloons in the shades of blue, green, yellow, white, and golden, and with three silver confetti balloons. Also, with this, you will have a one digit foil balloon, a happy birthday silver cursive foil balloon, paper cutouts of baby sharks, fishes, bubbles, grass, fairy lights, pink and blue baby shark foil balloons along with various floating balloons. 

Adorable Baby Shark Birthday Decor

baby shark theme birthday decoration

Enhance your child’s birthday celebration with this charming and unique Adorable Baby Shark Birthday Decor. This amazing decor consists of an arch and pillars of blue and green balloons, a happy birthday cursive foil balloon, floating balloons, fairy lights, a pink frill curtain, paper cutouts of grass, and small starfish. Besides, get a pink baby shark foil balloon, a pink heart-shaped foil balloon, and circle baby shark foil balloons. Go ahead and have a memorable birthday party for your child with this cute decor. 


baby shark theme birthday decoration

Surprise your child with this amazing Baby Shark Theme Kids Canopy. Get this adorable set that has a 5ft canopy draped with white net and artificial flower strings. Also, a multicolor happy birthday bunting and an arch of balloons in shades of yellow, orange, blue, green, and white are part of the canopy. To make it more lovely, baby shark foil balloons, boxes with balloons, pixel lights, and floating balloons with bedsheets are added. 

Table Decoration

baby shark theme decoration

For perfect table decoration, you can set up a table with baby shark cutouts, colorful balloons, and table accessories like vases. Add this huge banner showing a lovely message for your boy or girl. You can add balloons on the sides and a tablecloth stick with blue color. For more enhancements, add flowers, baby pictures in decent frames, and pom poms. 


baby shark theme birthday decoration

Want something special for your child’s birthday? Opt for the beautiful Baby Shark theme birthday decoration backdrops. Hang blue and white balloons and string them to the wall like a wave. Also, you can wrap the balloons with a fish net in order to give the backdrop a breezy look. Further,  use customized party banners with baby shark motifs in the backdrop. To give it a personalized touch, add your child’s picture to the backdrop.



The best, most simple, adorable, and wonderful way to celebrate a baby shark theme party for your kid is to get a theme-aligned costume. Making your child’s birthday even more special with a customized shirt is one of the perfect ideas.

You can even choose any blue or white dress for your child that will match the theme. Also, order a baby shark party hat that your kid will love wearing for the party. 



Invitations are the perfect way to excite and prepare your guests for the party. For this theme, you can opt for a pink and blue designed invitation that will feature the party details, and the back print the hummable lyrics of the Baby Shark song.

The next idea for your invitation can be in myriad colors: a template that is bright and features all the Baby Shark characters. Additionally, add a picture and name of your child along with other important information.  

Returns Gifts & Favors


Remember to give your little guests some token of gift as they cannot go empty-handed from the party.  You can add some of the great baby shark party favors that will leave your guests with a big grin on their faces.

Apart from stationary or toys related to sharks, you can give them a bucket with stuffed sharks so that they can take their own pet shark home with a smile. 

Make a small aquarium to gift them with a mason jar, some gravel, water, food coloring, and plastic sharks. All these are great ideas for return gifts. Moreover, wrap your gifts in blue gifting paper and hand them over to your little guests in a blue paper bag. 

Activities / Games


Each theme birthday party is a hub of innovation and enjoyable activities that offers a striking experience to all the guests and your child.

Keeping those tiny minds occupied during the party is a daunting task. Hence, you can try out some games and activities to make your party wonderful. 

Start with a fun activity and game like pin the fin on the shark. This can be a classic twist to “Tail the Donkey” and make them engaged till the end. For this take a huge template of a shark on paper or cardboard and cut a fin. Then, blindfold each kid and let them stick the fin in the right place. 

Another game for kids can be tossing the bean bags to the baby sharks. Alternatively, you could use baby shark cutouts on the floor and then give each kid a chance to land them on the sharks.

Placing some shark activity books will keep children engaged. Also, it will let them learn more about undersea creatures and their life. 



Customize the food and create a Baby Shark table for all your guests.  Start with Baby Shark punches and for that whip up a tropical party punch or any fruit juice and pour that into baby shark-themed cups and add gummy sharks to give a new twist. 

You can make Shark shaped sandwiches which is an easy-to-make snack and can be easily customized. To match with the theme, add printable tags on the sandwiches attached to toothpicks. 

Prepare Shark popsicles that are a great addition to a hot summer day and include ingredients like lemonade, shark-shaped gummies, popsicle molds

For a healthy option, pick some veggies and prepare some salads by adding baby shark toppers to that. 

To add a final touch, fill sand buckets with various snacks and treats, add baby shark cut tags on the handle and use beach shovels for serving the food. 

Main Character


Book a live artist for your baby shark theme birthday decoration party. Those live artists will dress as the main character and will greet and play with the children. To make your party more lively and fun-filled, you can book these live artists in advance. 

Sitting Arrangements & Decoration of Chairs

baby shark theme birthday decoration

For sitting arrangements and decorations of chairs, use blue color curtains. Use blue color sofa cloths and chairs covers as well. As a substitute use white covers and tie a blue ribbon on the chair to match the theme of the party. 

Besides, adding blue or baby shark customized cushion covers will surely inspire your guests and make them stunned by your creativity. 

Welcome Board

baby shark theme birthday decoration

Avail of this beautiful Baby Shark theme Personalised Welcomes board. This is ideal for any home location or outside space and is attractive to welcoming your friends and family members.

You can fill in the text box or write personalized notes and can add the baby’s name, age, or any information you want to share with your guests. 

Balloon Bouquets

baby shark theme birthday decoration

Baby Shark Balloon banquet must include foil balloons and ribbon rolls. These unique shark balloons can be filled with helium or gas and can float in the air. Order a massive and really beautiful one that kids just love and adore. 

Babies can store these birthday balloons after decoration in their room and play with them. They must be huge and make everyone love them, opt for beautiful colors. Use them with party props and with different products like birthday banners, latex balloons, metallic balloons, curling ribbons, balloon glue dots, shark hanging decorations, age number balloons, and giant backdrop. 

Baby shark balloons bouquets are the perfect addition for any birthday party small or big as they are just perfect.

Cake Decoration


The cake is the central attraction of any party. Thus, I have to get the cake right. The cake for any themed party must match the theme and for that, get the Baby Shark characters featured on the top layer of the cake.

Also, a Baby Shark cake with a bright yellow fondant is an ideal addition to the baby shark theme birthday decoration for your child. 

Tableware – Cutlery and all

baby shark theme birthday decoration

Keep every aspect of planning well in advance and get the utmost perfection to make your child’s birthday an evergreen moment for you and your child. 

The cheapest and simplest way to incorporate the bay shark theme into the party is through matching tableware and cutlery.  Add cool paper napkins, dessert plates, cups, napkins, and dinner plates to make the party come to life.

Decorate for your child’s birthday in this unique way so that not only your child but also your guests will look upon you for more such fun-filled parties. 

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