Top 25 Best First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home That Your Kid Can’t Say No To

1st birthday is a very special occasion as it marks the very first year that your child has been on this planet. As parents, you want to do everything possible to make sure that your child’s 1st birthday party reflects their personality and distinguishes them from other kids in the neighborhood. But how exactly can you make this happen? While there are no specific rules about what type of decorations you should use for your kid’s 1st birthday party, it would be great if you could come up with an idea that not only reflects their personality but also makes them happy at the same time.

So, how should you plan a perfect 1st birthday party decoration for your child? Well, we have collected the best decoration ideas that you can take advantage of and make your child’s first birthday party one to remember! So what are you waiting for, scroll down and start planning today!

First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home

first birthday decor

Your little son or daughter has turned one so definitely it becomes important that you celebrate their birthday in the best way possible. Nowadays, there’s so many kids themed decorations that are famous and will make your kids’ birthdays much more special. Here are some of the best first birthday decoration ideas at home that you can have for your baby boy as well as baby girl’s birthday party-

Aeroplane Theme Birthday Decor

kids theme birthday decoration- Aeroplane theme Execute an amazing birthday party for your child with our breathtaking Aeroplane Theme Birthday Decor! Surprise your child most amazingly by having a decor such as this filled with balloons and cutouts! Often parents are more excited for their child’s birthday than the children themselves. 

As a result, they look for the best ways to make their child’s birthday party fun and memorable. Thinking of that, we curated a kids themed birthday decor so that the kid’s birthday bash has all the fascinating things!

Candy Land Birthday Decorationkids theme birthday decoration- candy theme

Celebrate your Kids Birthday with beautiful Candyland Birthday Decoration. Whether it’s your baby boy’s or baby girl’s birthday, having this adorable Candyland Birthday Decoration will surely make the birthday party awesome!

The decor is a lot in trend so having a candyland theme party is surely a great option. You can go for this Vibrant Candy Theme Birthday Decoration and plan an awesome birthday party for your kids. This Fascinating Decor is curated with Frill Curtains (pastel pink, pastel yellow), Beautiful arch of balloons of color, Yellow pastel, Purple pastel, Blue pastel and Pink pastel balloons, Donut shaped foil balloon, Ice Cream shape foil balloon, Star shape foil balloon (pink and yellow pastel), Candy shape foil balloon, Welcome to Candyland sign board, Happy Birthday Bunting and Candy Theme paper cutouts. All of this gives you a perfect CandyLand theme birthday party.

Peppa Pig Birthday Decorationkids theme birthday decoration- Peppa Pig theme

Does your child love to watch cartoons? Well, then he/she would be knowing the famous Peppa pig! With cartoon characters like George pig, daddy pig and mummy pig, it has become one of the favorites of children. 

So, why not plan a Peppa Pig Themed decor for your kid’s birthday? CherishX has curated this simple yet elegant decor to make your kid’s birthday more special. You can have the Peppa pig birthday decoration at home to give an awesome surprise to your child. Whether you are celebrating 1st birthday or 6th birthday, this decor gives the perfect feel of a kid’s birthday.

Wild Forest Theme Birthday Decor

kids theme birthday decoration- wild forest themeGo for this unique and fun themed birthday decor for your child’s birthday. We have launched a decor that fits perfectly to this criteria. The Wild Forest theme birthday decor is trendy and children love to have these kinds of themed decor for their birthday party. The forest theme decoration for birthdays creates a fun and entertaining aura for all-around children. 

Our decor designed by our professional designers includes Dark Green Latex, Light Green Latex and Golden Chrome Balloons,  Artificial Green Leaves, Black Happy Birthday Banner and Animal Face Foil Balloons. All of this together creates a wonderful jungle look. 

Jungle Theme Kids Canopy

kids theme birthday decoration- Jungle theme CanopyCelebrate your little prince or princess’s upcoming birthday in style with our Jungle Theme Kids Canopy decoration. This decorative canopy is perfect for that jungle-loving toddler who loves exploring all the wonders of a rainforest. It’s time to get ready for your kid’s next birthday party. 

Imagine you’re at the center of a lush jungle, surrounded by majestic animals in their natural habitat. The jungle theme decoration will make it so much more amazing. This charming Jungle Theme Canopy decor includes 5ft Canopy draped with White net of 6 mtr and Money Plant Bells, an Arch of Green Chrome, Light Green Latex, Dark Green Latex, Pastel Green, Orange Latex, Brown Latex and many more decorative items. 

You can get more Jungle theme decorations at CherishX’s Jungle Theme Decoration Category

Cocomelon Theme Kids Canopy

kids theme birthday decoration- cocomelon theme canopyGet one of the most adorable surprises for your kids’ birthday with CherishX. A special theme decoration of Cocomelon that is perfect for your baby girl or baby boy’s birthday celebration is here. This ultimate party decoration with CherishX is sure to light up your celebrations. The team at CherishX is ready to make your child’s birthday the best day ever. 

With a Cocomelon Theme Kids Canopy, they can celebrate in style! Our decorators are experts and will come to you to install this jaw-dropping decoration! This Charming Decoration includes a 5ft Canopy draped with 6m of White net and White artificial Flower Strings, an arch of Blue Pastel, Yellow Pastel, Orange Pastel, Green Pastel, and more decoration items. 

Paw Patrol Theme Birthday Decoration

kids theme birthday decoration- PAW Patrol ThemePlan an amazing birthday party for your baby girl or baby boy with our exclusive PAW Patrol Birthday Theme Decor! Indulge the children into a fun place by creating a preferable atmosphere for them to enjoy. No doubt that the PAW Patrol Movie is famous among children. 

A little action by the heroic pups has attracted children and made them love the movie. This is why we thought of curating something that the children are already fans of. This PAW Patrol Theme birthday decor is sure to make the party awesome. Whether you want a room decoration or a hall decoration, it’s perfect for both. Get this decoration for a child’s 1st birthday and make it extra special! 

Masha And Bear Birthday Decor

masha and bear theme decorKids are always excited about their birthdays. Often, children ask their parents for their favourite cartoon character’s themed birthday decor and cake. With CherishX Kid’s Birthday decorations, you get to fulfil your child’s wishes within minutes! We have launched a trendy Masha and Bear Birthday Theme Decoration for kids’ birthdays. The Masha and Bear show is famous among kids as a result they often want to have a Masha and Bear themed birthday party. Thinking of the same, we asked our designers to curate this adorable decor.

The decor has an arch of 270 latex balloons with colors magenta, purple, light green, dark green, brown, yellow and white, Masha and Bear A3 size characters cutouts, Bear 4×3 Feet sunboard cutouts and more. 

Baby Shark Balloon Decor

kids theme birthday decoration- Baby SharkMore than Childrens, parents wait for their child’s birthday. Preparing ahead of time is something most parents do. So, if your child’s birthday is approaching, prepare for an awesome decoration to make the party lively. CherishX offers this colorful Baby Shark Birthday Balloon Decor to make your child happy and excited on his/her birthday.

Children often get excited about seeing balloons. This is why this decor consists of around different color balloons including pastel blue, pastel green, white, metallic blue balloons, silver chrome balloons & silver confetti balloons.

First Birthday Decoration 

kids theme birthday decoration- First Birthday DecorCelebrate your kid’s half birthday with Special First Birthday Decoration and make the celebration worth having! The Gorgeous White and Golden Balloon Set up makes the decoration elegant and unforgettable! No doubt, the first birthday of every child is special for his/her parents. The birth of the baby boy or baby girl is celebrated with full zeal and zest. 

With this appealing balloon decoration, your celebration is likely to be much more special! This Elegant First Birthday Decoration is curated with an arch of White Latex and Golden Chrome Balloons decorated with White artificial Flowers, and 1 to 12 Months Photo Bunting. The arch is also decorated with Golden Confetti balloons to enhance it all. There are also some free floating balloons on the floor. 

First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home for Baby Boy

Here are some of the best First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home for Baby Boy –

Superhero Kid Decor

kids theme birthday decoration- SuperheroWham bam shazam and pow! Your kid is a superhero in his own world. On his/her birthday, make the kid feel special with this power-packed decor courtesy CherishX.

This unique and creative Avengers Theme decor consists of a combination of red, blue, yellow, purple, grey, black, and green balloons. The decor also has superhero themed hangings, 1 ‘WHAM!’ superhero theme backdrop poster (6×6), superhero cutouts on rent-Iron man, Black Panther, Thanos, Captain America (based on the Kid’s choice), and colorful balloons loose on the floor.

Lightning Mcqueen Cars Theme Birthday Decoration

kids theme birthday decoration- Car themeCelebrate your kid’s birthday in the most exciting way by getting this Mcqueen Theme Birthday Decoration! The kids at the party will love it. Filled with gorgeous red and black colors, the decor creates a perfect look for the children.

Usually, it happens that boys love Cars more than girls. So, if it’s a baby boy’s birthday, you can have this decor without any doubt. You can go for this Vibrant Car Theme Birthday Decoration and plan an awesome birthday party for your kids.

Boss Baby Theme Decorations

kids theme birthday decoration- Boss BabyCelebrate your child’s birthday with a bang by opting this Boss Baby Theme Decor. Let your child have all the exciting feels of the movie! With balloons and cut-outs, this decor is likely to create a fun and loving environment for kids.

The Boss Baby movie has made a lot of impacts on people as well as children. Many kids hold it as their favorite character. This is why this decor has been curated. You can celebrate your child’s birthday with excitement and love. This awesome decor includes an arch of Balloons (of light blue, metallic blue, white, black and Golden Chrome), Paper Cutouts of Baby, ties & the boss baby, and more. Make your baby boy’s first birthday special with this gorgeous decor. 

Wild Jungle Safari Theme Decor

Wild Jungle Safari ThemeGo for a Wild Jungle Safari Theme Decor for your Kid’s birthday party this year. Let the feel of the Jungle spread out through your chosen place. Make it special for your kid and his/her friends.

The Jungle theme is always trending which is why we thought of curating some more fascinating Jungle theme decor packages. Now, you have a variety of Jungle Themed decorations to choose from and this one is surely unique as it has a sequence panel.

This forest vibes filled decor is curated with a Rectangle Stand, a Grass Backdrop, a Golden Sequin Panel, a Happy Birthday Neon Signage, a Digit Led decorated with theme balloons. All of this together gives you a perfect forest theme decoration for your Kids Birthday Party

Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme Decor 

Kids theme decoration- Mickey Mouse ThemeIf you are planning to have an awesome birthday celebration for your child, then you should go for this colourful Mickey Mouse Birthday Theme Decor. With balloons of different colours, your little one will love it!

Birthday celebrations for a child are very special. This is why we have created this beautiful decor to make your child’s birthday memorable. Every child has some or the other character that is their favourite. Surprising your loved one with this adorable decor might be the best thing to do.

This overall decor can make your loved one feel special. Kids love theme decors and as you might know, Mickey Mouse is one of the most famous cartoon characters that even adults have adored. So, get this fun Mickey Mouse theme Decor for your kids birthday celebration. 

Spider-Man Birthday Theme Decor 

Spider man theme birthday decorSpider Man is one of the legendary action characters that has taken many children’s hearts. Even adults have a craze over its comics and movies. Wouldn’t it be exciting to celebrate your child’s birthday with a Spider Man themed Decor? Well, CherishX has brought you this fascinating Spider Man Birthday Theme Decor to have a grand celebration.

Kids love these superhero cartoon characters. This is why having a Spider-Man Birthday Theme Decor can be one of the most exciting things for them. The birthday celebration will be much more special not only for your child but also for your guests. Spider man is also one of the best avengers birthday party decor to have for your kid.

Football Birthday Decor

Football decorFootball fever is a fever that children of all ages have! And rightly so, it is a most exciting and fun sport. Surprise your cutie on his/her birthday with our exclusive football-themed decor!

This unique and colorful decoration consists of a combination of 100 balloons in white and green to form a backdrop, green balloons to form  pillars, yellow balloons to form pillars, big size football foil balloons/cutouts, balloons in a combination of white, green, and yellow loose on the floor, and black balloons for the backdrop.

First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home for Baby Girl 

Here are some of the First Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home for Baby Girl are- 

Unicorn Birthday Balloon Decoration

unicorn theme decorationsUnicorns are dreamy creatures- straight out of fairytales! Gift your loved one the feeling of being in a fairytale by getting this amazing unicorn decoration done for them at their home! 

We bring to you an artistic decoration crafted with pink, white, and purple latex balloons attached to the ceiling with soft removable tape and ribbons dangling from it. 

Along with an arc made of latex balloons of the same colors as well as metallic silver balloons, happy birthday cake foil balloon, happy birthday silver bunting, big unicorn foil balloon, silver star-shaped foil balloons, and last but not the least white and pink balloons strewn sweetly on the floor.

Make Up Theme Kids Canopy

make up theme kids canopyIs your daughter fond of makeup? If she is then it’s time to use that to surprise her! Have this Makeup Theme Canopy Decoration to surprise her in the best way possible!

Whether it’s your daughter, your friend’s or a baby girl in your family, this could be one of the most amazing ways to surprise her. Let her enjoy in the most beautiful way.

This pretty Makeup Kids Theme Canopy is curated with a 5ft Canopy draped with 6mtr of White net and white artificial flower, an arch of Pink Pastel, White Latex, Purple Pastel and Purple Chrome balloons. All of this together creates a perfect Makeup Kids Theme Canopy.

Mermaid Theme Kids Canopy

Mermaid theme kids canopy dceorYou better get ready because mermaids are taking over this place! As the latest trend in kids birthday parties, get a gorgeous mermaid theme canopy decoration for your little girl and make her birthday awesome.

If you have a daughter, son, niece, nephew, or any other little one that is turning a year old, then we have the perfect decoration for you! I’m talking about our Mermaid Theme decoration for kids. We have everything you need to get things set up so you can celebrate with friends and family in style.

This charming Mermaid Theme Party Decoration includes 5ft Canopy draped with 6m of White net and White artificial Flower Strings and an arch of Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple, and more!

Butterfly Theme Decor 

butterfly theme decorAre you a parent and is it your baby’s first birthday? Or perhaps it’s the first birthday of your venture, then book this Butterfly Theme decor to add the element of beautification and sparkle to the occasion.

The decor includes a ‘Happy birthday banner’, three 16-inch foil balloons with letters ‘ONE’, pastel pink and purple balloon, one star led curtain, butterflies and 6m white net cloth for the backdrop. Get this gorgeous butterfly theme decor at home for your baby girl’s birthday party. 

Dreamy Unicorn Theme Birthday Decor 

dreamy unicorn theme decorBirthday decorations enhance the look of the party. This is why people choose to have charming decorations. The Unicorn Birthday theme decor is also one of those that will make your party appealing. The decor consists of a Rainbow Arch of around Balloons of different colors. Among the colorful balloons, there are pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel green, pastel yellow, pastel peach, pastel pink and white balloons. The decor gives a colorful outlook to the backdrop. You can give your child a surprise with this Gorgeous decor. 

Minnie Theme Birthday Decoration

minnie theme decor

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the most famous cartoon characters, loved by not only children but also adults. So, there’s no doubt that your daughter must be wanting to have a Minnie themed decor for her birthday! 

The most wonderful Minnie Themed Decor is curated to make your baby girl’s birthday special and the party memorable! As the Minnie Mouse birthday theme for baby girls is always in trend, you can easily get this theme booked for your kid. This decor is colorful and spreads the aura of joy wherever you wish to have it!

Frozen Theme Decor

frozen theme decorEvery child has this craze for cartoon characters. Girls like to imagine themselves being princesses in a fairy tale whereas boys have a thing for action heroes. This is why CherishX has curated this lovely Frozen Theme Decor!

People and children all over the world have loved the blockbuster movie Frozen. The queen with the power to turn things into ice has fascinated so many children. This is why Frozen Theme Decor has been brought up as a part of CherishX experiences. This blue and white decor will give your child the feels of Elsa and her companions! 

Sweet Candy Land Birthday Decor

sweet candy land decorCelebrate your baby boy or baby girl’s birthday with CherishX’s Sweet CandyLand Birthday Decorations. Plan a surprise candy land theme birthday party to make the day exciting for your child.

The decor is a lot in trend so having a candyland theme party is surely a great option. You can go for this Vibrant Candy Theme Birthday Decoration and plan an awesome birthday party for your kids.

This Fascinating Decor is curated with Wall pasted backdrops of Purple pastel, Pink pastel, Blue pastel, Yellow pastel and Peach pastel balloons. It also includes an Ice Cream cone shaped foil balloon, a Donut shaped foil balloon, Star shaped foil balloon (pastel pink and purple), Candy shaped foil balloon and more. All of this gives you a perfect CandyLand theme birthday party.

It’s time that you make your kid’s birthday party wonderful by adding these gorgeous decorations. The event is sure to light up with your kid’s favorite theme decoration. Choose among the best given above and let the kids enjoy it! 

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