How to Inflate / Deflate your Balloons and Setup your DIY Balloon Decorations

So, now you have the CherishX DIY kit to do the amazing party decorations yourself! But you’re wondering how to blow up these foil balloons. Well, we got you covered with that. Follow the steps below and watch the video to know how! We also cover how to deflate the balloon in this blog. 

How to Inflate the Foil balloons in your DIY Kit

Follow the instructions below to inflate the balloon:

  1. The balloons come with a straw. 
  2. Look for a blow tab on the balloon. It should have an opening to blow the air in to inflate the balloon. 
  3. Take the straw and insert it into the blow tab. 
  4. The straw should break the seal in the balloon and you would know that once you hear a pop sound after inserting the straw. 
  5. Blow air into the balloon through the straw till it’s inflated enough to be used for decoration. 
  6. Pull the straw out. Make sure you that while blowing into the straw. 
  7. Press the blow tab tight to seal the balloon again. 
  8. That’s it! The balloon is ready to be used. The balloon has two holes on it for you to attach a string to it. You can also tape the balloon to the wall. 

Here’s a tutorial video to watch for a better understanding:

How to Deflate the Foil balloons in your DIY Kit

Follow the instructions below to deflate the balloon:

  1. Take the straw that came with the balloon.
  2. Insert it into the balloon through the blow tab like you did while inflating it. 
  3. Insert the straw deep enough to hear a popping sound.
  4. This is when the air will start to blow out of the balloon.
  5. You may press the balloon to make the deflating process faster and easier.
  6. Once the balloon is flat again, carefully fold it to use later in your next celebration. 

Here’s a tutorial video to watch for a better understanding:

We hope this blog helped you with what you needed!

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