10 Amazing Lohri Decoration Ideas for an awesome First Lohri Celebrations- 2024 Edition

Lohri decoration

Lohri celebration-the auspicious festival is celebrated with customary warmth across India and in particular states of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh. The Lohri celebration honours the end of winter as people gather near a bonfire and dance to favourite festival folk songs like Sundar Mundariye Ho to keep the passing of the winter solstice. Also, children and adults alike play kite-flying activities in various parts of India. Being the first festival of the new year, people celebrate it with vigour.

Lohri decoration

Along with this, the Lohri festival celebration is traditionally honoured to commemorate the beginning of the harvest season in Punjab where women wear the traditional attire and perform the folk dance known as Giddha. Also, people distribute jaggery, peanuts, and popcorn linked with Lohri. Furthermore, Punjabis majorly celebrate this festival and host a great party if their daughter-in-law or grandchild just arrived before the festival. 

To glorify the occasion with enthusiasm and eagerness with your loved ones, check out some ideas to embellish your house for the Lohri festival. And to top it up, here are some enjoyable Lohri decoration ideas that you must implement at your home this year. 

Lohri decoration

 If you are preparing to celebrate the first Lohri celebration of your daughter-in-law or your grandchild then we have some outstanding ideas for your Lohri decorations to entice your guests completely. 

Add a unique look to your home with Lohri decoration ideas

Lohri decoration

To start with Lohri decorations at home, you can begin by adjusting the upholstery to traditional decorative pillow covers, ceiling-hung fairy lights and a genda phool wall-hung decor. Besides, you can call experts to help you with beautiful and creative lohri decorations at home such as:

Lohri Decoration Idea With A Tassel Backdrop 

Lohri decoration

The time of joy and celebration comes again as Lohri is approaching soon. Celebrate this festival with rituals, music and dance and opt for this beautiful and eye-catching lohri tassel backdrop decoration for your home. Give your Lohri celebration an extra special touch with this creative backdrop. The backdrop includes a stand draped with yellow garlands and pixel lights, yellow and pink tassels, paper lanterns, and lohri-themed paper cutouts. For small gatherings or large parties, this backdrop will surely create a festive atmosphere. This Ione of the best punjabi lohri decoration ideas. You can check it now at CherishX’s official website. 

Garden Lohri Decoration Ideas At Home

Outdoor Lohri Decoration Ideas At Home

Enjoy the festive vibe and have some fun with this super splendid garden lohri decoration by CherishX. This Lohri decoration idea is specially curated for families who are celebrating the first lohri of their son and daughter-in-law or childbirth. In this traditional decoration, you will get multicolour lanterns, fairy lights, multicolour kites, artificial garlands, and decorative cutouts. All the lights and lanterns will be hung on the ceiling giving an unforgettable experience to you and your family. It’s a vibrant setup for the first lohri decoration.

Lohri Theme Decoration With Lanterns

Lohri decoration

Unfold laughter and celebration by booking this creative and stunning Lohri decoration by CherishX. Opt for a traditional vibe with this decor as it comprises lohri cutouts, colourful kites, vibrant paper lanterns, and fairy lights. The is one of the easy and hassle-free Lohri decoration ideas that can be further customized as per your needs. Kites will be pasted on the walls while fairy lights and lanterns will be hung on the ceiling. To book this, just select your time and date enter your venue details and make the payment. The decorator will ensure to offer you a bespoke and wonderful experience for your lohri celebration with your family and friends. 

Vibrant Ceiling Decor 

Lohri decoration ideas

If you want a lohri theme decoration, get the perfect vibrant decor for your lohri celebration and adorns your house with this mesmerizing and vibrant ceiling decor. With colourful honeycomb hangings, large multicoloured poms-poms, and colourful bunting banners will transform your home into a perfect traditional lohri celebration. With a simple twist, you can have a grand, gorgeous and super memorable lohri decorations that will entice your guests. If you’re a restaurant owner or someone who just require a minimalist desi Lohri vibe at home, you can check out one of our simple Lohri decoration ideas.

Festive Flower and Lantern Decoration

Festive Flower and Lantern Decoration for Lohri

Cherish this lohri festive vibe by acquiring this festive flower and lantern decoration for your home. This distinctive and ravishing festive flower decoration includes white lights in the form of curtains, yellow and orange garlands, a ceiling decorated with orange and yellow paper lanterns, and a rangoli circle formed with yellow and orange flowers. Also, for customization-add decorated pot with orange garlands and green leaf strings. You can directly book this happy lohri decoration from CherishX’s website.

Classy LED Lights and Garlands Decor 

Lohri decoration with flower garland

Opting for classy LED lights and garland decor for this Lohri celebration is the ideal idea. This breathtaking decoration includes LED warm lights, orange, and yellow garlands, green leaf strings, and jointers. Being one of the attractive decors, this can make your celebration more memorable. 

Mandala Backdrop Lohri Decoration 

Lohri decoration with mandala backdrop

Apart from offering new hope and a beginning, make your lohri celebration exquisite with a Mandala backdrop for Lohri Decoration. This decoration furnishes a traditional and festive look to your home and includes a mandala backdrop decorated with yellow garlands, LED warm lights, Rajasthani umbrellas, and a round photo selfie frame with flower garlands. Also, a battery-operated light, gorgeous pot decorated with yellow and orange garlands along with a small circle of yellow flowers and green leaf strings. Provide your home with a warm and passionate colour vibe at this festival. It’s our one of the most vibrant Lohri decoration ideas that you can book if you’re hosting a Lohri party.

Festive Golden Bell Decor 

Lohri decoration with festive golden bells

As a part of Indian culture, festivals here are all about flashing decorations, music, dance, delicious dishes, and much more.  So, to add delight to your festive decoration, we present another spectacular festive golden bell decor. This decor entails golden bells which are a sign of good luck and can be decorated on the doorway, rooms, and windows. Along with this, you will gain yellow garlands, green garlands, paper lanterns, pixel lights, and Led Tea lights. This decor will certainly bring a traditional yet modern look to your house. Bring positivity with this decor and celebrate lohri with great fun. 

Colourful Lantern Decor

Lohri decoration with colorful lanterns

Give your gorgeous abode a perfect festive makeover with colourful lantern decor by CherishX. This irresistible and lively theme of lohri decor brings all-new dreamy and enlightening charm to your home.  With this awesome decoration, you can transform your home and even make some exceptional memories with your loved ones. Hang these bright paper lanterns to exaggerate your decor.  Add attractive fairy lights delivering a captivating illuminating space. This absolutely astonishing decor works best for lohri decorations and can be booked by visiting the official website of CherishX and choosing your slot. 

Fairy Lights and Lantern Surprise

Lohri decoration with lanterns

Get astounded by these ravishing fairy lights and lantern surprise decor. This decoration is full of paper lanterns and bright fairy lights that will absolutely be going to mesmerise your visitors. You can add any other prerequisites with this decor as per your needs. 

Lohri decoration ideas with traditional decor pieces

Entrance Lohri decorations for your Lohri celebration in 2024

Candles are one of the most beautiful decorative things you can use to embellish your home. Buy candles of different colours and sizes to decorate the rangoli or you can also offer them a conventional look by piling bangles around them.

Rangoli can be made with vibrant designs to beautify your house. You can either choose to make rangoli with flowers or use rangoli powder to create beautiful designs on the front door or porch of the house.

Flowers decorate the door of your house and the place of worship with colourful flowers. You can pick marigold flowers in various colours. Try flower garlands and hang them in front of the door or you can connect lighted fringes to flowers. 

Lohri decoration with paper rosettes

Themed Furniture A tiny charpai or seat can provide your home with the impression of the Punjabi Lohri celebration. Use themed furniture to organise your home with this style. Add Punjabi music to give a genuine touch. Moreover, this is the perfect setup for first lohri decoration.

Earthen pot’s cost-effective ways to fill your house with enthusiastic and colourful decor Earthen pots smeared with watercolours, colourful bangles, hand-painted bottles, pinwheels and more can give life to your lohri decorations. 

Scarves or Dupattas take out old scarves or dupattas to decorate the house. The colourful dupattas or scarves drape them around the poles, hung from the ceiling and are also used to cover the tables. 

Get Amazing Lohri-Themed Photo Booth Props from FrillX

Lohri decoration with tassels

Kites can be an outstanding advent of entertainment when they are flying high in the sky. So, use them to decorate your house for the occasion. Uniquely place a bunch of kites on the table or stick them on the wall. 

Check out more Decorations for Lohri, here at CherishX’s official website and make your celebration more wonderful. 

Delicious treats For Lohri Celebrations

Lohri ki thaali

Indian festivals are incomplete without some delicious treats, sweets and festival food requirements! This is for sure lohri festival food. Tempt your guests with brightly coloured clothes. Then, add some candles or use paper lantern centrepieces. Create a stunning table outstretched with sweets such as Phirni, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi jalebi, kheer etc. Keep Lohri needs like Revdi, Gajak, and groundnuts ready on the table and help your guests with some traditional Lohri recipes.

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Why CherishX for Lohri Decoration ideas?

Lohri is all about dancing to the tunes of dhols and nagadas and playing popular Punjabi music and bhangra. With these aforementioned Lohri, decoration ideas organize an awesome Lohri theme party. 

Lohri decoration ideas

With CherishX, get a wide range of decorations items such as balloons, garlands, paper lanterns, and much more. Our decorations will give you the perfect feel of a lohri celebration and make a memorable event for your guests. Our experienced team is dedicated to offering you the best services at more competitive prices!

Want to book one of these lohri decorations? Book one with CherishX to get started on your Lohri celebration. You can drop your comment below, or can give us a call we are available on Whatsapp also. 

bonfire for Lohri celebration in 2024

We are wishing everyone a happy and safe Lohri!


When Is Lohri In 2024? | Lohri Kab Hai?

This year, Lohri will be celebrated on Sunday 14th January, 2024.

How to decorate Lohri at home?

Attract your guests by putting the dining table with bright coloured cloths. You can add some candles or use paper lantern centrepieces for Lohri decoration at home. For lohri decoration- book the finest and unique lohri decoration ideas from CherishX. 

What is prepared for the Lohri celebration?

The dishes prepared on the Lohri include sarso ka saag which is served with makki ki roti or flatbreads from corn flour. The pieces of bread are served with great smearing of winter superfood ghee and with jaggery on the side. Also, jaggery and sesame seed rice are part of the dinner.

How do we celebrate the first Lohri of a newlywed couple?

On the festival of their first Lohri, the newlywed couple is the foremost one to throw sesame seeds, jaggery, Rewari, popcorn, and sugarcane on the bonfire. The couple once again follows 7 pheras around the bonfire. The newlywed couple then takes the blessings of all the elders.

How is the first Lohri celebrated for kids?

Every year, Lohri occurs on the 13th of January and right via the bitter winter day, men, women and children go around assembling dry twigs and branches to make a bonfire. The immense the bonfire the better is Lohri celebration. Come evening and the bonfire is ignited with family and neighbours singing and dancing around it.

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