#MakeHeartsHappy: Here’s The Full List of Valentine’s Week Days 2024

Valentine’s Week days are definitely the most romantic time of the year. And what feels better than celebrating your love? This festival of romance is the perfect chance to celebrate love not just one day but luckily for an entire week! So, mark your calendars to celebrate the most eventful week starting from February 7th.  To make sure you don’t miss the 7 days of Valentines here are the dates for Valentine’s Week 2024:

Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug, kiss day and finally Valentine’s Day. This year’s Valentine’s Day starts on Friday with Rose Day and culminates on 14th February with Valentine’s Day. For your week of romance, we’ve figured out the best way to celebrate these days with a quirky twist for Valentine’s Day 2024. Ditch the boring old ways of celebrating Valentine’s week with these ideas to make your celebrations and surprises romantic and mesmerizing:

Rose Day February 7th:  Traditionally Rose Day was seen as the starting of Valentine’s day week as a form of confrontation of love. Lovers give their special someone’s red roses while yellow roses signify friendship and appreciation. Whether you’re celebrating love or cherishing an old friendship, you could move away from the old boring bouquet of roses. Surprise your special someone a rose bucket with some gorgeous heart-shaped metallic balloons. This gift is definately something that is classic and yet super exciting! 

Propose Day February 8th: Propose Day is the best day to take the next step in your relationship if you aren’t official or even relive how you proposed to your special someone. Our pro tip for girls would be to break the gender prejudices this year and take a step forward to propose your special someone. While many people expect to be surprised on propose day, an element of surprise is a must! So, celebrate propose day 2024 with romantic decorations

Chocolate Day February 9th: Who doesn’t love chocolates? Chocolate Day would definitely be everyone’s favourite out of Valentine’s week. Plus, chocolates and other sweet delicacies make great Valentine’s Day gifts. However, this Valentine’s Day add an element to your classic chocolate gift by sending a Chocolate box with your partner’s initials written with chocolates! There are many other fun and chocolately gifts you can choose from! 

Teddy Day February 10th: While we love cute snuggly teddies, why just stick to teddy bears as gifts? This Valentine’s Day be different by gifting your special someone a cartoon character they love. It can be a cute stuffed kitten or the cartoon they adored in childhood. Anything different will definitely add a twist to this day. However, if your partner is a fan of teddy bears the Teddy Surplosion Box would be the perfect surprise and still make a gift that is exclusive and special. 

Promise Day February 11th: In the long run, this day will probably be the most important day in the course of your Valentine’s Day celebrations. Whether you decide to take your partner out or celebrate at home, there’s one thing that should definitely take place on this day: an exchange of vows and promises. So make sure you pledge to make your partner’s heart happier than ever. You could mark this day making a mold of your hands in your partner’s hand- a promise you could remember and cherish forever! You can also buy our special Promise day box

Promise day gift for your partner

Hug Day February 12th: They say actions speak louder than words and a warm hug is surely something everyone loves. So on hug day, cherish, respect and celebrate the bond you share with not only your partner but anyone who has made your heart happy. Celebrate Hug day in 2024 with a special themed balloon bouquet. 

Kiss Day February 13th: The excitement of Valentine’s Day gets bigger as we are just one day closer to the big day. To have the perfect kiss day celebrations, make sure you surprise your partner with an amazing decor in a great venue with candles, rose petals and dim lights to add an element to your kiss day celebrations. 

Kiss day special gift

Valentine’s Day February 14th: The most romantic week of the year culminates into Valentine’s Day Celebrations. With love is in the air and the charm and excitement of Valentine’s Day don’t forget to make your celebrations grand, thoughtful and memorable.

Valentine's day decorations for your partner

Because moments turn into memories, stories turn into epic love tales and all that matters is the magic of love!

So be prepared to celebrate this love week and make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more special and romantic! 

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