How To Keep Your Kids Happy and Active During This Lock down?

We all are going through a lockdown and people have even started adapting to life. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop kids from playing games, celebrating birthdays, planning activities with their friends. Many kids are spending their playtime in homes this year. Parents don’t want their kids to miss out on their fun time. What if you can plan activities for your kids – even in lockdown? Check out these awesome ideas to engage your kids even during coronavirus lockdown. Here are the ways To keep your kids active and happy at home in this lockdown:

  1. Online Games with Friends

    Kids feel gloomy without their friends, right? In this digital era, staying connected is becoming easier. You can bring their friends on board by organizing online games such as Go Fish, Solitaire, Ludo, Chess, Snakes, and Ladders, and the list just goes on.

  2. Bring Aquarium to Home

    Do you want your kids to both learn and enjoy at the same time? Well, you can do that by bringing aquarium to your home. There are virtual aquariums available from all around the world that your kids will definitely enjoy watching. Aquariums are a fun and enjoyable way for kids to learn about the underwater world.

  3. Facebook Live Dance Party

    There are live kid-friendly dance parties on Facebook that will let your kids rock ‘n roll. There are various kids joining together from everywhere in these live Facebook dance parties. Your kids will enjoy the company of kids from everywhere, for sure! Are you ready to make them join?

  4. Video call to Family Members & Friends

    Video Call is yet another way to stay connected with your loved ones when the situation demands social distancing. It has never been easier to connect and socialize with all family members & friends on a single platform. Kids enjoy interacting and talking with various members of the family. It will also cheer up the day for the adults. A Win-Win!

  5. Engage in Kid-friendly recipes

    cooking can be both learning and soothing experience. What if you can engage your kids in cooking lessons? It’ll be great and your kids will love it! There are many kid-friendly recipes available online that you can go through.

  6. Online Virtual  birthday Party

    Zoom has become quite a popular multi-person chat platform for online learning, meetings, sessions, and whatnot. But have you imagined using it for organizing birthdays? To bring creativity to the very peak, you can organize an Online virtual birthday party with your kids. Hell, yeah! The party is on. Kids can enjoy this birthday with all their friends on board. Online party at home, Birthday party at home in lock down, Virtual party at home

Now celebrate your kid’s birthday during this lockdown with full enthusiasm!

These were the ways to keep the kids happy and active during this lockdown. Now that you have a list of ideas, waste no time, and start planning activities for your kids. If you are you worried about planning the greatest activities of all for your kids – birthdays? Well, try as PartyMash plans virtual birthday parties for kids today. You can celebrate your kid’s birthday with super-fun in a safe and healthy environment. PartyMash helps you personalize your party just the way you want through personalized invitation cards, a dedicated website, and personalized videos of wishes from friends. They also arrange exciting activities via game coordinators, magicians, storytellers, guitarists, and more! Visit CherishX and book your kid’s awesome birthday party now – and that too at a reasonable price! What are you waiting for?

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