How do you make a Balloon Arch?

Balloon arches are the newest and most happening birthday balloon decoration in town. Most of our clients come to us with the requirement of creating balloon arches for their birthday events. And why wouldn’t that be? It looks fantastic and unique. It has set a standard for decorations to leave a mark and is a most-wanted piece of decoration, regardless of the event’s nature.

The best part about choosing balloon arches is their versatility to accommodate a variety of colors and be twisted in any shape or size for birthday room decoration. Starting from preparing them according to the theme of your birthday party, laying the perfect entrance for the guests, or creating a backdrop with a glowing neon birthday decoration. Balloon arches can pull anything.

Now, in the age of DIY, why should a birthday balloon arch be left behind for a perfect birthday room decoration because it looks tricky? That’s what we thought, and this blog came into being. At the end of this blog, you will know exactly what to get to create a balloon garland/arch on your own and place it inside your living room, the house entrance, on the rooftop with neon ring lights, or anywhere that looks appropriate. 

Things you would need to make a birthday balloon arch

Similar to jotting down the ingredients to make a mesmerizing recipe, creating a birthday balloon arch requires knowing and assembling the right equipment and elements. Most of these items are available in the market or from an excellent online DIY decoration kit-providing portal. You just have to know what you need. So here you go:


Chrome Balloons

First and foremost is a balloon. Select the most appropriate variety of balloons depending on the theme for a birthday room decoration. There are many choices in the form of latex, chrome, helium, foil, etc. 

Balloon Pump

Balloon Pump

You can choose or not choose to have it onboard. But it would make things easier, considering balloon garlands require too many balloons, and you wouldn’t want to exhaust your lungs before the party. You can choose between a manual pump or a good balloon pump which does most of the job. 

Garland Tape

Garland Tape

The invention of these mind-blowing items is precisely why making a DIY birthday balloon arch is possible. It is a long plastic tape-like roll with tiny holes with little gaps in between, and it gives the arch the desired shape without the hassle of tying the balloons in a specific shape. 

Fishing Line

Fishing line

A fishing line is a conventional alternative to garland tape. Professionals like us sometimes rely on strings to tie and create balloon garlands for unique birthday decorations. You can use strings to create a straight line of balloons or make an arch, but shopping them would fall upon you and how you mold them. 

Blunt Needle

Blunt Needle

If you wish to make a balloon garland using a needle to tie them, it is best to use a blunt needle. Using regular needles would cause the balloons to burst, and you wouldn’t want that. So blunt needles aren’t sharp and readily available in the market.


Balloon hanging hooks

Hooks must place your arm against a ring frame or wherever you aim to put the arch. Not every arch would be standing on its own. When you are planning to place or wrap the arch against a ring frame, hooks would keep them steady and remain fixed for long hours.

Masking/Painter’s Tape

Masking Tape

If you do not want the walls of your living room to have those tainted, sticky marks, then masking tape would come in handy. If you are trying to keep extra protection and stick some balloons against the wall, then masking tape would work like regular tape, except it wouldn’t come off with layers of wall paint attached to it. 

Steps to make beautiful Balloon arches

Now that we know all the essential items required for forming a birthday balloon arch, it is time to gradually learn the steps of creating one. 

Step 1: Decide the total number of balloons

This is essential to making a balloon arch perfect and robust standing. The size of the balloon arch entirely depends on how many balloons you have decided to add to the garland. You would be able to shape the arch similarly and attach it to the stand or frame as a backdrop. 

Step 2: Choose and adjust the size of your balloons

After deciding how many balloons you need, it’s time to select the different balloon sizes you need to include. The beauty of a balloon arch is enhanced by the different sizes and colors selected for each size. So choose how many 5, 9, 11, and 12 inches balloons you want and pair them accordingly (more on it in further steps).

Step 3: Blow the balloons with the help of an Electric Pump

Now, start doing the actual process— blow out the balloons one by one with the help of a balloon pump or manual pump. For each different-sized balloon, make sure you keep them oval in shape. To keep the sizes standard for different inches of balloons, you can cut out cardboard in circular diameter that matches the balloon’s inches.

Step 4: Tie their knots together 

Once done with blowing all the balloons, it is time to pair them together. For instance, you can pair three 9 inches balloons with one 12-inch balloon and tie their knots together. The idea is to synchronize the color selected and pair them accordingly with a beautiful bouquet bunch that could then be placed on a fishing line. 

Step 5: Start tying them to a fishing line/string

Coming back to the choice between garland tape or fishing line for creating balloon arches, if the fishing line wins, it’s time to start tying the paired balloons on string lines one by one without leaving a lot of gaps in between. Add balloons of whichever size fills up the space for the gaps left behind later. Twist and adjust their position simultaneously. 

Step 6: Use garland tape to insert single balloon knots into the hole

And if garland tape is what you choose to make your arch, the process becomes much more manageable. You do not have to adjust the balloon arch shape; the garland tape automatically does that as you start putting the balloon knots into the provided hole left and right. You can leave one or two holes in between if you feel the balloons get too stuffy. 

Step 7: Add a supporting balloon to help the arch stand

Now, for a garland tape, it wouldn’t be that difficult to make it stand on your entrance. But eventually, it would need the necessary support, so it does not crumble. After you’re done adding finish touches to the arch, filling all the empty spaces with balloons, and adjusting the position, you can tape them firmly with the stand or frame, turning it into a beautiful backdrop.

Step 8: Embellishing with other decoration items

Your balloon arch doesn’t have to include only balloons. A birthday balloon arch is supposed to have colorful balloons, but you can embellish it according to your party’s theme. For instance, if you’re planning a unicorn-themed birthday party, your balloon arch could also have a foil unicorn balloon wrapped on the frame and fairy lights, and Tule wrapped would complete the entire birthday balloon arch look. 

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Ways to decorate balloon arches for Birthday decoration

We hope the steps above have given you a fair idea to start creating a DIY balloon arch. However, let’s also look at some fantastic balloon arch decoration ideas to try your hands at the next party.

Multi Coloured Half Spiral Balloon arch on the ring stand

Multi Colored Balloon arch

Ring stand birthday balloon arch is getting young and trendy. The ring stand enhances the backdrop and adds multi-colored balloons on half of the frame. It makes perfect for a toddler’s birthday when they would cut the cake. Several vibrant balloon colors just sum up the decoration’s essence. Add fairy lights to the cake. 

Pearly Balloon arch for decorating the entrance

Pearly Peach Balloon arch

Looking for a subtle balloon birthday decoration? Then pearly color is just what makes the party top-notch. By pearly, we mean adding all colors that work best around peach shades, such as white, baby pink, light silver, and grey. Use pastel shades and chrome balloons to pair together and create a half spiral or semi-circle. Use baby pink shade tule to wrap around the spiral structure and put a neon happy birthday sign in the center. 

Unicorn Balloon arch for Kid’s theme birthday

Unicorn theme birthday decoration is quite popular when it comes to celebrating the birthday of a kid. If you are celebrating your teenage daughter’s birthday, a unicorn-themed balloon decoration with a sequin panel is what would set the mood. 

Balloon arches are a hit among balloon birthday decorations, and there is more than one way to create them. All you need are the right items to get the decoration started. At CherishX, we give our customers the right choices for balloon arch birthday decoration, leaving room for customization open. 

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