How do you stick balloons to the ceiling?

Balloon Decoration for Birthday takes up a lot of effort, but it’s an amusing thing to do. With balloons flying around the room, you have your moment and the need to make the room light up for your guest of honor or someone special. Birthdays bring many emotions, especially if it is someone close to you. Still, the art of decorating the room with balloons is a matter of creativity. Wherever our professional decorators go, we receive one single query— how to stick balloons on the ceiling?

Now it might come as a frivolous query to some people thinking that it is quite an easy job to get the balloon to remain fixed in one place for the entire birthday event. Unfortunately, there might be incidences where balloons might come down flying during the cake cutting.

Amidst all the ideas for decorating the room for the birthday, we thought of coming out with a different way to keep the balloons on the ceiling for a long duration. And yes, there are more ways of doing it without rubbing them against your hair. 

Ways for hanging balloons on the Ceiling for a Birthday

Balloons hanging from the ceiling are a sight for sore eyes. They pop up and enhance the entire birthday decoration and fill up the roof’s space that otherwise looks bland and unpleasant. That’s why it is preferable to cover the area with colorful balloons. But the challenge is to make them stay in place. So read up on these excellent and reliable techniques of sticking balloons on the ceiling for birthdays. 

Using the double-sided tape method

double side tape on balloon to stick

The easiest and least sticky approach to fixing your balloon on the ceiling, a double table, comes in handy. They are available in the majority of the household as we tend to decorate our homes for different festivals. So cut a small piece of double-sided table and remove the cover from one side of it to make it stick on the balloon. Before adhering the balloon to the ceiling, remove another side of the tape’s cover, and place it vertically to the ceiling holding the bottom. 

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Ribbon Strings attached to double-sided tape

ribbon strings on balloon with double sided tape

Balloon birthday decoration gets better when ribbon strings are attached. This brings us to the next technique of ceiling decoration with balloons—Sticking ribbon strings with double-sided tape and fixing them with the ceiling. You can stick one end of the ribbons with double tape to the ceiling and let the balloons hang downward. Or you could use the double-tape to attach the balloons to the roof and let the ribbons hang downwards.  

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Using the fishing Line on the Ceiling

fishing line balloon garland on ceiling

Fishing or string lines come in immensely handy if you intend to tie the balloons as garland high on the ceiling. They are readily available in the market and make perfect balloon garlands. Garlands will be your best bet if you are not looking for any fancy balloon decoration for birthday. They are pretty easy to hang on the wall as long chains of balloons and act as excellent ceiling decoration ideas. Tie the balloon knot on the fishing line and place the string on the ceiling, attaching the end through nails on the wall. 

Using Painter’s Tape

painters tape to stick wall on wall

Keeping the balloon decoration for the birthday aside, many of us don’t want to have those sticky stains on the walls or get the paint coating torn from the wall. Hence, the best choice would be painter’s tape. It is used by painters to protect the areas like door hinges from being covered in paint. So these can also be used to stick balloons through the ceiling and remove them easily without leaving any stains. 

Using Helium Balloons

helium Balloons

While you looked through the best techniques for ceiling decoration ideas with balloons, the simplest method would be using helium balloons. Now helium gas makes it easier for the balloons to float in the air and close to the ceiling. You would not need any tape to keep them fixed to the ceiling, and the balloons would find their position and remain in place for the entire party duration. 

Either you can try these techniques and decorate the ceiling with balloons for your birthday, or you trust professional decorators and be relaxed. Meanwhile, look at some of our curated ideas (ideas blog link) for ceiling decorations with balloons for birthdays.

Ideas for decorating balloons on the ceiling for the Birthday

Let’s look into some of these fantastic ways to arrange your balloons and decorate the ceiling for the next birthday event. 

Linking Balloon Chain

Linking balloon chain

Linking Chain Balloons are a fantastic form of balloon decoration giving an extraordinary style to your room. For this type of idea, there are different kinds of balloons available (safe to call them twisters), and they bend them to form an oval structure. Next, blow another twisting balloon and tie it from inside of the last balloon. Continue doing it until it looks like a series of chains. It would be best to hang them as garlands and tule on the ceiling. You can choose to blow some regular latex balloons and create loops wrapped around the chain. 

Looping Balloons

Looping Balloons

Looping balloons are another balloon room decoration for the birthday idea (room decoration blog link), which seems suitable for the ceiling. Start with blowing balloons with a tip-like structure at the end to help them tie with another balloon and create a chain. As you blow the balloons, cut the extra tip with scissors and keep as much as is sufficient to connect it with another balloon quickly. 

You can choose to add multiple colored balloons to keep the chain colorful and vibrant. Tie the garland with paper flowers and frills around the cake table and a Happy birthday sign made of foil balloons. 

High Ceiling Balloon Decoration

High ceiling balloon decoration

If you have a home or venue with a high ceiling, then your best bet would be helium balloons or a fishing line to tie the balloon knots and create a garland. This balloon decoration for a birthday is meant to develop a pattern of design that goes well with a high ceiling surface. Places like big living rooms or banquet halls have appropriate settings to accommodate such designs, and strings of ribbon dropping down from the balloons would make the entire decor impeccable. 

These balloon decorations for birthday ideas set apart how you want to plan the next birthday event at your home or any other venue. Now that you understand the best technique to stick balloons to the ceiling, you only need the right design. But with experts at CherishX, your birthday and other party decoration aren’t hustle with party items, and it’s easy, professional, and one of a kind. 

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