12 Most Popular Birthday Party Themes For Kids In 2020

As parents, you just want to give your kid the best birthday party ever. A memorable bash that they can cherish forever.

But don’t expect an out of the world party if you are using the same old balloons and worn-out decorations from your childhood—as they won’t work anymore. 

This is because, kids these days have their own favorite choices, thanks to TV and the internet. They want to celebrate their birthdays with their favorite characters from movies, cartoons or games. 

So to help you out in throwing a super awesome birthday party for your kid, here are 12 most popular Birthday party themes of 2019 that are guaranteed to put the biggest smile on your kid’s face. 

1. Peppa Pig Party

One of the most popular and loved cartoons. Kids all around the world love Peppa and her adorable family. Throwing a Peppa pig themed birthday party with plenty of orange, pink, yellow-colored glossy balloons, colorful cutouts, and frills will make their birthday awesome. 

2. Harry Potter party for the Potterheads

Who doesn’t love the wizardly adventures of Harry potter? It’s one theme that never goes out of style. A Hogwarts themed birthday party with some cool harry potter themed decor is a fun and interesting way to throw an awesome party. Just imagine the delight on your kid’s face when they see the awesome decorations. Have everyone dress up as harry potter characters and arrange some cool games like scavenger hunts or Hogwarts quiz.

3. Crazy Minion Party

The naughty, small, yellow, banana-eating, gibberish speaking cute minions can turn any boring party into a fun extravaganza. And kids absolutely love them. What more do you need? 

4. Jungle theme party 

You know pretty well how curious and excited kids get around animals. Turn that curiosity into a fun-filled birthday party by throwing a jungle-themed party. Decor done with animal cutouts, colorful balloons, paper hangings, and personalized banners will make party super cool. A jungle theme party will also encourage your kids to be more caring and empathetic towards animals. 

5. Unique Unicorn Party

When it comes to party themes, Unicorns are always seen at the top. Kids adore these super magical, dreamy beings. And not only kids, but adults also love unicorns(they are pretty amazing, you know). Throw a unicorn themed party and make your kids’ fairytale dream come true!

6. Delightful bash with dinosaurs

No matter what era it is, you will always find a kid playing with a dinosaur.  Give your kids an adventurous party with a dinosaur-themed birthday party. Recreate the fantabulous world of the Jurassic Park with balloons, dinosaur-shaped foil balloons and more. 

7. Hot air balloon theme party 

Looking for a totally unique theme? Then go for the “Hot air balloon” party. It’s cool and guarantees an awesome and memorable birthday for your kids. Kids who are fond of  Disney’s “Up” will love the floaty surprise.

8. A Superhero celebration

Every kid dreams of becoming a superhero one day. To fly high in the sky, fight enemies with their unique superpowers. Fulfill their dreams by giving them a marvelous Superhero themed birthday party. Choose their favorite superhero or have multiple superheroes.

9. A Football theme birthday party 

Bring the football fever to your child’s birthday by throwing a sporty football-themed party. It is not only a unique theme for a party but also lets you have endless fun. Arrange some cool football games for your kids and their friends to go with the theme. 

10. Frozen Themed birthday

Help save the kingdom and surprise your kids with a “Frozen” themed birthday party. Make them rule their big day like the snow queen Elsa. Just imagine the happiness on your kid’s face when they wake up in the morning and find their home turned into the ice kingdom. 

11. Cricket themed party for the champions

Is your kid a big cricket fan? Do they dream of playing for the country one day? Throw a champion style bash for your champion with an awesome cricket-themed birthday party. Cricket is a big festival that everyone enjoys, and a cricket theme party is an awesome way to bring people from all age groups together for an unforgettable celebration.

12. Magical Mermaid Party

Kids, especially little girls are obsessed with mermaids. Make their fairytale dreams come true with a mermaid themed party and give them an enchanting birthday surprise. Create the magic of the fantasy world of the underwater with amazing sea-themed balloons, tassels, and pom poms!

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