5 Signs You and Your Partner Need To Go Out For a Dinner

Relationships are complicated. You start off like two cute lovers, happily dancing in a field of sunflowers, under the bright blue sky. Everything around you seems so lively and exciting. The noisy surroundings sound like a symphony to you. The food you eat together becomes extra delicious when you look into each other’s eyes. Holding your partner’s hand feels like the best thing in the world. To sum up, your life is almost like a cheesy rom-com. 

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But as months and years pass, you either get married or just continue your relationship the way it is-without any labels and things start to feel not-so-romantic anymore.

It’s because of the lack of a cozy candlelight dinner. A simple dinner with the love of your life can do wonders. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect and sort everything out. Plus you get to eat delicious food. 

So, not to sound like that relationship expert you see in the movies who alarms couples by giving them a weird diagnosis, here are 5 signs that indicate you and your partner need to go out and have a romantic dinner. 

1. When you two are in the same room and still ignore each other like you are strangers. 


2. When the homecooked food starts tasting boring and your partner constantly complains about it.

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3. When you’d rather text instead of having a face to face conversation.

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4. “I’d eat in my room” and “I will have my dinner later” become the ‘go-to’ escape phrases. 

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5. When you no longer share secrets with each other.

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So if you think your relationship has run out of excitement and needs something to rekindle that missing spark, then go out and have a nice dinner with your partner. You have no idea what a simple dinner can do to your relationship. 

Surprise them, take their breath away with a mesmerizing romantic candlelight dinner. Plan a poolside dinner under the night sky or go for a private dinner. Maybe go for the exotic Cabana candlelight dinner or excite them with a unique dinner in the woods or on top of an airplane wing!


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