How to propose to a girl if you are a shy guy

You are a shy guy. You have always been that guy who prefers to stay in the corner instead of being the center of attraction. Human interaction may not be your strongest merit but somehow you managed to become friends with a girl. 

No matter how awkward and weird it must have been for you. Your continuous efforts finally paid off and the girl also likes your company and often shows you signs that she wants to be more than “just friends.”

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Now, the real question is how can you move this relationship a step forward? How to propose to her and tell her how you feel about her? 

But before we move further, let’s consider some things: 

  • Just know that if you have made it this far, managed to get her attention. Then you can take the next step too because you have it in you. 
  •  When you make a decision that you want to spend the rest of your life with that person and no one else could give you the same happiness, the courage automatically comes. 
  • Lastly, you can get over your shyness through personal exercises or someone’s help but remember one thing, you don’t have to change yourself for anyone. Your shy and reserved nature is your unique personality trait aka your USP.  And you know what ? some girls like shy guys and probably this is the reason why that girl chose you over everyone. 

How To Propose A Girl?

  1. Start with the written word. Get a beautiful greeting card or write a touching letter. You can say a lot with words if you use them creatively. Combine the card with a flower bouquet or some chocolates. So, if you’re looking for an answer for “how to propose an introvert girl,” then do it this way. 

2. Girls love candlelight dinners. Plan something special and thoughtful. Surprise her. Get the table decorated with rose petals and candles to create the perfect ambiance. Then get on your knees and propose her in style. So, if you’re looking for an answer for “how to propose a shy girl,” then book a special candlelight private dinner for her.

       3. If you wanna do something big, then choose a venue and have it decorated with a romantic proposal themed decor. This will show her that despite your shyness you actually went to such lengths to make her feel special.  

     4. Another interesting and fun way to propose is choosing a cool outdoor activity that she likes or could enjoy. Like horse riding, golf, polo, cooking and escape room game and then use the opportunity to pop the question. Also, It is said that when p eople are happy and enjoying themselves, they make the best decision. 

       5. Finally, if the above-listed ideas are too much for your shy heart then go old school and have a face to face conversation with her. Be honest and tell her how you feel about her and state your intentions clearly. But don’t forget to get a nice and personalized gift for her.


You don’t need to be a bad boy or Shah rukh khan who just uses a nice dialogue and the girl comes jumping in his arms. You could be a nerdy, shy and introverted guy, and can still get the girl of your dreams. 

Just use your hidden powers, be creative, express your emotions, and make an unforgettable proposal! 

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