Corona baby & Celebrations: How to bring the two together?

Becoming a parent is one of the most special moments that one experiences in his or her life. It’s an occasion usually filled with happiness, family, and loads of celebrations like the baby shower and the baby’s welcome. The anxiety that parents feel is somewhat concealed or lightened when the family is around and the mind is occupied in the fun that any celebration accompanies. However, COVID-19 has made it difficult for new parents than it already is. The danger of this virus has got everyone quarantined in their houses, especially those who are more vulnerable to it like the elderly, expecting mothers and newborn babies. As a result of such danger and fear, parents are welcoming corona babies or babies taking birth during the coronavirus pandemic, without any celebrations.

Instead of prepping, enjoying, and decorating the house for the new family member, parents to be are busy sanitizing every nook and inch in their house to keep it as sanitized and clean as possible. Every package that is delivered to them, first goes through a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing routine and then is abandoned for 24 hours before being opened. Amidst so many precautions, how does one even think about a party or gathering to celebrate what’s to come?

This is the question that saddens every expecting couple when it pops into their head but does this mean that they should let it upset them? The answer is NO! celebration doesn’t account for people to be in person with you but it is about them sharing your happiness and that can happen from anywhere and anytime, even during a pandemic. Wondering how? Well, the answer is a virtual baby shower and quarantine baby welcome decorations. After all, it’s all about sharing happiness and joy.

Now that we have come to the conclusion of hosting a virtual baby shower and baby welcome party, the problem is how to actually execute this plan keeping the social distancing situation in mind? It’s actually very simple. A google meet party or a zoom call party. Thanks to technology, people have come closer despite the physical distance. Send an e-invite for baby shower to your friends and family inviting them to your festivities on a web call and have your family close to you. Party with them, do the games, cake-cutting and gender reveal/whatever your rituals are on a call. They can have their presents delivered to your doorstep as well.virtual baby shower

Of course, it can’t be the baby shower you pictured but you certainly won’t be alone in it. Also, to make it more special, one can always opt for decorations and dressing up. I mean, who cannot get elated by some confetti and balloons? Moreover, decorations and preparations would be the highlight since it can’t be a typical gathering. The décor is mostly going to be the father’s or husband’s job since a baby shower is a surprise to the mom to be and the décor work is definitely gonna intimidate the dads. But, don’t sweat it, CherishX has got your back. This platform allows you to chose a decoration theme as per the event with decorators coming over to do that job while you sit back and relax. If you’re worried about the whole sanitary issue, then CherishX keeps in check all the Coronavirus precautions as your safety and health is the topmost priority. However, if you don’t want to take the slightest bit of chance, then DIY baby shower decoration kits are there at your rescue. You can order them from amazon or the CherishX website.

Coronavirus has definitely changed the lives of people. The dynamics of existing have transformed but this doesn’t equate to no celebrations or party. Change is inevitable and one has to accept it to be happy. The pandemic might have changed a lot; however, happiness and joy still remain everyone’s right. Don’t let it dampen your spirits. After all, you are about the experience the biggest joy of life, parenthood.

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