Lohri Celebration Guide 2024: History, Tradition, Awesome Decoration Ideas

The celebration of Lohri is full of joy and happiness. People gather around the bonfire to celebrate the period of the shortest day and longest night of the year. Not only that, the festival is said to be linked to Punjab thereby appreciating the good harvest and showing gratitude for the crops. So, let’s uncover the lohri festival significance in this blog below. 

This North Indian Festival has so many meanings and gives out various reasons to celebrate, which leaves most of the people confused. A lot of people do not understand the actual meaning of Lohri and why it is celebrated. 

Going forward with those questions, here is a simple guide on Lohri Decoration & Celebration for 2024 that will answer all the questions-

Significance of Lohri Festival Celebration in 2024 

significance of lohri

No doubt, there is a lot of significance of the Lohri festival and there are many reasons to celebrate the festival of Lohri. You’ll know the significance of Lohri better by reading the answers to these common questions-

Why do we Celebrate the Lohri Festival?

Lohri is a traditional folk festival of the North Indians. The celebration consists of dancing around the bonfire, eating the winter scrumptious food, Lohri theme decorations and feeding the fire different food items such as til, gajak and more. There are a few major Lohri Celebration reasons that you should know about- 

party decoration ideas by CherishX

Winter Solstice

winter solistice

One of the reasons for the Lohri Festival is to commemorate the passing of the winter solstice. People celebrate the coming of longer days and shorter nights. The day is celebrated before the day of the Makar Sankranti. 

Festival of Harvest 

festival of harvest

Lohri is also said to be the festival of harvest. People feed food to the fire to appreciate the good harvest of the winter season. It is the harvesting time of rabi crops so people feed the fire with popcorn, peanuts, gajak, and more. 

Dulla Bhatti

dulla bhatti

Lohri also relates to the tale of “Dulla Bhatti” who was a local hero of the Punjab Region. He worked as a saviour of the people which is why this festival is also celebrated to appreciate his good deeds. 

What is the tradition of Lohri?

The tradition and custom of celebrating Lohri are a lot more unique than other festivals. Here are the customs and traditions that are followed-



People light bonfires in the evening when there is a sunset. Everyone gathers around that fire to sing the praises for the good harvest and the folk songs of Dulla Bhatti. “Aadar aye dilather Jaye” (May honour come and poverty vanish!) is also chanted around the fire to pray for the people in poverty. People also dance together around the bonfire on the beats of the dhol. 

Having a bonfire in the open space brings everyone together and lets them have a happy time. The tradition of feeding different food items in the bonfire is followed by everyone.  

lohri festival food

Lohri festival food

In the celebration of Lohri, it’s the tradition to have some food items such as popcorn, maize seeds, jaggery, Rewari, gajak, peanuts and sesame seeds. The dinner is also an attraction for everyone as the menu is usually of sarso-ka-saag (cooked mustard herbs) and makki-ki-roti (multi-millet hand-rolled bread). No doubt, the festival is packed with scrumptious food for you to have and enjoy!

Flying Kites


The tradition of flying kites is a fun activity for everyone. Kites are the lohri festival significance. The markets get full of colourful kites as people tend to buy many and fly them at their terrace. You can see the sky full of beautiful kites so the excitement is much more of the Lohri celebration! Get Kites delivered at your home

Exchange Lohri Gifts

Lohri gifts

People also exchange Lohri gifts with each other to celebrate the festival. Wishing each other Happy Lohri with gifts is a great way to spread cheer among your people. Checkout these amazing Lohri Gift Ideas from CherishX

Lohri Celebration

lohri celebrations

The celebration of Lohri is full of joy and happiness. People dance, play and have fun together around the bonfire. The Lohri decorations also play a great role in the celebration. So, everything put together gives you a perfect Lohri celebration. 

The joy of celebrating with your friends and family is incomparable. It adds more fun to your festivities. Lohri is celebrated differently in different households; for the family who have had a newborn baby, a marriage and more.

Lohri Celebration Activities

lohri dancing

Lohri celebration activities include lighting up the bonfire, flying kites, exchanging gifts, dancing on dhol and singing wonderful folk songs. People sing Lohri Boliyan together and make this Lohri festival fun and memorable. This is what it’s all included in the Lohri Celebration. 

Punjabi Lohri Decoration Ideas

Punjabi Lohri Decoration Ideas with lights and hanging tassels

Celebrating at home is no different than the usual celebration of Lohri. But the frequent question of how to celebrate Lohri at home is always there. People usually buy new clothes and decorate their homes to celebrate the festival. The process of lighting up the fire and celebrating around it is the right tradition to follow. 

You can also let your children get involved in activities like cleaning around the house, helping you pack the prasad, decorating with flowers and more. You can check out our website for the punjabi lohri decoration ideas. We also have come best first lohri decoration ideas. 

Celebration for the Newlyweds

newlyweds celebrating their first Lohri together

The celebration of Lohri is always special for the newlyweds. Everyone in the family wears new and fancy clothes to celebrate their wedding. The bride wears new bangles and gets henna on her hands for the celebration. As it is the first Lohri, after marriage, it is extra special. 

The bride is also gifted many things such as clothes, jewellery and more. The celebration is done by making the husband and wife sit together in the center and everyone presents them with gifts and cash

Lohri Celebration Ideas for the Newborn

Lohri Celebration Ideas for the Newborn

The 1st Lohri of the newborn child is always special. The family celebrates the festival with extreme zeal and zest. The festival is celebrated with family, friends and relatives together. The mother sits among the guests with the baby in her lap to perform traditional activities. The family member gifts the baby and the mother different items such as clothes, cash, food items, sweets and more. The family is filled with joy as the baby has entered their life. So, everything becomes more and more exciting! Don’t forget to add first lohri decoration at your home to make the environment positive and vibrant. 

People often have a question of how to celebrate a baby’s first Lohri. Well, the answer is not so complicated! The festival is celebrated usually the same way with bonfire, dancing and winter food. The only difference you will find is that the festival is celebrated with extreme joy by the families that have a newborn baby or a bride. The women tend to wear clothes with heavy embroidery and they often wear new clothes. 

Lohri Celebration at Office Ideas

lohri celebration for office

In offices, Lohri is usually celebrated with decorations and planning fun activities to do with colleagues. Knowing the culture and significance of celebrating Lohri is important for everyone so including a Lohri party in your office culture will enhance the bonding as well as the fun!

You can plan different games and activities such as popcorn relay races, eating nuts without using your hands, and more.

Lohri Celebration in Schools

lohri celebration at school

Indulging children into a celebration so that they know what Lohri celebration is all about is a perfect way to educate them. Children should know about the Indian Festivals and teaching them through celebrating it will surely be fun! 

Celebrations in schools are usually done by lighting up the fire, small functions are arranged, children come dressed up in ethnic attires, dance performances are held, and more. Every school celebrates the festival in their way. So, you can either plan to have functions or light up bonfires to celebrate it traditionally! 

Lohri Decoration Ideas 

Lohri Decoration Ideas with lanterns and some fun Lohri themed cutouts

Decorations are the highlight of every festival. No doubt, everyone starts to prepare to celebrate the festival way earlier. Lohri brings joy and happiness to every home so it does become special to decorate your home. You can find many different decorations that people have for their Lohri Party-

Garden Lohri Decorations

Garden Lohri Decorations with kites and lanterns

As Lohri is celebrated in open areas, many people would choose to go for this Garden Lohri Decoration. You can enjoy the festive vibes, the beats of the dhol, the bonfire and more. This kite and Lantern decoration can be used for any open space. You can enjoy your celebration or Lohri party with this amazing Garden Lohri Decoration ideas! 

Lohri Decoration with Lanterns

lohri decoration with colorful lanterns

Many people like to light up the place where the bonfire is going to be. So, having a lantern decoration for Lohri is sure going to make the place look exquisite. The lanterns will light up the place making the area look festive. Your guests will also feel excited to be a part of the whole celebration. 

The vibrancy of this colorful decor won’t fail to add an element to your Lohri celebrations. This Lohri Decoration, done with elegant kites and beautiful paper lanterns, is sure going to make your celebrations wonderful. The venue is adorned with fairy lights to add to the glimmer of Lohri celebrations and set up for the perfect winter evening. So, if you require simple Lohri decoration ideas, then you’re at the right place. 

Lohri is a festival full of joy and contentment. It becomes extra special when you know the significance and meaning behind the celebration of Lohri. This bundle of information is sure to make your festival a lot more fun and exciting. Whether you have a newborn child in your family or a bride, the celebration becomes extra special. So, follow the guide and know everything that you need to know! 

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