Janmashtami Decoration Guide 2022: How to Decorate your Home?

Lord Krishna is perhaps the most adored avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna was known for his naughtiness as a child. He became quite fluent with his Bansuri at a young age and his Peacock feather became his distinctive identity. As you welcome Natkhat Krishna this Janmashtami, you might find this small how to decorate your home for Janmashtami decoration guide helpful.

Decorate a Dahi Handi

Take a mud pot and make a beautiful floral painting on it. Now make some garlands of yellow and orange marigold flowers and place them together like the one in the picture below.

You can also try this white jasmine floral handi decoration if this pleases you more.

Make a Couple of Decorative Bansuris

Lord Krishna was known for his mastery of Bansuri. So, any Janmashtami decoration is incomplete without some Bansuris. To make some of these easily, get some paper rolls and wrap them with decorative tapes and add a paper cut-out of a peacock feather. Easy, right? If you’re looking for something more beautiful idea for Bansuris, you might want to try with a real Bansuri as follows.

Make a Rangoli

Traditionally, rangolis accompany any and all our festivals. For Janmashtami, you might want to try your hands with a special rangoli like the one above. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can go ahead with a simple colorful rangoli for Janmashtami this year. The following YouTube tutorial will help you make a beautiful colorful rangoli for Janmashtami.

Floral Temple Decorations

Temple decorations are incomplete without flowers. Make some garlands of yellow and orange marigold flowers and wrap them around the temple. Or, better yet, get a gorgeous selfie-perfect Mandala backdrop that sets fire to your Instagram.

You might want to check out our new launches for Janmashtami Special Decorations. Check some of these below.

Elegant Blush Pink Floral Janmashtami Décor

Janmashtami is a grand festival for Indians and for many of us, Lord Krishna is an adorable god. Welcome Lord Krishna this year with this beautiful Blush Pink Floral Janmashtami Décor.

Blue Theme Janmashtami Décor

Peacock has a special place as a bird in the Hindu religion and for followers of Lord Krishna. This is why we bring to you this gorgeous Peacock Blue Theme Janmashtami Décor. The décor is made of peacock blue luxury latex blue and purple balloons, fairy lights, and Peacock feathers.

Stylish Lantern Janmashtami Puja Decoration

Indian festivals are incomplete without colors. This Lantern & Floral Janmashtami Puja Décor has all the bright colors to lighten up the festivities at your home.

Mandala Floral backdrop Janmashtami Décor

Mandala is a popular folk art in India. People traditionally practiced mandalas to decorate temples. This beautiful Janmashtami décor includes a 7×5 ft Mandala backdrop, artificial yellow and orange garlands to decorate the flex, a Rajasthani umbrella, some pots, and pixel lights. They all together bring a selfie-perfect Mandala Floral Backdrop Janmashtami Décor.

Janmashtami Special Floral Décor

Celebrate the divine birth of Krishna beautifully with our exclusive Janmashtami Floral Decoration. The festival brings joy and happiness to the birth of the deity and gets all the bhakts together to celebrate the beautiful day. This is why we have brought this gorgeous décor that you can have around the statue of Lord Krishna.

Marigold Theme Fabric Décor

If you’re planning to have a small gathering for Janmashtami Puja this year, this Marigold Theme Fabric Décor is the perfect theme for you. This décor is fit for a medium-sized house temple setup. It is decorated with artificial yellow and orange marigold, and white designer fabric.


As you welcome Natkhat Krishna this Janmashtami, do also make sure to welcome his teachings in your heart. Remember that everything, good or bad, happens for a cause, and in the end, everything is going to be alright. Have faith in Lord Krishna!


How can we decorate Lord Krishna at home?

Start with decorating a Dahi Handi and some beautiful Bansuris. Decorate your Krishna temple with some yellow and orange marigold flowers, and make a centerpiece rangoli to add to the decoration.

What are the things required for Janmashtami puja?

First of all, you’ll need an idol of baby Krishna for Janmashtami puja. Marigold flowers, tulsi leaves, Chandan, and dhoop agarbatti are also some common puja samagri for Janmashtami.

What are the rituals for Janmashtami?

On the occasion of Janmashtami, we welcome Natkhat Kanhaiyya in his baby avatar. We make a small swing with an idol of baby Krishna within it and swing it. After that, we wash the idol with milk and honey and dress it in fresh garments. Many Hindus also observe a fast on Janmashtami.

Which color is best for Janmashtami?

Yellow is a color of happiness and joy and is perfectly suits the occasion of Lord Krishna’s birthday.

What prasad is offered to Lord Krishna?

Followers of Lord Krishna offer the lord his favorite Makhan Mishri. It is one of the most common prasad Hindus offer to Lord Krishna. Other than that, many also offer Dhaniya Panjiri, Kheer, and Laddoo as prasad to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami.

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