Turn your Room into an Exotic Party Place with these Premium Neon Decors, Ring Decors, and Sequin Decors

Celebrate the special moments of your life with elegant and stunning decor that will add more glow to your party! Complete your decor with our Premium Decorations, they are made of Ring stands, premium balloons, Sequins, Neon decors, and LED lights that give them their premium and unique look.

Pastel Purple & White Mesh Décor

This beautiful Pastel Purple and White Mesh Décor use a net mesh around a huge ring decorated with pastel and white balloons and neon signage in the middle. In addition to all that, the net mesh is decorated with fairy lights. All of it, together, sets the mood right for a party.

Shimmer Silver Sequin Unicorn Décor

Surprise your little one with this gorgeous Shimmer Silver Sequin Unicorn Décor and watch him/ her get lost in their own world of unicorns and princesses.

Premium Purple & Silver Birthday Décor

This Premium Purple & Silver Birthday Décor is perfect for balloon lovers. It is a stand made of colorful balloons and has a warm “Happy Birthday” neon signage in the middle to make your celebrations extra special.

Baby Elephant Pastel Theme Oh Baby Décor

Expecting a baby soon? You have every right to feel cute. Get this adorable Baby Elephant Pastel Theme Oh Baby Décor right away.

Romantic Boho Love Canopy Décor

Whether it’s valentine’s, your better half’s birthday, or just a date night, set the mood right with this Romantic Boho Love Canopy Décor. The canopy is decorated with artificial flowers and white and orange balloons. The fairy light on top of the letterboxes makes it unbelievably beautiful.

Premium White Theme Wall Décor

This Premium White Anniversary Décor uses artificial flowers, green leaves, and some white lanterns. The neon sign in the middle brings the wall décor to life with its bright light. Once it’s ready, it’s time to place this decor against one of the walls of your room with some free-floating balloons for an added touch.

Romantic Birthday Decoration

This premium Romantic Birthday Decoration uses an unusual ring of hexagon shape (instead of a round ring). Half of the ring is covered in bold red, golden, and silver balloons, and the ring has red frill curtains in the background with a “Happy Birthday” neon signage in the middle. In addition to the gorgeous stand, this decor also comes with “LOVE” foil balloons and rose petals, and 22 tea light candles forming a path and a heart.

Golden Boho Theme Ring Décor

This trending Golden Boho Theme Ring Décor is perfect for your next grand occasion. Curated by keeping in mind the trend of Premium Ring and Neon Decors, our designers have also added the touch of a boho theme to make your celebrations extra special!

Elegant White Theme Neon Decors

This unique-looking Elegant White Theme Neon Light Decor décor uses a hexagon stand draped in white fabric and a dark blue curtain as the background. The white drapes and the hexagon stand are what give the décor its unique look. It also ditches conventional balloons for a premium look.

Shimmer Silver Sequin Barbie Décor

Get your little girl a Barbie Décor that sparkles and shimmers just the way she would like. Curated with glittery décor items, this beautiful décor will make your baby girl’s birthday all the more special.

Before you go

These decorations are very vibrant in appearance and come in various shades as well. Some of the designs have a mix of more than one kind of material. Try at least one of our Premium Decorations out and see how much it enhances your parties.


How do you plan a small anniversary at home?

Get one of these beautiful Ring Decors for your home or banquet hall. Once the setup is done, it’s time to blast some music and arrange for a buffet with your friends and family.

How can I decorate my birthday at home?

You can use colorful balloons, a ring stand, frill curtains, foil balloons, as well as some fairy lights to decorate your home for your birthday.

How can I decorate my anniversary at home?

Place one of these gorgeous Ring Decors against one of the walls in your room, hall, or terrace. Throw some free-floating balloons on the floor and add a Neon Sign reading “Happy Anniversary” to the ring décor.

How can I decorate my birthday without balloons?

Get a hexagon stand and put a white fabric around it. Place the stand against a navy blue curtain and hang some LED lights from the hexagon stand. Voila! Your birthday backdrop is ready for a big birthday bash.

What are the decorative items for a birthday?

We use Balloons, a “Happy Birthday” Neon Sign, a Ring or Hexagon stand, some fairy lights, frill curtains, and light digit stands in our premium decorations to make your birthday a memorable one.

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