Do You Like Sleeping in Your Boyfriend’s Shirt? Here’s Why..

There is always some madness in love, but there is also some reason in that madness.

Girls, can’t stop stealing their boyfriend’s shirts from their wardrobe. For some people it’s craziness, for some it’s love, for some it’s magic, for some it’s fashion.

Girls always love to be in their boyfriend’s shirt but have you ever wondered why? What drives her crazy when she is in her boyfriend’s shirt?

Let’s see some interesting reasons which will surely give you a complete sense on why they steal their boyfriend’s shirt from his closet.

  • Sleeping in his shirt gives great comfort and nothing can beat the feeling.
  • Scent of love
    Yes, it smells like him and wearing his clothes makes you feel smaller and you feel more feminine. And the fragrance of his aftershave which comes from his shirt is just enough to take you away from your senses.

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  • Most sexy garment for girls
    Girls look very sexy in their boyfriend’s shirt and get a warm cozy comfort.
  • Can’t find better shirts anywhere else
    Girls have a soft corner for oversized droopy boyfriend shirts and when we think of buying it none of the oversized shirts at the women’s section can beat the shirts which belong to our boyfriend.
  • Gives the feeling of protected and wanted
    No matter what your age is, you’re always a small kid for your boyfriend and you feel like you are being protected and wanted by someone special when you wear his shirt.
  • For Fashion
    It is great in terms of fashion, and literally, you can wear it with anything- mini skirts, denim shorts, jeans and it never goes wrong.

Girls now what are you waiting for, wear it and show your sexiest side to your boyfriend to drive him crazy. There is nothing better than being crazy for your partner and doing crazy things for him. Get a crazy idea for him at CherishXand we will help you to execute it.

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