It’s funny that we even have to discuss this. Are we seriously still wondering if it’s okay to give roses to a guy?

It is 2019. I on behalf of all women would like to know WHAT is it about roses that is so feminine to the world. And on behalf of all men, what did they do to not deserve them ever and at all?

Let’s lay it down plain and simple- a ROSE is just a ROSE. It is NOT a symbol of femininity, it does not make you any less of a man, and YES, men can like roses too, and rightly so, because roses are gorgeous and delightful and fragrant.

Just like men and women both. Men can also be gorgeous or beautiful(handsome) and nice and clean and fragrant (hehe).

Maybe a guy is having a bad day at work. Maybe he’s stressed out too. Maybe it would make his day if he received a bunch of white or red roses! Maybe he could even put them up at his workstation.
Anyway, since CherishX is out there breaking barriers, we thought we’d address some that stand around the issue of gifting roses to men.

Here goes, folks!

  1. A man gifting another man a bunch of roses or a rose

    Heard of the term Inclusivity? What’s wrong with the idea of a guy gifting roses to another guy? We’ll tell you: absolutely nothing! Boys, man up and give your best bud a rose this rose day or any other day for that matter.

  2.  A woman gifting a man a rose or a bouquet of roses

    Maybe the girl messed up a little bit. Or maybe she just wants to make her guy/father/friend/grandfather/partner/husband feel good, or simply let them know they’re appreciated! Ladies, It’s pretty awesome if you’re buying a man roses. We salute and encourage you!

  3.  A man buying himself roses

    Why should girls have all the fun (when it comes to flowers at least)? We are all for men decorating their desks or homes with roses. Or simply opting to pamper themselves or reward themselves with a beautiful bunch. Nothing to feel awkward about. It’s more than okay, guys!

Guys and roses. So cute. Or women and roses. Equally cute! A rose has no gender constraints.

Again, a rose is simply a rose. And it’s pretty rad! So everybody..happy rose day! Buy yourself or your near and dear ones luxurious, decadent roses. Spread the love, everyone!

CherishX brings you a beautiful variety of Roses for your partner !!! Everyone deserves a ROSE!!!

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