How To Spend Weekends In Unconventional Ways?

In this blog, you will get to understand that how to spend weekends in unconventional ways

There’s a well-known fact: it’s very hot! And after another week in hell, no one in their right mind wants to spend these precious 2 days slow roasting in front of the idiot box watching ‘Sasural Simar ka’ reruns, or was it ‘Piya of our lovely Siya’? (TV aunties no need to kill me! my self-destructing ways are working their magic, not to worry!) But, no worries, we answer your query “What to do on the weekends” in this blog.

what to do on the weekends

Here’s a list of 5 out-of-the-box ways for all you folks out there looking for something NEW to do this weekend, especially in Delhi. So, let’s learn how to spend weekends in unconventional ways.

How To Spend Weekends? Know Top Unconventional Ways

#1 Book Cafes

Kunzum Cafe, Delhi, Hauz Khas

For the solitude seekers and quiet readers: Book cafes are slowly becoming the rage, so you might just become one of the cool cliques and try one out. Kunzum Travel CaféCha Bar and soooo many more. Try them. You can simply indulge in relishing food and read books. This answer the question about how to spend weekends. You can also spend it with your loved ones or alone as well.

#2 Do It Yourself Workshops!

Wall painting, Carpentry projects, Assembling things! Basically, just take up a solitary project for a quiet thoughtful weekend. If you are looking for some cool spaces dedicated to all things to tinker with we suggest the following: Nuts and Boltz, JMoon Makerspace, and Makers Asylum.

what to do on the weekends DIY

Warning: They may tend to lean more towards Electronics and Prototyping but DIY is definitely the spoken language and with a determined mind, I hear, one can do anything! This is one of the perfect ways to spend weekends.

#3 Adventure Activities

So, if you want to know how to spend weekends, then this is one of the another great idea. For the Adventurers: Ice skating (Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon), trekking and mountain climbing, or watching the last 10 years’ worth of CID episodes (no guarantees on your mental status after that one, nope not even a warranty!)

Ice Skating in Delhi for a fun weekend with friends

#4 Non-Professional Dancing

Well, if you are not a professional dancer (most of us aren’t!) but in for an interesting experience, try competing in dance competitions (a lot of them take place over the weekend), for fun’s sake! Who knows it may be embarrassing or it may just be your trigger to be free from all the silly insecurities in life that usually haunt us every now and then. It’s one of the best unconventional ideas to spend weekends.

Another low-key, less likely to be embarrassing alternative may be something like volunteering for a flash mob! Or get one as your own special something-something for your special someone! Cherish is an expert at those kinds of surprises ;). Check Flash Dance! We hope this answer the question about how to spend weekends.

Dance classes in Delhi

#5 Nukkad Natak

A little drama to keep the spice in your life? Nothing like an evening spent clutching your stomach and wiping the tears away, albeit for all the good reasons. NSD shows (Book them at BookMyShow or maybe a jugaadu friend ?), Nukkad Natak (if you can find them near you!!), or Stand-up Comedy nights. Honestly, stand-up comedy is the one if you’re still not sure about what to do on the weekends. It’s also one of the great ideas for weekend fun.

Nukkad Natak show

What else do you think are out-of-the-box ideas to spend doing on weekends? Do share with us in the comments!

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