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7 Ways To Say Sorry To Your Partner

Messed up real bad this time? No worries. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s how you make up for them and correct them that really counts! Here are 5 creative ways to apologize to your partner for doing something you regret:

  1. Say it with a poem!

    No better way to win their hearts than to go down the poetic road. When words get stringed into rhymes, feelings get expressed beautifully. If you can’t write for nuts, you can now hire someone to write for you ;). There are websites and companies that send custom hand-written notes and cards to your near and dear ones specifically for such purposes only. Hail the internet for blessing us!
  2. Take them out for a candle-lit date 

    Curate the perfect romance in the form of a candlelight dinner or a tree house date, a private movie followed by a delicious meal. Confused? Take your partner out on a Candlelight Dinner, a perfect way for a perfect apology!

  3. Make their favourite food The way to a person’s heart is sometimes through their stomach. If your significant other is a foodie and enjoys a certain type of food, you can add some personal effort to that and make it yourself Can’t cook to save your life? Worry not, order in instead! Apps like Swiggy and Zomato are a boon to a lot of people in this regard! If your partner comes back from a long day and finds their favourite food waiting for them, it will surely warm up their heart, not only their stomach.
  4. Send them customized gifts with a note 

    Surprise them and sweep them off their feet with this one! Say it with helium-filled balloons with a sweet little message, teddy bear, memory strings, a bucket of roses, and much much more! Amazing  Gifts  for a perfect apology!

  5.  Buy them a mani-pedi

    We don’t think we know a single person that doesn’t enjoy some me-time or pampering. A good mani-pedi treat is enough to melt anyone’s heart! If you don’t want to send them to the service, there are now ways to send the service to them through the UrbanClap app. Make your life easier with this sweet way of apologizing and make your partner’s day too!

  6. Send them on a brunch with their besties 

    If there are two things that define happiness, then they should be the words ‘brunch’ and ‘best friends’. Friends are like angels that light up our lives and sometimes help us gain multiple perspectives and lighten our mood. You can find profitable deals on apps like Eazydiner and Dineout that assist you in reserving tables for 2 or more people.

  7. Mellow them down with a Movie

    This one’s a classic. Take their mind off all the problems and nitty-gritty by taking them out for a nice movie date. You can book your tickets online at any theatre you deem fit through the BookMyShow App, or you could go for a private movie screening, a la CherishX . And remember, a movie can never go wrong. At least almost never! 😉

Hope this helped in making your sorry self a little less soppy and a little more happy! There is no problem that cannot be solved. All you have to do is express yourself and let love do the rest!

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