These Floral Wedding Mandap Decors are Goals!

So, it’s your big day! The day that comes only once in a lifetime for most. These gorgeous wedding mandap decoration with flowers will help you make your most important day even more beautiful, pleasant, and memorable.

  1. Pastel Theme Round Floral Mandap

    floral wedding mandap decoration

    This picturesque round mandap will tighten the wedding between you and your other half. Add some warm white LED lights to make the scenery exotic under the moonlight.

  2. Canopy Drapes and Floral Wedding Mandap

    floral wedding decor

    This canopy drapes decor includes a floral jhoomar just over the heads of the newlyweds. The round shape of the jhoomar and the lush greenery on the floor gives the decor a wholesome romantic look.

  3. Soft Blooms and Leaves Wedding Mandap Decor

    floral wedding mandap decor

    How many flowers do you want? Yes!

    This exotic mandap is made of thousands of flowers of different kinds packed together tightly over a beautiful roof and pillars. Try this decor at an exotic location or at a farmhouse near your city.

  4. White Theme Floral and Light Mandap Decor

    white theme mandap decor

    This beautiful white theme decor uses white roses, jasmine, and warm white light… decorated over a beautiful set/ location. This mandap suits an interior mandap setup though can be used for exterior setups with some tweaks. The warm white lights give the setup a very warm and wholesome feel.

  5. Lush Green and Floral Mandap Arch

    This lush green wedding mandap decoration with flowers uses greenery to flower in a 3:1 ratio which gives the whole setup a lush green feel. The small yellow lights hanging from the ceiling along with a central jhoomar add to the beauty of the setup.

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  6. Floral Drapes and Light Mandap Decor

    This floral drapes mandap decor uses bundles of flowers wrapped around the mandap pillars with the top of the mandap filled with bright green leaves. The warm LED lights stuck to the pillars and roof give only enough light to enjoy the warmth of a true lifetime promise under the moonlight.

  7. Pastel Pink and Purple Floral Wedding Decor

    The pastel theme gives an exotic feel to this mandap. The color combination of pink and purple fit naturally with each other and the mandap even uses exotic leaves hanging from the ceiling. This pastel theme floral mandap sits perfectly at a river bank, near a sea, or a pond.

  8. Rainbow Floral Mandap Decor

    This Rainbow Theme Floral Mandap Decor combines flowers of different kinds and colors to give the setup a cute rainbow look. The picture perfectly captures the beauty under a sunset but I bet this will look as beautiful under the moonlight.

  9. Beautifully Minimal Floral Mandap Decor

    We love this wide pink mandap with its profusion of roses on the frames that evoke the aura of romance.

  10. Floral Blossom and Greenery Mandap Decor

    Lavender, soft pink and powder purple with some sprints of green leaves blends well with an exotic surrounding. Just book a farmhouse near your city or get yourself a destination wedding and this decor goes perfectly with it.

  11. Whimsical Canopy Floral Wedding Decor

    Dramatic elements such as chandeliers, meshes of branches and twigs, creepers, vines, and floral garlands add striking character to the mandap.

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How much does a Wedding Mandap cost?

The price of a Wedding Mandap would vary city from the city and depending on the Mandap itself. But you can expect a Mandap to cost between Rs 50,000 to Rs 2 Lakh.

What all is needed in a Mandap?

At its basic, a Mandap requires a sacred fire pedestal, royal chairs for the bride and groom, and some chairs for the couple’s parents. Usually, the wedding venue will include the Mandap structure but that too can be rented if you’re planning to have an exotic wedding setup.

Does Mandap have to be covered?

A mandap differs from an arch in that it has a roof over it and is used to house a tiny sacred fire in the center. However, these days, no Mandap is complete unless it is adorned with some beautiful flowers and fabrics.

How tall is a Mandap?

Up to 10 feet. A typical Mandap can be between 8 to 12 ft. in height and sides of up to 12 ft. in length. A Mandap is usually square in shape. However, some modern Mandaps also come in circular shapes.

Who sits in the Wedding Mandap?

Besides the bride, the groom, and the pandit, the couple’s parents also sit on the Mandap. In fact, the four pillars of the Mandap represent the parents.

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