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10 Things Every Introvert Will Relate To When They Have A Crush On Someone

Having a crush is already a really awkward situation to be in for anyone, but it becomes even more awkward when you are an introvert. So, here are 10 relatable things every introvert experiences when they fall head over heels for someone.  

1. Secretly noticing your crush’s every small activity. 

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2. Constantly checking yourself out in any reflective surface making sure not even a single strand of hair messes up your appearance. 

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3. Stalking your crush’s social media accounts without leaving any likes or comments because you think you will look like a desperate weirdo. 

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4. Imagining your crush and yourself in a movie scene from a cheesy rom-com or going on an imaginary dinner date. 

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5. Making up a whole conversation in your head, then rehearsing it in front of a mirror even though you have no intention of ever actually having it in real life. 

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6. Smiling like a fool and spending the whole day thinking about that one incident when you accidentally bumped into your crush.

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7. Talking to people that are close to your crush and indirectly extracting information about their likes and dislikes. 

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8. Feeling jealous and regretting when your crush talks to someone else instead of you because you couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity. 

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9. Praying and wishing your crush would somehow make the first move because you have given up.

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10. Finally, the cupid hears your prayers and your crush calls you by your name and starts a conversation with you….but— you just want to disappear from the face of the earth because you ruined it big time and embarrassed yourself. 

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These are some of the most relatable things that every introvert does, at least once in their life when they admire someone. These socially awkward beings may be good at hiding their feelings but they sure do everything in their power to win their crush’s heart.

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