Why Cancer Season Is The Perfect Time To Focus On Yourself

The summer solstice 2019 is here and the sun moves from Gemini into Cancer—marking the beginning of the Cancer season which usually lasts from June 21-July 22. If the Gemini season was all about going out, having fun and untamed energy then Cancer season is the complete opposite. 

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Cancer season is all about feelings, emotions and keeping calm which is often misunderstood—like it’s not about locking yourself inside a room and crying all day. On the contrary, this could be the perfect time to focus on yourself.

If the previous season felt like a superfast rollercoaster, then take advantage of the steady pace of this season and try to sit back, relax and think about your life. It’s time to focus on your relationships, be it family, your love life or your work life. 

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Ruled by the feminine moon, the emotions may be heightened during this season, little inconveniences or unkindness could hurt you and you may feel like isolating yourself, but don’t worry as little alone time never hurts anybody. Use this “me time” to look deep inside you, whether it’s looking back and thinking about what you could’ve done better or making new plans for the future.  

But, just because the air is melancholic doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself all the time. As represented by the shelled crab, Cancers are all about home and family—so take this opportunity to reconnect with your family, friends and mend those broken ties. Cook a nice delicious dinner and invite them over. After all, food is a great way to get over those gloomy low spirits. 

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In the end, no matter how low it feels, just don’t let those emotions get the best of you. Try to turn the sadness into something iconic. Like the queen of melancholy Lana Del Rey, who is a famous Cancer herself, sings in her popular cancer season anthem ‘Summertime Sadness‘ “high heels off, I’m feeling alive, Nothing scares me anymore.” 


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