How To Remove Balloon Tape From Wall After A Party Decoration?

In this blog, we will learn how to remove balloon tape from wall. Decorations are an essential part of any party. Be it your kid’s birthday or your ten-year anniversary. They are basically the life of the party. From balloons to banners to posters to ceiling hangings, decorations may vary in shapes and sizes but they all have one purpose— to make your celebrations memorable and beautiful.

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And to hang these decorations on the walls and ceilings you often use the most common method i.e the tape.

But, what happens when you use the tape?

 Your stunning royal blue paint or the bright pink that you got especially for the party doesn’t look new anymore because the paint has come off, leaving nasty marks all over the wall.

So what can you do to protect your walls without compromising on the decorations?

How To Remove Balloon Tape From Wall? 

Prevention is better than cure

Before we go into the steps on how to remove balloon tape from wall so that your walls don’t get damaged, let’s take a look at some really effective measures that you can take before hanging the decorations that will save you from the hassle after the party. 

  1. It’s always better to do a small test run on a small patch of the wall before applying the whole tape. Stick a small tape on a wall, leave it there for some time and then remove it. If the surface looks fine and the tape is clean then you’re safe to continue with the decorations.   
  2. Before applying tape, make sure to clean your wall of any dirt, grease, wet paint or loose plaster as these things will make the tape more adhesive, making it difficult to remove the tape.
  3. Use small amounts of tape. Cut it into really short pieces and stick it on the wall. That way it will be easier to remove. 
  4.  If possible, leave the decorations that need tape to hung, until the last hour or two, because the longer the tape stays on the wall, the harder it becomes to remove it. 

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 Alternative Tape for Balloons for Wall 

There are plenty of alternatives to standard tape in the market that can be used to protect your walls. 

  • Poster hanging tape: You can easily purchase this tape at stationery or a party supplies shop. It’s less adhesive as compared to the normal tape and comes off easily without leaving any marks or sticky residue behind. It can be used to hang posters, balloons, banners or some lightweight decorations. It’s one of a best tape for balloons for wall. 

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  • Painter’s tape: Also called “Masking tape” , it’s is a type of Pressure-sensitive tape most commonly used in painting to cover areas that should not be painted. It’s made of a thin paper which is easy to tear and doesn’t leave any residue on the wall when you remove it. 

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  • Gaffers tape: There’s a big chance that you may not have heard about this amazing tape. It’s a unique tape that comes in exciting colors and is made of fabric as opposed to other tapes that are made of plastic, making it easy to remove from the surface. It is mainly used in the film, theatre and television production. It’s one of the another great tape for balloons on wall. 

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If you still don’t feel confident about using tape to hang your decorations then there is a small science trick that’s temporary but works like a charm. However, remember this trick is for balloons only.

  1. Blow up your balloons.
  2. Rub them against your hair or any woolly sweater. 
  3. Now hold it against the wall or ceiling for a few seconds to make it stay in place.

They won’t stay there forever but it’s a cool trick that can be used at the last moment. 

How to Remove Balloon Tape From Wall Easily

If you used tape to hang your decorations without paying any heed to the precautions, then it’s likely that you may have to do some work to remove that tape without damaging your walls. Below are some easy ways that you can use to make sure your walls remain new as ever!

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  1. One of the first thing you need to learn on “how to remove balloon tape from wall” is that once the party is over, you need to gently peel the tape off the wall. Because the sooner you remove the tape, the less damage it will have on your walls.
  2. To remove the sticky residue from the surface, use a butter knife or a sharp object to scrape it off. 
  3. If residue still remains, then use warm water to wipe it carefully with a soft cloth. 
  4. That stubborn gunk can be hard to get rid of once the surface is cold. So, use some heat to melt it down.
  5. If these methods don’t work, then use residue removers like Goo Gone. They work like magic on a variety of surfaces and can be used to remove not just tape but labels, stickers, wax, tar and even chewing gum as well.


 If you take all the important precautions and follow these steps for the aftercare, then you have no need to worry about the sticky-gluey tape, and can have the best celebrations with your favorite decorations! 

We at CherishX make sure that you have the best celebrations with the most beautiful decorations ever. We use the standard cello tape to hang balloons on ceilings and walls and if you want, our decorators can perform a test before putting the decorations on and if the paint comes off then they can arrange to spread the balloons beautifully on the floor. 

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