10 Safe Places To Go On A Date This Valentine’s Day in Delhi NCR

Want to know 10 Safe Places To Go On A Date This Valentine’s Day in Delhi NCR? Well you have landed on the right article!

The terror of Covid-19 is still on the rise in Delhi. People want to go out but are restricted because of the fear of the on-going pandemic. This is why many restaurants and parks have been made safer so that people can visit and spend time with their families, friends and partners.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, couples start to plan ahead of time. You might also be thinking about where to go on your date. It gets kind of difficult to find out which places are the best to go to in these times. So, to ease your difficulty, there are many places where you can go this Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love without worrying about the pandemic. All the safety measures are taken in these places. Below you can find the 10 safe places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2023 in Delhi NCR-

Dilli Haat

10 safe places to go on a date thos valentine's day- dilli haat

Dilli Haat is the first and foremost place to go on a date. It’s a place that is always in trend. So, you won’t have to think if that’s the right place to be. Located at INA, the place is full of delightful food from different regions of India. It is known to be a Handicraft market where you get handcrafted clothes, footwear, bags and even decorative items. The place reflects the Indian culture at its best. 

Having a date on Valentine’s Day at a place like this can be exciting. You can get to know the traditional art and it’s also a great spot for shopping. Moreover, its food hub allows you to taste different dishes. Overall, you can have a great experience at this place. 

Connaught Place (C.P.)

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-Connaught place

If you love shopping, then C.P. is the place to go. Connaught Place is full of amazing showrooms and shops such as Allen Solly, Cantabil, Bentley and many more. These showrooms take the best safety measures so that no harm can come to you. Besides these, the place is also filled with amazing restaurants. It’s divided into blocks and indifferent blacks you find different shops. A variety of things are available in C.P.  As it’s one of the famous spots for shopping and hanging out, many couples and friends can be seen. So, you can easily plan your Valentine’s day date!

With all the good things, you also get to enjoy the feels of the park which is situated in the middle of the blocks. You can have a great time with your partner. You can go to a variety of restaurants and do shopping. After that, you can take a rest in the park.  

Select Citywalk

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-selectcity walk

Select Citywalk is a popular mall located in Saket, New Delhi. It’s a great spot for shopping as well as food. The mall takes care of all the safety measures such as wearing masks, using sanitizers and temperature checkups. So, make sure that you have your mask on because otherwise your entry will be denied.  

The place is full of different brand shops such as H&M, Zara, Chanel and many more. You can have a beautiful date here with your partner. The ambience of Select Citywalk is quite impressive. 

Radisson Blu 

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR- radisson blu

If you want to go for a romantic lunch or dinner date at an elegant restaurant with great ambience, then you should choose Radisson Blu as your place. Radisson Blu is located in Dwarka as well as on the Delhi expressway. You can choose the location according to your ease. You can have a great moment with your partner on this Valentine’s Day with the help of Radisson Blu. It offers you a variety of dinner options. Also, CherishX helps you to book amazing experiences such as Poolside Cabana, Poolside Candle Light dinner, Romantic Private Dining and many more.

Having a date at this destination will be fascinating as well as exciting. This is because CherishX as well as the hotel staff takes care of everything. Safety is the priority in these times. So, you can have a beautiful dinner or lunch date with your partner being carefree.

Hauz Khas Village

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-hauz khas village

Hauz Khas Village consists of a medieval building around a reservoir. It is located in south Delhi around which many restaurants and food outlets are situated. Many people go to visit this place to spend quality time. The place is always in trend. Also, boating is available in the reservoir. So, you can go boating and spend quality time together.

There are many famous cafes in Hauz Khas Village such as Hauz Khas Social, Raasta, Yeti, Matchbox and many more. So, try going to this safe place this Valentines. 

Jaypee Siddharth

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-jaypee siddharth

Jaypee Siddharth is also one of the great spots for you to plan a romantic date with your valentine. They take care of your safety and make sure that your date is organised how you want it to be. You can get a poolside dinner organised or a candlelight dinner. The hotel offers you a great ambience with an elegant interior. The restaurant is stunning and provides you with mouth-watering delicacies. 

Jaypee Siddharth is located 7 kilometres from the New Delhi Railway Station. Choosing a place with great food can be exciting. So, plan your date at Jaypee if you want to go for an elegant place.

Champa Gali

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR- champa gali

Champa Gali is one of the beautiful places that you should try to visit. It would make a great background for your pictures. The Gali is filled with cafes and restaurants. Some of them are Jugmug Thela, Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, and many more. There are also amazing little handicraft shops such as Jugaad and design studios such as people tree. 

Champa Gali is a great hangout place for you to go this Valentines. The cafes take full safety measures so you don’t have to worry about it. You can have a beautiful time with your valentine. 

Paramotoring in Westin

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR- scootering

Going on an adventurous date can be very exciting. So, why not choose paramotoring this Valentine’s Day. Paramotoring takes you to an adventurous flight in the sky. You can try the couple scootering in air activity and enjoy the beautiful view of the sky as well as of the ground. It can be a whole new experience for you and your loved one. Also, there is no fear of pandemic as the team that is CherishX will have it arranged or you will take all the safety measures. 

With this amazing flight, you will be able to view the beautiful city and its farms. You can also plan to propose your love if you haven’t already! If you don’t know how to go about it, have a look at 6 Incredible Ways to Make Your Valentine’s Day Proposal Breathtaking

Taj Vivanta

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-taj vivanta

Taj Vivanta is a hotel from Indian Hotels Companies Limited. If you’re looking to have a romantic dinner date then this is one of the best places to choose. It is located in many cities but in Delhi, you can find it in Surajkund. It takes care of all the safety hazards for your health.

The hotel has a beautiful forested neighbourhood which adds to the beauty of the place. Also, it offers you great food with romantic decor. Your Valentine’s day will become much more special by having a great experience offered by CherishX at Taj. Other than this, you can also choose to have Private Romantic Dinner at Taj. 

Rababi Food Studio

10 Safe Places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day 2021 in Delhi NCR-rababi food studio

If you are a foodie then you need to visit the Rababi Food Studio. It’s a great cafe type restaurant with delicious food. The ambience is beautiful and elegant. You can have a lovely date with your valentine. If you want you can book with CherishX for an exquisite Private Cafe Dining for just the two of you. It would be a romantic date and you can get the music played. Moreover, the decor will be done to create a romantic aura all around you. 

The beautiful Rababi Food Studio is located in Janakpuri, New Delhi. You can celebrate an amazing Valentine’s Day with your loved one by having a wonderful dinner date full of delicacies and mocktails.

All these places provide you with all the safety you need! So, choose one of these 10 safe places to go on a date this Valentine’s Day in Delhi NCR. 

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