6 Delightful Lohri Gifts for 2024-Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Lohri Celebration

If you’re searching for some unique Lohri gifts in 2024,then let’s scroll below and find the best one! India is commonly known as the land of festivals having numerous glorious festivals. One of them is Lohri which is celebrated to mark the winter harvest festival and is celebrated with incredible zeal and enthusiasm. As this winter festival is right around the corner, people are eagerly waiting to commemorate it in full fervor. Along with sweets, the festival is incomplete without some last-minute delightful Lohri gifts.  

The exchange of Lohri gifts is a crucial ritual during Lohri festivities. Mainly refreshed harvests from the season are utilized to prepare sweets and gifted them to dear ones. 

Indian festivity will be incomplete without enjoying Indian sweets and delicacies. It is one festival where all eat and enjoy Rewri, gajak, and other traditional sweets. Apart from these sweets, you can also send flowers as Lohri gifts to those who are celebrating their first Lohri celebration. In addition to this, Lohri hampers are obtainable at affordable prices for you and your dear ones at CherishX. 

When Is Lohri In 2024? Lohri Kab Hai?

This year, Lohri will be celebrated on Sunday 14th January, 2024.

Lohri gifts to keep the festive spirit alive

Being one of the most loved festivals of North India, particularly Punjab and Haryana, Lohri is celebrated with music, dance, sweets. Gifting your loved ones special offerings is the best thing you can do to make your existence felt in their hearts. Stay near to your dear ones with the best collection of Lohri gifts 2024 by CherishX!

The gifts for Lohri festival 2024 present an entrancing collection of gift hampers that can fill celebrations with sweetness and tremendous happiness. Explore the collection for great gift ideas and place your order online.  

Premium Feather Lohri Special Bucket

Feather Lohri Special Bucket for gift

Lohri is a great festival that is celebrated across the country. For this year, let’s make it extra special and delightful with a premium feather Lohri special bucket. This will surely enhance the joy and happiness of the festival. 

The unique bucket includes colorful balloons of various shapes and sizes designed to make the feather bucket base. Also, it includes a customizable vinyl rose gold printing message on the bubble balloon (26 characters only), a bubble balloon filled with white feathers, and a heart-shaped rose gold foil balloon. Besides, you will get a white fox filled with white roses, silver cup-shaped chocolates, rose gold butterflies, a standard message card, a photo, and a led light. 

If you want to surprise your partner or gift something creative to your family for their first Lohri celebration, this is the ideal gifting choice. You can even avail of any customization if needed. 

Luxury Pastel Lohri Balloon Bucket

Luxury Pastel Lohri Balloon Bucket

Being the top-notch trend these days, the luxury pastel Lohri balloon bucket by CherishX is the ideal gifting option. Specially curated to make your celebrations more memorable, this bucket shows off elegance and will surely attract the attention of many people. This is curated with customizable vinyl printing messages on the bubble balloon, a big-sized bubble balloon filled with white latex, pastel purple, and pastel peach balloons. 

Also, get a small size bubble balloon filled with artificial flower strings, a white box filled with Gerberas, and purple rose-shaped chocolates. Further, the bucket has a purple chrome balloon and battery-operated light to make it a beautiful gifting option for all. Make your Lohri Celebration a bit more special with our special Lohri balloon bouquet.

Not just Lohri, this gift is ideal to gift them for Anniversaries or Karavachauth celebrations as well. With this, you can avail of any additional items such as cakes, and flowers to make any event more fascinating. 

Orange and Peach Lohri Balloon Bouquet

Orange and Peach Lohri Balloon Bouquet

For delightful and memorable celebrations for Lohri, avail our orange and peach Lohri balloon bouquet. It is an exciting and eye-catching gift that includes bubbles balloon filled with orange, pastel, golden chrome, and rose gold metallic balloons. 

Also, it comprises a happy Lohri wishes – customizable message of up to 25 characters in rose gold vinyl and rose gold heart-shaped stickers. Besides, the jute pouch with chocolates, an orange rosette, a small rose gold foil-shaped balloon, and a white bucket with golden dome shape chocolates. 

To wish your dear ones, it will include a beautiful Lohri wish card and white grass. This Lohri gift will sure to add more fun and excitement to your Lohri celebrations. 

Exotic Lohri Flowers Bucket

Exotic Lohri Flowers Bucket to gift

For prosperity and good luck, this unique gift exotic Lohri flower bouquet is what one needs to present. The lovely crafted bouquet includes a white bucket, pink gerbera, white lily, white gerbera, pink carnations, a teddy keychain, a scented bubble candle, chocolate bars, purple heart-shaped chocolates, a wish card, and a battery-operated light. 

This a perfect gift to offer your partner for your first Lohri celebration or an anniversary party. The gift surely adds beauty and vibrancy to the celebration and will bring joy and happiness and leave a lasting impression. Add customization if needed with this beautiful gift. Add more charm to your Lohri celebration.

Yellow and Gold First Lohri Balloon Bouquet

Yellow and Gold First Lohri Balloon Bouquet

The best way to celebrate Lohri 2024 is by giving special gifts like the yellow and gold first Lohri balloon bouquet to your dear ones. This beautiful gift will brighten up the celebration as it includes an exciting yellow and gold balloon. Further, added bubble balloons filled with latex orange, pastel yellows, latex white, and chrome golden balloons. 

Also, it comprises a happy Lohri vinyl customizable message of up to 25 characters in rose gold vinyl, golden butterflies, a golden rosette, a white bucket with photos, and golden dome-shaped chocolates.  Besides, the jute pouch with chocolates, yellow grass, a happy Lohri wish-to message, and battery-operated light. 

Give this amazing gift to your brother and sister-in-law for their first lohri and add more fun and excitement to your and their Lohri celebrations. Add-on customizations are available if you require anything added. To book this stunning Lohri gifts in 2024, order now at CherishX.com. 

The Flower and Love Lohri Celebration Bubble Bucket

The Flower and Love Lohri Celebration Bubble Bucket

This Lohri 2024, brings charm and excitement with the flower and love Lohri bubble bucket gift from CherishX. The perfect amalgamation of vibrant colors, beautiful flowers, and romantic bubbles will surely captivate the eye of anybody. Just like the name, the gift is equally unique and creative and includes a bubble balloon with a rose gold heart-shaped balloon. 

Besides, it also comprises customizable vinyl printing messages with a bucket of fresh gerbera, cute gold butterflies, and a battery-operated light.  Perfect for any occasion, this gift shows your love and affection. Add a warm glow to your dear ones’ faces with this stunning and lovely Lohri gift. For you, add anything customizable with this package and order online at the most competitive prices. 

Why Cherish X for Lohri Gifts?

With us, you can choose from our vast display to buy Lohri gifts online and entertain your near and dear ones while conveying your best wishes on this special day. Examine our collection to get significant Lohri gift ideas to discover the ideal gift for noteworthy people in your life. These gifts have been thoughtfully packed and will certainly fill the heart of the receiver with love and ardor.

Make loving memories as you celebrate the Lohri festival with lovely treats along with some imaginative and attractive Lohri gifts.

 Lohri gifts

Our dedicated team ensures to offer the best quality products and services so that the festive vibe is intact and you can create more loveable and unforgettable memories with your dear ones. 

To order these or want to know more about the Lohri decorations and gifts, give us a call or Whatsapp us. Further, explore CherishX for more beautiful Lohri decorations ideas and Lohri gifts at the most reasonable prices. We have special Lohri backdrops with colorful tassels, kites backdrop for the first lohri decorations. Do, check it out.

lohri festival food

We wish all our readers a very Happy Lohri 2024!


What should be the first gift for Lohri to newlyweds?

To the bride, you can gift clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, and sweets as the couple celebrates Lohri with their entire family, friends, and relatives on a large scale. Apart from this, you can give them customized Lohri gifts that include vibrant flowers, balloons, chocolates, candles, and many others. Order online at CherishX!

What is special about Lohri?

It is considered by many that the Lohri festival celebration marks the end of the winter solstice. Lohri celebration marks the ending of winter and is a traditional welcome of more elongated days and the sun’s journey to the northern hemisphere by individuals in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent.

What do people usually gift to others on their first Lohri?

Lohri is an excellent time to celebrate and exchange gifts. If you want to give a special gift to your near and dear ones for their first Lohri celebration, then gift them some personalized gifts like flowers, candles, and balloon bouquets with a personalized message and wish written on them. 

Where to buy unique and affordable Lohri gifts for 2024?

You can buy Lohri 2024 gifts from CherishX. As they have a huge collection of balloon bouquets package customized as per the users’ needs. 

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