Mother’s Day Special Note: Your Mom is Your Rockstar

Could we even know who we are without our mothers? They are powerhouses of emotion, care, and strength: all at the same time. Our mothers help us pull through all our bad and low phases. They embrace our failures just like they celebrate our success. This is why we say that every day is mother’s day!

Your Mom is Your Biggest Blessing

They have spent many nights wiping our feverish foreheads with cold ice and giving us warmth when we were jittery. They always encourage us to be better versions of ourselves. Moms are the solution to all our problems. The cheeriness to all our sadness, and a huge source of unconditional love.

Even when away from her, just talking to our mother over the phone feels like a warm hug. There comes a day in everyone’s lives when they have to finally leave the nest and fly off towards their own horizons, parting painfully from the people who raised us and made us who we are. No matter where your mom is, she is watching over you and sending you peace, joy, and blessings.

Give Her a Surprise This Mother’s Day

So why do we have just one day in a year to celebrate these Rockstars a.k.a. our mothers? Every day should be mother’s day. Each day every year we should try to make them feel special, happy, and loved. Every single day that you wake up, breathe, and live is a gift from your mother. After all, they are the givers of the greatest gift- the gift of life!

So, why do we hesitate before getting them a small present, or before making them feel that they are the most important people in our lives? Instead, we take them for granted.

So, this mother’s day, let’s take a vow and make a pledge – that we will let our mothers KNOW that they are our number 1 priority, that they are more important than anyone else in our lives, and that we are forever indebted to them for everything that they have done for us.

A simple and small gesture can go a long way. If you are not sure about how exactly you should express your gratitude to your mom, gift them flowers, or send a handwritten note with chocolates. Or best, give them the gift of your time. Take them out for dinner, or a movie, spend a day with them and relive those precious days of your childhood.

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