Why Greeting Cards Are The Ultimate Gifts

When it comes to gifts, nobody can beat the humble greeting card. 

I used the word “Humble” because after all, it’s just a piece of paper with some writing on it.

But, despite being just “a piece of paper” it is still on everyone’s list of favorite items to gift. It is also the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a gift for someone.

I’m pretty sure there must have been so many times when you couldn’t find an appropriate gift for your loved one and ended up being like “I’m just gonna get a greeting card.”

These greeting cards have stood the test of time. While other gifts came and left the scene. So many trends changed but greeting cards are still relevant. They are like those really old trees that just stand strong in the middle while everything around them dies, changes and regrows. 

But what makes them the ultimate gifts? 

1.They go with everything

No matter what the occasion is, the greeting card fits everywhere. Be it your kid’s birthday, your anniversary, a family reunion, Christmas, and pretty much anything. I remember my friend was in the hospital and she was really depressed about being there for so many days. So I decided to get her a really cute “Get well soon” greeting card. Surprisingly. it was enough to lift her spirits up. 

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2. Cards are for everyone

 Other gifts may be confined to a certain occasion, particular gender or even a certain age group, but these classic cards work for everyone. Like, it could be a four year old who wants to wish their teacher farewell. Or maybe an 80-year-old grandma congratulating her granddaughter on her first dance. 

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3. The power of the written word 

What do you do when you’re feeling a rush of nostalgia? You go through your old stuff like old clothes, toys, right? But it’s always those letters, greeting cards or notes that bring you to tears. Because the power of the written word touches the heart. It speaks to the soul and stays forever. Similarly, this written word is what gives the greeting card its ultimate special quality. Also, It doesn’t matter whether you write a single sentence or a lengthy paragraph or you’re just choosing a pre-written card—the real deal is those words that come straight from the heart.

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Lastly, the good old humble greeting card may have been here since the dawn of time. Probably seen many new occasions and, defeated many gifts in its way—but that doesn’t mean it is boring! 

Rather, the simple greeting card has evolved into cool 3D cards, Musical Cards, Wooden Cards and E-cards to suit the changing modern times. 

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