Wanting to Set Up a Candle Light Dinner Mid-Covid19? – Here, How You Can Do That

Candlelight Dinners are special moments that every couple should share once in a while. Couples should always make out time to have a romantic dinner with each other. It is the best way to spend more time with your partner without having to worry about other things. 

Appreciating your relationship is a significant step that you should take. Candlelight dinners are a way for couples to enhance their relationship. Every couple faces some issues or challenges. Having a candlelight dinner may help you to resolve it. 

To set up a romantic candlelight dinner, you need to consider a lot of things. Surprising your loved one with a perfect dinner will bring a lot of happiness to them. Therefore, it’s important to look out for everything that may help you to set a perfect dinner date. Let’s have a look at what all you need to set:

Choosing a Location

Wanting to Set Up a Candle Light Dinner Mid-Covid19- choose a location

To have a romantic dinner date, it’s significant that you choose a perfect location. It should fit the ideas of your candlelight dinner. Also, the safety measures should be followed. Choosing a location depends on your comfort and the kind of space you need. You must choose a place where you have enough space to arrange for music and other things. You can choose to go out or bring the party to your home! With CherishX you can have a beautiful candlelight dinner arranged for you!     

You can select a place where you and your partner would like to have dinner. You can consider arranging it on a beach, in the garden, or at a restaurant. You can also choose to have it at your home or the balcony. It will be a fun and loving experience.   

Decorate the Place

Wanting to Set Up a Candle Light Dinner Mid-Covid19- decoration

After choosing a location, you should focus on decorating the place beautifully. It’s necessary to decorate the place if you are surprising your partner. You can place scented candles and flower petals around the table. Also, you can wish to place them on the way to the entrance. The surrounding will look exquisite thereby making your partner feel more special. 

Also, set up lights around the area where you are planning to have the candlelight dinner. The area will be illuminated with different lightings and candles. You can get a balloon decoration or bright candle and flower decoration! You can get it arranged with CherishX right at your place! It will make your partner feel delightful. You can also add balloons to the place thereby making it more alluring. 

Set the Table

set the table

The table is the main attraction at a candlelight dinner. So, don’t forget to focus your decoration on setting the table. The dinner table should look elegant and beautiful as that’s where you will have your date. So, put on beautiful candles to light up the table. Also, make sure to put charming dinnerware so that you enjoy the taste of the food. A charming dinnerware will make you feel happier while eating. So, choose one that looks the best on the table. You can also add some wine glasses to the table with flower petals around it. It will add to the overall beauty of the place.           

Set a Delightful Menu 

Wanting to Set Up a Candle Light Dinner Mid-Covid19- menu

Food is a highlight on every occasion. So, make sure that you set the menu right. Do not forget to include appetizers and desserts on the menu. Also, keep the different options of the main course. Food always makes people happy. Therefore, make sure that the food is tasty. Offer a variety of dessert choices so that your partner can choose whatever they like. 

Your candlelight date is going to be all about dinner. So, you must keep your food delightful. 

Create a Musical Atmosphere    

playing music

Your dinner should have some background music. To make it more romantic, set a list of love songs that you would like to play. It will create a beautiful aura around you and your better half. The soothing music will keep you calm and happy. It will help you both to relax and stay close to each other. 

To do this, make sure that you have set the music system in the right place. It shouldn’t be too loud or too low. The sound should be at the perfect volume. Also, keep the list ready before your date so that you are not doing everything at the end. 

Have a Romantic Dance


The moment always becomes special when you groove a little with your partner. So, take this opportunity to have a romantic dance with your partner. Your candlelight dinner will become extra special with you two dancing together holding hands. It will become memorable for you. Also, click some pictures together to keep this day as a memory. You might be more comfortable to dance at home but there are always ways to dance outside at a new place in these times. If you’re wearing a mask and have the safety arranged by the owner of the place, there will be no hindrance in you having a good time!

Choose some good romantic songs on which you can groove. Make sure that the chosen songs are slow so that the romantic atmosphere gets created. Afterwards, you can choose to dance on some rock music to have fun!

A loving Invitation

cupid invite

You have planned everything if you haven’t sent an invitation, all can go to waste. So, make sure that you prepare a loving invitation for your better half. It can take your better half by surprise making them excited for the event. Also, make sure that you send your partner the invitation beforehand so that they are free on that particular date.      

A loving invitation can be when you add some of the lines written by you for them. It can make them feel extra special. You can also choose a beautiful design for the invitation. If you want it to be simple, you can just mail or text a simple yet beautiful message to your loved one. You can also write a letter expressing your feelings. Also, you can choose to use CherishX’s Cupid Invite to surprise your loved one. When the invitation has been sent, you can start to execute your plans accordingly.

Candlelight dinners are best to spice up your relationship. It’s good to have a dinner date once in a while. Mid-Covid19, it might have been difficult but taking all the safety measures, you c an have a great time!

Spending time with your loved one will provide you with relaxation. So, arrange a perfect dinner date with your partner following these above-mentioned tips. It will help to lighten up your date as well as your life! So, what are you waiting for? Make your candlelight dinner alluring and attractive by considering these amazing tips!


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