Top 6 Real Life Stories of Supportive Fathers to Stir Your Heart with Love

A father is a hero for every child. Knowing that there is someone you can look up to no matter what the situation, feels like a blessing. As a child, even the slightest effort means a lot. When you whine for candy and he gives you chocolate or when you asked for just Rs 10 and gives you a 50 rupee note is the most heartwarming feeling ever and you do remember it for the rest of your life. 

With fathers, this is what happens; you ask for something and he gives you the double of it. For every child, support is not that his/her father bought them a car, rather it’s in the little efforts that he makes to keep them happy. So, this is the same way these 6 people feel, who have gotten endless support of their fathers and have reached the point where they feel that it’s all because of their dad-

“My Father has believed in Me”

             Talks Smriti Ashra about her father

Smriti Ashra, 23, a student, dancer, actor, and writer talks about her father when asked about what is the most valuable thing your father did for you? 

She says, “Me being born a single child and also it took 7 to 8 years post their wedding to have me, so it was already like I was a blessing to my parents. Since I came into their lives, my dad got the first car, a Maruti 800. Having a single girl child, in that time frame of the 90s used to be a rare concept, it was a privilege for me as my parents were understanding that you don’t need a boy child to support you. The most appreciative moment I feel with my father is that he believed in me, he has never stopped me for anything, he has always supported me no matter what whether it’s my studies, creative stuff, publishing, or making videos. I began dancing very early, and he was always there to take a picture of me or shoot a video. Now, the things are like, he does things without me even asking. Maybe it’s a connection or something but things like that happen. One day, I wanted to have some coconut water, and the next day he brought it home. I didn’t even tell him that I wanted to drink it. He’s always like “let me know if you need my help with anything”! 

“In a house full of panicky souls, my father brought in the much-needed calmness”

               Says Harshita Kaushal about her father

Harshita Kaushal, 22, a student of Economics talks about her father when asked What is the most memorable moment in your life with your father that taught you something valuable?

She says, “In a house full of panicky souls, my father brought in the much-needed calmness. I specifically remember the time when I passed my class XII exams and due to some technical errors, I failed to book a seat for myself in the college I wanted, even though I had a great score. While my mother got all panicky which made me very nervous, there he was, my father, assuring me that everything will be fine and it wasn’t a big deal. I saw him going from one place to the other, talking to people, to clear the issue. But whenever he came to me, he had a smile on his face and genuine support, that gave me the hope I needed. I got that seat and went to that college later. This experience made me realize what calmness can do in a situation. A person’s energy can have such a great effect on another person without them even realizing it. Panic creates chaos while calmness filters thoughts. Thanks, Dad for teaching me such a valuable virtue!”

“Fight for your right”

                   Shubhangi’s Father said to her

Shubhangi Shukla, 23, a student of English and a lover of books tells about her father when asked, Is there any incident you remember of your father that made you think that he’s very supportive? 

She says, “There’s one incident that I’d like to share where my father took panga from the school because the teacher cut 4 marks in my exam for no reason. It was 8th standard and my teacher cut extra marks for no reason so my dad went and started that topic. When the teacher didn’t listen to him, he went to the principal’s office to sort out the issue. As I was still a kid he told me to always fight for my rights no matter what. If you know you have done the right thing, don’t back off. I and my father are more like friends and he has always been there for me. The most wonderful thing about our relationship is we discuss everything, even the things which girls usually talk about with their mothers only.”

“Follow Your Passion”

                     Praveen’s Father supported him

Praveen Kain, 29, a choreographer, shares the story of his life when asked if there’s an incident he would like to share about his father where he felt that he has been the most supportive and selfless?

He says, “This is not an incident but the reality of my life. I am from a middle-class family and being from a middle-class family, there are many chances that you are not permitted to follow your passion. My father does an ordinary job at an office, but still, he never stopped me from following my dreams and passion. I am here doing a great business, running a dance academy, all because of his support. We live in India and here we are opposed by relatives the most. They even taunt parents for their children. But my father never let their orthodox thoughts get to me. Being an only boy child, I have many responsibilities on my shoulders but my father, not even once, made me feel burdened or kept me restricted. He has always supported me in this orthodox society and that’s why I know he’s the most selfless person.”

“He Crossed the Family Tradition for me”

                          Tells Snigdha Agarwal about her father 

Snigdha Agarwal, 23, a Teacher and dancer, talks about her father when asked about a memorable incident that she has with her father.

She says, “Although I have a lot many incidents to share there’s one that is close to my heart. I live in a joint family and in a family like this, everybody listens to the head of the family whether he’s right or wrong. After I passed my 12th, my family and I had to decide on a college where I could pursue my graduation. My Grandfather wanted me to go to the college that is not too far from my place, maybe because I am a girl. But my father wanted me to go to one of the best colleges in Agra. My father crossed the tradition of following the sayings of the head of the family by opposing him for my better future. Today, I am working as a teacher, and this is all because of my father.”

“Increase the height of your achievements, only that matters”

                                        Said Father of Vimmi Verma to her

Vimmi Verma, 26, a postgraduate, preparing for her teaching career, talks about her father when asked, Do you have any memory of your father or any incident which made you feel like he’s the backbone of your life?

To this Vimmi says, “ There’s one thing my father has always done. It’s the support he has given me for my studies. He says, ‘study however much you want, raise the heights of your capabilities, your height doesn’t matter, what matters is only your capabilities.’ There’s one incident to back it up, is that every time I used to visit my sister from my maternal uncle’s side, she used to say that I look short and like a baby as compared to her daughter so I always replied that it’s good that I will age late. That’s why my father used to say ‘you are alright, increase the height of your achievements and qualifications only that will matter later in life.”

Fathers have always been a support to their children in one way or another. These six people have shared some of the most wonderful moments in their life that have taught them the ways of their father. Every child learns something from their parents, and in that child’s memory whatever stays becomes the most cherished moment. This is why here we shared with you the loving stories of these people whose hearts are still stirred with love for their dads. 

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