How to Celebrate Father’s Day Charismatically During Quarantine

Fathers are the support system for every family. They put out the efforts that often go unnoticed. Father’s Day allows you to reciprocate the love and support that your father has offered you unconditionally. It’s the perfect occasion to tell your father how much he means to you! 

The unconditional love a father gives out to his children is incomparable but making them feel special is something that you can always do. But how to celebrate it during Quarantine? Well, there are many ways to show your gratitude by doing some fun and amazing things for him during quarantine. 

Even in the quarantine, you have plenty of options to take for your DAD. As he will be there with you at home, you might have a bit of difficulty planning or executing your surprise. But, if you’re careful, it will be great! 

So, how can you celebrate Father’s Day most amazingly? Here are some of the options for you-


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Decorating a particular room may be a great Father’s day surprise. You can arrange decorations in a different room so that he doesn’t notice. How to do the decorations? Well, you can book some DIY kits that’ll help you to do the decorations. The kits come with instructions that you can follow and have lovely decor! 

Moreover, if you don’t want to follow the instructions, you can just do it your way! Experimenting with decorations can also bring you some great results!

Order a Cake

cherishx father's day cake

Cutting a cake always indicates a good day, celebration, and event. Usually, people think that it’s only for birthdays and anniversaries. Well, no. It is also to celebrate the happy moments in life. One such good moment is Father’s Day. Surprising him with a cake can be a great idea. You can choose his favourite Flavour and fascinate him with it. 

Cakes are of many types. So, you can easily choose a type such as a designer cake, a photo cake or a normal cake. It would be very wonderful if you go for a designer cake. You can find a variety of cakes that show that it’s specially made for your Father. You can also check out some amazing options at CherishX!

Find a Gift

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You should choose a gift for your father. A gift is likely to make him feel extra special. But what shall you gift him? This question is likely to arise in the minds of many people. Firstly, you shall think of something that your father must be wanting to have. Secondly, you can think of giving him something he would surely like.

If you still are confused then you can go for gifts like a father’s day frame, wallet, key chains, a father-son or father-daughter t-shirts, a watch and many more like these. If you want more personalized things to gift then you can go for a clock with a picture, a mug with your dad’s and your picture, or personalized LED Cushions. 

Prepare his Favourite Food 

How to Celebrate Father's Day Charismatically During Quarantine-daughter-giving-food-father_

While planning to surprise your dad you can also prepare his favourite food. He is likely to feel special when you do something different. If you are not so fond of cooking, you can just order something delicious and surprise him.

Most people love food. So, if you want to make him feel loved, you should go for his favourite delicacies and make his day!

Plan a Game Tournament

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While staying at home, you can also choose to plan a game tournament with your dad. All your family members can play games. You can go for video game tournaments or some indoor game matches. This way you’ll be spending some fun time with your dad. He will be much happier with you playing and spending time with him!

You can play indoor games such as Ludo, table tennis, car racing and many more. This will be a totally fun thing to do! So, make many more memories with this. 

Watch a Movie with Him

How to Celebrate Father's Day Charismatically During Quarantine-father-son-watching-movie_

On the occasion of Father’s Day, you can plan to watch a movie with him. Any action movie or family movie can bring a lot more fun during your quarantine. You can also have a movie screening at home. This can be one of the amazing ways to celebrate Father’s day! 

Movies help to bring the family together so you can all sit together and watch the movie. It would be wonderful if you play a comedy. You all can share laughter and make beautiful memories!

Rewatch the Game Matches

How to Celebrate Father's Day Charismatically During Quarantine-father-son-watching-baseball-game

Does your father like cricket, baseball, or football? Well, if he does like any of these then you can just plan the perfect surprise for him! You can rewatch the best games in history together with some popcorn and coke. This always makes people special!

If your father is a fan of any of these then make sure to find the best games and set them ready to play. He sure would love it! Also, this can be the perfect way to spend time together!

These are some of the ways you can celebrate Father’s Day Charismatically at home. Bring all your family together to plan the best surprise for your dad! A family party is a great way to show love and appreciation towards your father! So, what are you waiting for? Embrace these amazing ideas and make your Father’s Day celebration unforgettable!

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