Most Exciting Peppa Pig Theme Party Ideas For Your Kids Birthday

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

If your kid loves to watch Peppa Pig, then you must celebrate their upcoming birthday with the Peppa Pig theme birthday decoration party this year. 

For kids, Peppa Pig is the trendiest and most fun-filled popular cartoon. In this cartoon, it is shown that Peppa and her friends get involved in many fun adventures like swimming, riding bikes, and enjoying themselves with family and friends. Hence, kids relate to all these activities and want to do these activities themselves. 

Thus, these cute characters are loved by a lot of kids. If your kid also adores this cartoon and watches Peppa Pig and her brother George every time, then, it’s time to give your child a surprise by planning a fun Peppa Pig Birthday party. Being the latest and trending animated cartoon loved by all kids, the popularity of this cartoon makes it a perfect theme for birthday party celebrations. 

Now, we know that planning a themed birthday party is quite a difficult task. So, here find the assistance to start planning your Peppa party with these Peppa Pig Birthday Decoration ideas! 


Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

Does your child always wish to enjoy Peppa Pig and his friends? Then, why not give him/her this chance on their birthday? Delight your little one with these fun, creative, and attractive Peppa Pig Birthday decoration party ideas!

Check out some of the wonderful Peppa Pig birthday themes here:

Peppa Pig Decor 

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

Every kid loves Peppa Pig and her friends and that is why it is one of the most prevalent cartoon series nowadays. To surprise your kid and your little guests, we bring here your Peppa Pig Decor which includes various balloons in shades of orange, yellow, and pink. Also, this theme consists of a happy birthday foil balloon, a heart foil balloon, frills for a backdrop, star-shaped foil balloons, and cutouts of Peppa Pig.  Make your kid excited and happy when he/she enters this decorated space. 

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Peppa Pig Birthday Theme Decor 

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

If your child’s birthday is approaching soon, then give him/her this creative and unique Peppa Pig Birthday Theme Decor. This entails an arch of balloons having numerous balloons in shades of pink, blue, red, yellow, golden, and green. Also, cutouts of Peppa Pig and flowers, Peppa Pig theme flex backdrop,  foil balloons, fairy light, multi-color flag bunting, and a lot of floating balloons here and there. Have an awesome party for your child and make the event memorable. 

Peppa Pig Birthday Decoration

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

To make a remarkable and unforgettable birthday for your child, opt for a Peppa Pig Birthday Decoration. This theme includes floating metallic green and pastel green balloons, silver happy birthday cursive foil balloons, fairy light, and a pastel blue frill curtain. Besides, you will get paper cutouts and flowers, bunches, and pillars of balloons in shades of blue, green, and pink. Last but not the least, the Peppa pig foil balloon, foil balloons in circles and star-shaped. To add more fun to the party, you can add customizable birthday props and cakes. 

Table Decoration

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

The major thing about any party setting is that you must have a theme matching the center table. To include your table in a Peppa Pig theme birthday decoration, all you need is pink balloons or lanterns, pink construction paper, and a marker to create a Peppa Pig. Also, some pink lanterns, cloud cutouts, and the yellow sun lantern will complete the theme setup. 

Also, invest in some pink tablecloths to give an overall perfect feel to the theme. Let your kids and guests experience an exceptional birthday party and make great memories. 



Your guests love posing for pictures in front of the backdrop. Thus, to align with the theme, choose this Peppa Pig-inspired backdrop, along with plush Peppa Pig characters. To make it more personalized, you can add more blue and pink balloon arch “sky”, a hand-painted house mural, and a great “park” bench. Apart from this, you can add a collage of photos of your child to make him/her feel more special. 

Not to miss, adding a photo booth will definitely leave your guests awe-inspired and excited for photos. Also, this beautiful backdrop will serve as the perfect theme for your cake-cutting ceremony. 

Moreover, Peppa pig’s love for puddle jumping can help you in creating lovely centerpieces. For this, take Peppa’s boots and fill cute rain boots with flowers. Place them on your table for that enchanting look. 



Your Peppa pig theme birthday decoration will go in vain if you didn’t pick the right costume for your kid.  Thus, surprise your little one with an absolutely adorable Peppa Pig dress to look just like her.  This costume includes a red dress boasting a character print on the bodice and a pocket to the front. And, comes with pink tights, a headband with piggy ears, and a cute teddy. 

If you don’t want to invest in these kinds of costumes, no worry, with some quick DIY, you can create the costume for your child. Peppa Pig is famous for its color pink and red, so if you have any dress related to pink or red will surely go with the theme. Let your creativity flow with some Peppa pig mask and headband. 



Want to celebrate your kid’s birthday party with an adorable Peppa Pig theme and looking for some invitation ideas? Here check out some great fun-filled ideas for Peppa Pig invitations to help you start your party planning process. 

In your invitation, you can add Peppa, George, Mommy Pig, Daddy Pig, or any favorite character of your child. Then personalize it with event information like event title, date, time, and location. Besides, you can even write a unique personal message and can add a photo of the birthday child as an added touch. 

Send your invite to friends and family by email or text message. Host a birthday party that your child and your guests never forget!

Returns Gifts & Favors


Without return gifts, your little guests will not like your birthday party! So, in order to match the theme, you can choose Peppa Pig family soft toys, tableware sets, pencils, erasers, giant plush soft toys, slippers, alarm clock, pencil pouch box, or any related Peppa pig stuff. 

To add more charm to your return gifts, use Peppa pig gift wraps and bags. If you are not able to find the Peppa Pig bags in the market, just have some Peppa Pig stickers and paste them on the bag.

Activities / Games


To keep your guests entertained, add some fun-filled games and activities for your guests. 

Start with pinning the tail on Peppa. Inspired by the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game by using basic craft tools and cardstock.

Next, let your little guests complete the Peppa Pig and more characters using soft fur, props, paper cutouts, etc. Children love drawing, so why not host a small drawing competition among children to keep the fun going? 

To add more, you can go with a magic show, balloon modeling, puppet show, mimicry show, and a lot more. 



Once you are done with Peppa pig theme birthday decorations, it’s time to prepare the food!  Party food is a great element in your party planning. Showcase your creativity by experimenting with different food items.

Cupcakes are often an attractive feature of party food and capture the center place of the dessert table and are the most anticipated treats! Try these Peppa-inspired fondant toppers that are so great for decorating a homemade or ready cupcake. 

Also, you can add your own bubble gum ice cream recipe, these adorable Peppa Pig bubblegum ice cream cones are a must-have food at the Peppa pig theme birthday decoration party. 

For healthy options, salads and veggies are a great choice. Just to give a perfect look to your recipes, be creative and make some interesting options. 

These sweet treats are delicious and they provide an amazing look as well to your party! They will serve as definitely one-of-a-kind birthday party treats that your little and adult guests will surely enjoy. 

Main Character


Make your kid’s birthday party fun and memorable with these live cartoon character artists.

This artist greets and plays with children and will be present for cake cutting as well.  They will keep entertaining your guests and your birthday boy/girl. For a fascinating experience, book this remarkable service at the best possible prices. 

Sitting Arrangements & Decoration of Chairs

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

Make your child’s Peppa Pig-theme birthday decoration party extra special and memorable. With handmade Peppa pig’s photo booth props that can be added to make your guests get into character. 

Use pink curtains and pink chair covers along with the same color of the table mat. You can invest in some Peppa Pig cushions to complete the overall look of the party. 

Welcome Board

Welcome board

Peppa pig is a loveable, cheeky little character of the cartoon series who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig. With his favorite things being playing games, dressing up, and jumping in muddy puddles, the character has become popular amongst children. 

Thus, to complete the look of the party, the welcome board could remind you all about Peppa and it is the perfect way to celebrate your babies’ occasion.

Select the right Peppa Pig welcome board to brighten your baby’s birthday. Place this at the main door with double-sided tape or hang that at the door with thread. 

Customize the board with the babies’ names and photos.

Balloon Bouquets

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

Balloons are the major aspect of any party. Also, a party looks incomplete without various balloons decorated in different ways. Thus, to add a more charm and attractive look to your child’s birthday, select the finest balloon bouquets

These balloon bouquets can be placed near the center table or the guest’s sitting area. Besides, these are perfect to be kept at the table while cutting the cake. To align with the theme, add a foil balloon of Peppa Pig to the balloon bouquets. 

Cake Decoration


Make your child’s birthday party more amazing with adorable birthday cakes, and select Peppa Pig theme birthday cake. The cake must look like Peppa and George Pig stepped right out of your child’s favorite cartoon to give some top-notch feeling to your child and guests. 

As an all-time favorite cartoon, Peppa’s birthday cakes are one of the best-sellers and trending.  Avail customization cake with favorite Peppa pig characters such as little Georgie Pig, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Emily Claus, Suzie Sheep, Danny Dog, Pedro Pony, and Rebecca Rabbit. 

Bring all your child’s favorite Peppa Pig characters to life with the delicious cakes. Whether looking for a small one-tier or a large 3-tier Peppa Pig birthday cake for any celebration, get the perfect Peppa cakes to fit your budget and occasions. 

Tableware – Cutlery and all

Peppa Pig Theme birthday decoration

Not just Peppa Pig theme birthday decorations, including the cutlery, is also a crucial aspect of a perfect theme birthday party. Get Peppa Pig party cups that are a super simple idea for your party and will make a big impact on your guest! 

Apart from these, pick Peppa pig table mats, plates, spoons, forks, and a complete dinner set for your little guests. If not able to find that, stick with the pink theme and just add Peppa Pig stickers to that. 

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