Discover 17 Pre Wedding Shoot Photos So Hot That They’ll Break the Internet 

Are you planning your pre-wedding Shoot soon? If so, then check out the best pre wedding shoot photos that you’ll absolutely fall in love with. We understand how it feels when you’re all excited for a pre wedding photo shoot pose but unsure of how to pose, leading to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

We understand that a pre wedding photoshoot is one of the most fancy times for a couple to spend together. There’s so much hype around pre wedding photo shoots that couples, and especially bride-to-be, often scroll through numerous pre wedding photoshoot ideas to avoid any embarrassment on their special day. Every woman wants to be prepared for their special pre wedding photo shoot so that they can cherish it for their whole life. Isn’t this true? Are you also one of those couples? Worry Not! Because in this blog, we will cover the best pre wedding shoot photos that they’ll break the internet. 

17 Outdoor Pre-Wedding Poses

If you’re feeling anxious about how to pose with your partner because the pre-wedding shoot poses haven’t excited you much, keep calm. We are here to bring you the best 17 pre-wedding shoot ideas that are perfect for even enhancing your Instagram presence.

So, sit back and scroll below! 

Pre Wedding Shoot With Fairy Lights 

Pre Wedding Shoot With Fairy Lights 

Image Credits: Pinterest

Consider creating a fairy light effect for your photo shoot. On our list of pre wedding photoshoot ideas, this is at the very top because it’s simple and elegant. You can opt for an outdoor photoshoot location, or it can be done on a budget by finding a park area with fewer people and booking your own private photographer. Furthermore, this photoshoot idea reflects the companionship, love, and bond between the couple. And, let’s be honest, it looks incredibly dreamy.

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Canopy Theme Couple Photoshoot 

Canopy Theme Couple Photoshoot 

Image Credits: Wedabout

If you have been contemplating your pre-wedding photo shoots and desire perfection, just like what you’ve seen in movies or read about in books, don’t hesitate and go for this shot. Canopy decorations rank among the most magical and dreamy props for a shoot. Additionally, this pose stands out as one of the beautiful pre-wedding photography poses. Do you agree with us? Furthermore, if you’re a shy couple, opt for such pre wedding shoot photos that conceal your direct contact with the camera, and this one is certainly a good choice.

Underwater Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Underwater Pre-Wedding Photoshoot 

Image Credits: Angad B Sodhi

Hey! How about trying one of the cute pre wedding shoot poses underwater? If you both are swimmers, then this is the pose you should go for this time. Just dive deep into the water and kiss each other passionately to capture one of the most memorable and unique shots ever. And ladies, don’t forget to wear your hottest dress for the shoot and opt for something vibrant so that the images come out brighter and clearer.

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Wedding Ring Shoot 

A photoshoot with a real ring prop at the beach

Image Credits: Pinterest

If you want to capture something out of the box, how about trying a photoshoot with your engagement ring? As it’s the symbol of your marriage and you’re about to begin on a lifelong journey with your partner, let’s make your ring a prop for your photograph. To be honest, this is the best prop if you’re planning your photoshoot outside Delhi, perhaps in other states where you can find beautiful beaches. Alternatively, you can discuss this idea with your photographer and have it done in your own city as well. However, on the list of our pre wedding shoot photos, this is one of the most trend-setting poses ever. 

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A Shoot With Funny Faces 

prewedding couple shoot with funny faces

Image Credits: Pinterest

If this image perfectly encapsulates your entire relationship, where you both are not just romantic partners but also complete goofballs and best friends for life, here’s a hilarious pre-wedding shoot idea tailored for couples who are best friends first. Grab a piece of paper, draw some funny eyes with a marker, and stick them over your closed eyes. And, of course, don’t forget to make those amusing faces to capture a truly unique and fun pose.

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Fun With Bubbles 

A couple posing for a photograph amidst bubbles

Image Credits: Sukoon Valley

Capture a picture amidst bubbles while being your authentic selves. Here’s one of the other fun and beautiful cute pre wedding shoot poses you can try with bubbles. You can ask someone else to blow bubbles for a dreamy effect or do it yourself while smiling with your partner. It’s a casual photoshoot that can bring lots of laughter and create lasting memories.

Outdoor Pre Wedding Pose With Balloons

A man holding her girl in his arms along with balloons.

Image Credits: Pinterest

It can be one of the most memorable pre wedding shoot photos, as the balloons depict the wedding date. Isn’t this just awesome? Dear men, hold your wife in your arms high so that she can excitedly fly these balloons above, showcasing the wedding date and creating a cherishable moment for both of you. Loved this idea? Because we really did.

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A Cute Pose In A Car

A couple posing in a car while being our of the windows and looking at each other

Image Credits: Pinterest

Let the guy take the driving seat with the girl behind, and keep the windows open. Ensure to find a naturally blooming backdrop like this for a perfect photograph. Simply lean your upper bodies out of the windows, gaze into each other’s eyes, and capture this moment by getting clicked. Pose for a bit and enjoy that moment too. Isn’t this one of the most beautiful pre wedding shoot photos? Such poses aren’t difficult; it’s all about the chemistry between the couple that will show in the images.

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Magical Rain Drops Photoshoot 

Magical Rain Drops as one of the pre wedding shoot photos

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rain evokes the emotion of love, so how about capturing moments under the drops of water? Simply dress in your best attire, grab an umbrella, stand close to each other, gaze into each other’s eyes with smiles, and let the moment pause. If it’s the monsoon season, you can capture the image in a natural setting, or else ask your photographer to create an artificial rain backdrop for the perfect picture. You will never forget this moment, so go ahead and recreate it.

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A Love Bird’s Nest 

A pre wedding photo shoot with ring backdrop adorned in flowers

Image Credits: Mayabazar

This is one of the other dreamy pre-wedding shoot ideas! You can discuss this concept with your photographer, or CherishX can assist you in creating a love bird’s nest prop for the perfect photography session. Explore our website for customized ring backdrops designed for various occasions and use them for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Stand slightly behind the ring backdrop or prop, and capture your whimsical moment. One of such pre wedding shoot photos will serve as reminders of how fortunate you both are to have each other and how wonderful it is to be together.

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A Perfect Shoot With Your Fur Babies

A couple  pre wedding photoshoot with their dogs

Image Credits: Video Tailor

If you are already parents of fur babies, how about a perfect pre-wedding photo shoot with your furry companions in your hands? OMG! This is such a great idea—sitting with your pets in your lap and posing for a photo. It’s a complete family picture because people who have fur babies are already parents. Isn’t it one of the most coolest pre wedding shoot photos?

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Fall In Love All Over Again With Amidst Colour Blast 

A couple kissing each other while holding color bombs in their hands for a photograph

Image Credits: TourmyIndia

Do you know about the Holi colors blast? It looks so beautiful and attractive. So, hold those color bombs in your hands and get ready for one of the most aesthetic pre wedding shoot poses ever. Imagine the blast of hues flying behind you and getting clicked, a picture so vibrant and bright. Kiss each other or hold hands together, but let the time freeze. You will cherish it a lot in the future, and it’s a perfect photo for sure.

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Taj Mahal Photoshoot 

A romantic couple pose at Taj Mahal for the pre wedding shoot photos

Image Credits: BeYoung

It’s one of the most famous pre wedding shoot photos ever, but it’s also timeless. Nothing can beat the beauty of the Taj Mahal, one of the greatest symbols of love. So, capture a picture in your pre-wedding dresses and naturally plan to strike the best poses. Flaunt your dress, embrace your partner, gaze into each other’s eyes, and more. It’s all about you and your partner’s moment. Depict your love in front of one of the 7 wonders of the world.

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Shower Of Roses And All About Smiles 

A shower of rose petals on a couple

Image Credits: Cool Bluez Photography

Let the fragrance of rose petals add a spark of happiness to the photos. Roses are also symbols of love and positivity. So, immerse yourself in a rose petal bliss and capture your best pre wedding shoot photos. Dive into the arms of your partner, look above, and smile. Get yourself photographed like this, and don’t forget to wear some matching themed clothes, such as black and red, white, lavender, or more.

A Shoot for Foodie Lovers

A couple smiling while eating snacks and tea

Image Credits: Bollywoodshaadis

If you both are foodie couples, then what can be a better pre-wedding photoshoot idea than this? If food has been your love language ever since you started dating, then get this photoshoot done right away. Feed each other or simply pose together with your favorite food items in your hands. Make your pre wedding photo shoot one of the most memorable days of your life. 

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Boat Love Photoshoot 

A couple photo shoot on a boat

Image Credits: Various Vision Venture

Lying together on a boat and gazing into each other’s eyes can be another pre-wedding photoshoot poses to cherish. You can contact a pre-wedding shoot location near you to inquire if they can provide you with such a set-up. Alternatively, if you’re a couple planning to visit another place, Alleppey in Kerala is the perfect destination for you, or perhaps Goa. So, get ready to pose one of the coolest outdoor pre wedding poses right on a boat!

Candle Light Dinner Outdoor Photography 

A couple sitting across a table for a candlelight dinner to get their pre wedding shoot photos

Image Credits: Travools

Imagine sitting with your love across a table adorned with rose petals and candles, creating an ambiance all about your love. You can have a candlelight dinner photoshoot with your partner, capturing all-natural poses such as eating food, looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands, laughing at each other’s jokes, and more. You can also book a special candlelight dinner from CherishX along with a photographer for your pre-wedding photoshoot, and the outcome will surely spellbind you. Also, if you’re one of those couples who require a storyline for their shoot, then a candlelight dinner table is a surreal prop for your photo shoot. This is one of the magical outdoor pre wedding poses you can begin with.

Outdoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Saree

Outdoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Saree

Image Credits: Wedbook

If you want to have the sexiest photoshoot, consider wearing a saree where your Pallu is flying. Capture this romantic scene reminiscent of what you might have seen in movies or series. So, re-create the 90s saree photoshoot together with your partner. You can opt for this photoshoot on a beach to make it look more alluring and memorable. So, let’s plan a beach outdoor pre wedding photoshoot.

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In this blog, we have highlighted 17 unconventional pre wedding shoot photos. These include underwater cute pre-wedding shoot poses, pre-wedding shoot ideas with fairy lights, pre-wedding pose ideas inside a car, candlelight dinner photoshoot, Taj Mahal photoshoot, a picture amidst rain and roses, and much more. It’s all about the couples who want to capture the love in a photograph of their days before committing to forever. It’s a moment for couples to realize their love, and these poses will create lasting memories.


Where is the best place to shoot pre-wedding in hill station?

5 best places to shoot for pre-wedding in hill station are

1) Mussoorie

2) Shimla

3) Manali 

4) Rishikesh 

5) Munnar 

How should I dress for a pre-wedding shoot?

You can wear long gowns, sarees, and short dresses for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Make sure to wear bright and vibrant colors with dreamy dresses for your pre wedding shoot photos.  

What colour looks best on camera?

The colours that look best on camera are black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, and lavender 

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