Celebrating your Parents Silver Wedding Anniversary? 5 Ways You Can Make Their Day Extremely Special

From planning all our birthdays to the endless calls to the doctor when we’re sick- our parents have undoubtedly been the biggest cheerleaders in our lives. If your parents are celebrating their silver jubilee or any other anniversary, this is the perfect day to make them feel special. Moreover it’s a great occasion to thank them for all their efforts!

Whether your parents are celebrating their anniversary in a grand way or they want to keep it small-scale, we’ve figured out some awesome ways make their day memorable: 

Arrange a Unique Romantic Dinner

Ditch the restaurant that you always go to and arrange a dinner with a special anniversary touch. A poolside dinner under the stars or a beautifully decorated cabana with candles is the ideal way to celebrate their love. Along with dinner, you could also arrange a private movie and arrnage their favourite 90s classic they love. 

To add to the surprise of the evening, arrange a pick and drop service for them in a luxurious car or drive them to the venue yourself! 


Cook and Decorate for Them 

Transform your house to get the perfect celebration vibe by decorating and cooking for your parents! This adds a cute twist to your celebrations and makes the ideal way to make them feel super special. Especially because they’ve cooked for you all their lives, haven’t they?

Our pro tip will be to leave a thoughtful message. We went through some messages and found this one extremely cute: “Your togetherness in bad and good times has taught us teamwork. Your tolerance for each other habits has taught us calmness. Your support during each other’s crises has taught us unity. Your lives as our parents have told us how to live.”

As you set up the home for them, make sure you end the night with their favourite dishes for dinner. Of course, it’ll be great if you could cook for them but if you can’t you do that, just order their favourite dishes and you’re all set for a special night at home. 

Personalised Musical Concert 

If your parents don’t wish to step out on their big day, we bring celebrations to your doorstep! Host your private concert as we send a professional guitarist to sing your favourite songs for an evening filled with laughter,  music and memories.

You could also wake your parents up for their big day with this experience or start celebrations on their anniversary eve with a personalised playlist of their favourite songs. 

This is a great way to sing to tunes you love as a family and let the emotions kick in with the music. Don’t forget to tell the guitarist to sing Cliff Richards’s Congratulations and Celebrations to kick start the celebrations on a high note! 

Make a Movie of your Old and Cherished Memories 

Who doesn’t love walking down the memory lane with memories that you have cherished for a lifetime? On this special occasion, create an anniversary movie for your parents to make them feel loved. Include old photographs and videos along with some background music or a song they love. 

A great surprise would be short video with messages from their family and friends along with movie. You could ask people to narrate their best memory of your parents and make a movie out of these short videos! This will certainly make for a great surprise and you’ll create something that you’ll cherish for a long long time!

Plan a Memorable Holiday Getaway 

Even if it’s a getaway close to your place or a trip abroad- planning a trip for your parents could be the most fulfilling experience. Of course, we understand that the challenges in doing so are many, but the satisfaction of seeing them happy is unmatched.

Our suggestions for great destinations for your parent’s anniversary would be Udaipur and Kerala. The royal Havelis of Udaipur and the serene backwaters of Kerala make them great destinations in India for your parents. If you feel that planning a trip isn’t feasible you can plan a romantic getaway for your parents in your city. To add to the staycation, arrange a spa for them at the hotel.

Just pick a nice resort, tell them to pack and surprise them with this relaxing getaway!

Whether your parents are hosting a party or doing something small- these ideas make the perfect gifts to add a personal touch to their anniversary celebrations. They also make great ways to show them you love, acknowledge and respect them and all the efforts they have done for you.

We can promise you, there’s nothing better than seeing your parents happy and proud!

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