How A Candlelight Dinner Lit Up My Relationship

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Some people think that date nights may be overrated, mushy, or cliched, but trust me, in my case, a candlelight dinner happened at the right time. Since then I believe that a simple conversation over a table lit with candles and decorated with flowers can mend relationships. Or at least, It helped me with mine.

Now I’m not saying that your problems will magically evaporate when you walk into a romantic date set-up or when you sit at a fancy table and order a nice meal. But I’m definitely saying that a good ambience brings positive vibes, and two people sitting on a table spark up a conversation, which slowly melts the ice between them.

How it all started

Just like any other marriage, ours took the same age-old route too. It starts off well-you go out, you travel, you watch movies together- but that’s it! Then the rocky path starts. The path where you don’t go out together anymore.

The path when you both get busy and absorbed in your respective jobs.

Like I got busy with my corporate one and he got busy with his banking one.

(except for some boring family visits,  which in turn leads to bitterness and fights, lots of fights.)

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So, one night my partner and I were having our usual fighting session.

“I can’t go to your family’s event,” he said, with exasperation clearly visible on his face.

“What happened now? You used to love it there,” I asked.

After a long pause, he burst out, “It’s the only place we go to anymore. Do you know how annoying uncles can be? And aunts who always ask the same two questions, one about my salary and the other about my future plans?”

I was shocked. Shell-shocked. But surprisingly, I was not surprised. He wasn’t lying you see.

That was the moment when I decided I needed to do something to break the chain and the boring cycle. THAT was the turning point.

Something inside my mind moved, I don’t know what came over me. But I suddenly got up and declared:  “WE ARE GOING OUT FOR DINNER. AND SWITCHING OFF OUR PHONES..”

He looked at me with quizzical eyes.

“Okay,” he said. And then he said again, “Okay. Dinner. No phones. Deal?”

“Deal.” I said.

The night of the dinner

I put on my best dress for the night- a blue and green cocktail one, complete with red lipstick. We decided to put on our best and most expensive outfits. No point in saving a good outfit for a later, “more important” event. What if there’s no tomorrow? I’d rather wear that new dress today.

After a long drive, finally arriving at our venue, my eyes surveyed the beautiful elegant setting adorned with contemporary decor and low ambient lighting. As we sat down on our table which was beautifully decorated with scented candles and rose petals, the waiter brought fresh mocktails for us. The aroma of the Lavender and Rose-flavoured candles had a relaxing effect on us. As agreed, we switched off our phones and tossed them aside.

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I could feel a new fresh vibe as we gulped down our drinks and reminisced about how we used to go out and have the best time of our lives. One memory took to another- and soon we were laughing like two high-school friends who just met after ages, we even gained a few eye-rolls from the people sitting behind us. But we didn’t care. Our seemingly never-ending chatter was broken by the appetizing smell of delicious food. We devoured every bit of each delicacy, packed with rich flavors. One thing I learned from this dinner- food tastes incredibly better when you are in a good mood, and it’s proven that great food can bring people closer.

In conclusion, it was one of the best nights of my life. To some, it may seem like an ordinary dinner. But to some others, who have been in long-term relationships, it will strike as a simple yet must-try idea to break out of the monotony that sets in a relationship.

We went to that dinner slightly apprehensive, but we came back from that dinner holding hands like best friends.

It’s the simple joys that matter most. Happiness lies in little things. And going for such dinners or outings can definitely leave you refreshed or rejuvenated.

Since that day, we made it a point to go for romantic outings at least once a week- Even though we’re husband and wife, we’re dating again. 🙂

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