Guruji Birthday: 11 Traditional Ideas for Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home

Guruji, as we know him, was born in his mortal avatar as Nirmal Singhji Maharaj in village Dugri in Sangrur district in Punjab on July 7, 1952. In his short life, Guruji showered many with his blessings. Some claim Guruji cured them of diseases that were considered incurable by modern medicine. Many people found peace under his blessings. Hundreds of thousands of people, followers and otherwise, came to seek his blessings at his Satsangs.

Although Guruji parted with us on May 31, 2007, his followers have continued the tradition of Satsangs to pass on his teachings. In a few days, thousands of followers all across the world will celebrate Guruji Birthday. If you too are a follower of Guruji and are looking for some traditional ideas for Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home with flowers and balloons, look nowhere else. In this blog, we bring you some of the most beautiful and spiritual Guruji Satsang decorations.

  1. Jasmine Flower Lathen Guruji Satsang Decoration at Home

    jasmine flower lathen guruji birthday decor

    This sobre flower-lathen Guruji Satsang Decoration is one of our favourites. It even includes a beautiful chair with two pillows left vacant for Guruji. The Darbar is completely decorated with different kinds of flowers such as Marigold, Jasmine, and some red and white Roses. Add some dim yellow and white lights to compliment the decoration. This decoration is suitable for a close event/ a small Darbar.

  2. Guruji Darbar Stage Decor with Marigold Flowers

    guruji darbar stage decor with marigold flowers

    If you’re expecting 100 or more people in the Darbar, this might be the perfect satsang decoration to go for. In this decoration, the Darbar consists of a stage decorated with Marigold, Jasmine, and other types of flowers. The vacant seat is symbolically left for the Guruji Maharaj himself. The rest of the venue where the audience sits is likewise decorated with flowers. Celebrate Guruji Birthday with simplicity and sprituality.

  3. Guruji Maharaj/ Lord Shiva Temple Decor

    guruji maharaj / lord shiva temple decor

    Some followers of Guruji believe that he was a mortal avatar of Lord Shiva himself. In fact, some even claimed to have seen Guruji with snakes around his neck just like Lord Shiva. This decoration comprise of a Shivling decorated with yellow and orange Marigold flowers and some Neem leaves. It also includes a small temple covered with red Roses and green leaves. This decoration suits a small Guruji Darbar at Home.

    party decoration ideas by CherishX

  4. Guruji Birthday Flower and Balloon Decor

    guruji birthday flower and balloon decor

    Guruji Birthday Décor is curated to bring harmony and peace to your celebration. The beautiful decoration includes 6×6 ft Rectangle Stand, Arch of 210 balloons of different colors, some artificial flower bunches of different types, and 2 pixel lights. Add a photo frame of Guruji at the center and call a small gathering of Guruji followers for a spiritual celebration on his birthday. It’s one of the most beautiful Guruji satsang decorations. 

    You can get this décor at your doorstep and decorated by our professionals for just Rs. 4799. Order Guruji Birthday Flower and Balloon Decor now at CherishX.

  5. Pastel Pink and Green Theme Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home

    pastel pink and green theme guruji darbar decor

    This pastel pink theme decoration is done with pastel pink colored silk clothes, pink roses, and green leaves. The pastel red and green theme gives a sobre and calming feel to the decoration. The decoration fits a personal hall as well as a large Darbar and will surely compliment the peaceful event.

  6. Guruji Birthday Mandala Decor

    guruji birthday mandala decor

    The beautiful decoration includes a 7×5 ft Mandala flex backdrop decorated with 14 yellow garlands, 2 Rajasthani designer umbrellas, 1 LED warm light, and a round Selfie frame. Add a smiling picture of Guruji at the centre and call a small gathering in memory of Guruji and his teachings on the occasion of his birthday. This traditional decor costs just Rs 4499 and the best part is that professionals decorators will come execute the decoration at your chosen venue. So, order the Guruji Birthday Mandala Decor now at CherishX.

  7. Guruji Birthday Marigold Flower Decor

    guruji birthday marigold flower decor

    This beautiful flower décor includes 6×6 ft. Rectangle Stand, 18 Artificial Yellow Garlands to drape the stand, 5 Paper Lanterns, some Artificial Flower bunches and some pixel lights to add a warm peaceful aura to the celebration штаны военные. Add a smiling picture of Guruji at the centre of the décor and call a small gathering of Guruji followers to celebrate his teachings on his birthday.

    You can also get this décor executed perfectly at your chosen venue in Delhi-NCR for just Rs. 4999. Order Guruji Birthday Marigold Flower Décor at CherishX.

  8. Guruji Darbar Memorial Decoration at Home

    guruji darbar memorial decor

    This decoration is unlike others on the list and is designed as a memorial for Guruji. The decoration is done within a temple like structure situated to the level of eye-sight of a common person. Within the decoration sits three pictures of Guruji and the decoration is done with orange Marigold flowers. You can also add some Diyas to compliment the decoration. You can get this decoration for your personal Guruji temple in your house or for a small Darbar in his fond memories.

  9. Pastel Theme Guruji Memorial Decoration with Flower Ring

    pastel theme guruji memorial decor with flower ring

    This pastel pink theme memorial decoration fits a medium to large size Darbar kept in the fond memories of Guruji Maharaj. The decoration comprises of a sofa seat covered in designed clothes, a few pictures of Guruji, and a large ring-shaped flower mala. The ring gives the decoration its unique feel and reminds us of all his teachings of love and care for the poor. Isn’t this the beautiful guruji darbar flower decoration at home?

  10. Pastel Green Theme Guruji Darbar Decoration

    pastel green theme guruji darbar decor

    This pastel green theme Guruji satsang decoration comprises of a stage decorated with flowers, designer umbrellas, a seat covered in green designer coverings, and a picture of Guruji that rests above the seat. There are two large and two small flower vases at each end of the stage and an OM symbol that sits besides the chair left vacant in the absence of Guruji. This decoration uses minimum flowers but includes some creative umbrella arts and other items which gives it a unique feel. This decor suits a medium to large size Darbar. You can get this decor on your terrace or a large hall.

  11. Rangoli Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home

    rangoli guruji darbar decoration at home

    This is the perfect Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home for a gathering of up to 40 people. It comprises of a small stage with a small sofa and a picture of Guruji which rests on the wall above the sofa. The sofa is covered in designer clothes and there are two small tables at each end of the sofa. The floor is decorated with flower rangolis and there are some hanging flowers on the wall above the sofa.

Final Words

I put up this small collection of Guruji Birthday Decors to help Guruji followers like me celebrate this birthday with full enthusiasm and peace. I hope you found some useful decors for Guruji Darbar Decoration at Home in this small blog. You can check out some more Guruji Birthday Decors in Delhi-NCR on CherishX.


How to decorate guruji darbar at home?

Decorating a Guruji Darbar at home is a beautiful and spiritual endeavor. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create a serene and sacred space:

Choose a Dedicated Space: Select a clean and quiet area in your home where you can set up the Guruji Darbar. This area should be easily accessible and free from distractions.

Altar Setup: Place a small table, preferably wooden, at the center of the chosen space. This table will serve as the altar. Cover it with a clean and attractive cloth. You can use a cloth with spiritual or floral patterns for added charm.

Guruji’s Idol or Image: At the center of the altar, place an idol or framed image of Guruji. Ensure that it’s positioned at eye level and is the focal point of the setup. Light a diya or candle in front of the idol as a symbol of enlightenment.

Incorporate Fresh Flowers: Fresh flowers hold great significance in Hindu rituals. Decorate the altar with a bouquet of fresh flowers, preferably marigolds, roses, or lotus flowers. You can place these in vases or arrange them in garlands.

Prayer Accessories: Add essential prayer accessories such as incense sticks (agarbattis), a bell, a conch shell, and a brass or silver plate for offerings. Light the incense sticks and ring the bell during your prayers.

Offerings: Offer Guruji his favorite sweets, fruits, and other food items as a part of your daily prayers. Make sure to replace them regularly to maintain freshness.

Spiritual Symbols: Surround the altar with spiritual symbols like the Om symbol, swastika, or any other symbols that resonate with your faith.

Lighting: Ensure that the altar area is well-lit. You can use soft, warm lighting to create a peaceful ambiance. Consider hanging string lights or placing candles around the altar.

Sitting Arrangement: Have a comfortable seating arrangement, like a cushion or mat, in front of the altar. This is where you can sit during your prayers and meditation.

Regular Prayers and Meditation: Establish a routine for daily prayers, meditation, and reflection at the Guruji Darbar. It’s essential to spend time in silent contemplation and seek blessings.

Music and Chants: You can enhance the atmosphere by playing soothing bhajans or chants in the background. Music can create a calming and spiritual ambiance.

Remember that creating a Guruji Darbar at home is a deeply personal and spiritual practice. Your devotion and sincerity are the most crucial elements of this endeavour. Ensure that your Guruji Darbar is a place of love, devotion, and peace where you can connect with the divine and find solace. Moreover, you can also check CherishX and get the guruji darbar decoration.

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