Diwali Celebration At Home: Host a Stunning Diwali Theme Party 2023

Ready to plan a Diwali Theme Party with a perfect Diwali celebration at home? 

It takes a lot of effort in planning and hosting a Diwali Theme Party. Focusing on everything, from decoration to food to Music, may get a bit difficult. But if you are all ready for a perfect Diwali Theme Party, then you’ve got to do some hard work! 

Here, in this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to host a Diwali Theme Party, what all different themes you can find, and many more. 

Main Ideas For Diwali Celebration At Home 

Main Theme Party Diwali

It’ll be best for you to seek the main ideas which you can reflect on your Diwali Party or Card party. If you want to get the feels of the Diwali party theme, then it sure is important to do it! Here, get the ideas to make your card party or Diwali Party lit! 

Diwali Theme Ideas For Your Party At Home 

Illuminating Decoration

Diwali Theme Party Decoration

Decorating your home or place wherever you are planning to have your party is significant. If you want to create the perfect Diwali vibes for your friends and family then having lighting decorations will do the work! So, for a Diwali celebration at home, make sure to decorate your home with various lights, lanterns, and much more. 

Diwali Party Menu

Diwali Party Food

Diwali looks way too incomplete if you haven’t tasted some sweetness! Bringing some sweet and nice flavours to your food table might make your party more fun! So, create a perfect Diwali party menu for your guests and don’t forget to add sweets to your menu. 

Diwali Party Entertainment Ideas


Every party needs some music. Dancing to good tunes happens automatically when the music is damn good. So, making a playlist to play at your Diwali party is sure to make your close ones groove a little! So, along with Diwali decorations in home, add some entertainment to your themed party at home. 

Card Party Themed Decor

Card Party Diwali

Getting together to play cards becomes all the more fun when you do it with your friends and family. Diwali is such a festival that brings you closer and closer. So, adding a bit of decor to enhance the aura of your card party is what you need and CherishX brings you that! Get such Diwali decorations in home and add a aura of party! 

Diwali Food

Diwali Card Party Snacks

Well, for food you can choose to have anything or you can have delivery food as per your preference. If you want to add some snacks or sweets, you can do that easily as there won’t be anyone new to worry about. 

Diwali Vibe

On cheating and Diwali card parties

Music may distract you from your game so it’s on you if you want to play some or not. But making sure to create that party vibe is what you need to do. The vibe gets created with people and the surroundings, if the family is enjoying it automatically the vibe will be created. So, in short, the party feels is important. Diwali decorations at home with perfect vibe and food while enjoying with your pals. 

How To Have A Fun Diwali Party?

With decorations, good food and great music, you also need to add some wonderful games to play at your Diwali party. Nobody wants to attend a boring Diwali Party, this is why it becomes important to focus on including some fascinating and fun games, card games, couple games and more.

How To Host a Diwali Party At Home?

Diwali Theme Party 2021

Before planning to host a party, one should think of how to be a good host. Focusing on being Friendly, confident and taking care of all the little details is what makes you a good host. When you know all these things, then the next step you can go for is to look at what things you need for your Deepav

Diwali Party should have fascinating decorations, Lighting, Scrumptious Food, and Great Music. With all of this, you should also add games so that the people are engaged in playing them. 

Arranging a party at home is quite easy. When you know the place perfectly, it becomes easier to arrange the decorations and everything. If you plan to have a Diwali Theme Party then it can be fun for you and your guests! So why not plan a Theme Party for Diwali?

Diwali Party Themes 2023 That You Can Plan

Diwali Party Theme 2021

Colour-Coded Diwali Party Theme

Tell your friends and family to wear particular coloured clothes so that everything looks like a dream world. From food to decorations, everything is of the same colour. 

Netflix and Chill Party

Some people like to chill and that’s what a party looks like to them. So, if you are one of them then you might as well plan this themed party! 

In-House Party

You can choose to plan your party inside the house rather than outside. With Lighting, delicious food and drinks, you can make your party lit!

Outdoor Party

If you don’t feel like having your party inside your home then you can simply choose an outdoor space. You plan a wonderful party at your house’s garden, terrace or anywhere you feel like. It’s your party so it should be how you want it!

Card Party

Card parties bring all the fun in one room when everyone sits together to play cards. Hosting a card party might be more fun than you think. Making your friends and family sit together before the day of Diwali to play cards is sure to bring fun and love to the table. 

How To Get Diwali Decorations Online?

DIY Kit Diwali Decoration

Well, if you are planning to get the deepa at your home by booking online then you can easily check out CherishX or Party store. At CherishX, you will find a variety of decorations for Diwali for your home. You can check out online and book decorators for your home.

If you are fond of decorating home on your own then you can simply check out Diwali Decoration DIY Kits online at Party Store. All the instructions are given in the kit so that you can simply do the decorations by yourself without any worry. 

Hosting a Party becomes easier when you know the qualities of being a good host. Taking care of little things such as food, decor and people and knowing how to go about the arrangements gives you a perfect vibe. So, hope the instructions and information help you in planning your awaited Diwali Themed Party!

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